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  1. 3 hours ago, Truthspoon said:




    I met you in a pub in South London after the Icke talk In Brixton, maybe 15 years ago....


    I thought you were a Mason. You were old grey silent and spooky.


    I was Edelweiss Pirate back then. John White was there, Planet Frog, Dry Kleaner....some others....whose names do not immediately come to mind.


    You must be nearly 80 years old now.


    Are you now actually demented? I have a photo of you somewhere... on a disposable camera I never could be bothered to develop.


    Remember that? Or are you just a fake?







    yes i remember you and the other lot..same old  crew obsessed with crowley...very secretive especially malcolm,obvious you lot were hiding something...now we have new faces at the corbyn protests ...How much did you get paid off and what did you achieve?  and the others  were shit happens,third wave..he was really into crowley soft lad...hows john white? definitely GCHQ

  2. 1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:

    I'm sorry but this is garbage and disinformation...on a par with Flat Earth bollocks.


    Even if there is a Grand Solar Minimum then it certainly won't kick in the few years after the 2012 solar maximum...


    If there even will be a solar minimum then we are looking at hundreds if not thousands of years from now.

    you sound like an establishment shill..not worthy of a reply to be honest

  3. 10 hours ago, oz93666 said:


    You'll have to lay out your case that this is going to effect anything .... the minimum has already happened in Apr 2020 .


    The sats. show these 20 year fluctuations (thin yellow line )  don't effect temps ... the recent small steady rise in air temp.  since 1970 (red line)  could have to do with chemtrails , these will bounce back heat escaping from the Earth . 


    Notice how small the change in solar output is (thick yellow line)  from a max of 1361.3  in 1950 it has gone down to 1360.6 ...


    That's a change in output from the sun of 0.05% .... Absolutely insignificant 



    well all time cold records are being shattered in America this october...the proof will be this winter  https://electroverse.net/us-sets-3782-low-temp-records-vs-518-max/

  4. 13 hours ago, Michael said:

    Well, from a logical standpoint, the ones that control everything, need to be invisible.

    People in the frontlight are always at risk to be taken out, no matter how rich they are.

    (i mean its difficult, but not impossible)


    Its like a big mafia gang with people in all important institutions that keep the agenda going.

    But to me the more people you have (even in the 1% category) the more problems you will have due to differences of opinions and so on.

    So to me its very likely that it all narrows into a handful of people, not really known to the puplic.


    Obviously its hard to proof. But we can see how a central power structure works just by looking at this year alone.




    lets hope a powerful earthquake hits Davos when they meet up and buries the lot of em..id have a nice drink that day

  5. Its pretty obvious why it was done..the Earth's weather is now getting colder and more extreme with crop losses across the world..thats why they are limiting customers in supermarkets etc to get you accustomed to food rationing..UK just had its worst wheat harvest in decades...if we get the big freeze this winter across the northern hemisphere with large snowfalls you'll see big problems in food supplies...

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