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  1. oh by the way Andrew Johnson is in with you too...thought he was ok but another one who sold his soul
  2. yes i remember you and the other lot..same old crew obsessed with crowley...very secretive especially malcolm,obvious you lot were hiding something...now we have new faces at the corbyn protests ...How much did you get paid off and what did you achieve? and the others were shit happens,third wave..he was really into crowley soft lad...hows john white? definitely GCHQ
  3. you sound like an establishment shill..not worthy of a reply to be honest
  4. jew hysteria is to protect the real zionist nazi controllers..thats why they did the holocaust..low level jews didnt matter just goyim like the rest of us..i include high level masons as zionists too
  5. you can join my facebook site but was looking for street activists in Burton to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/809968649101151
  6. https://electroverse.net/denver-obliterates-low-temperature-records-in-books-dating-back-148-years/
  7. well all time cold records are being shattered in America this october...the proof will be this winter https://electroverse.net/us-sets-3782-low-temp-records-vs-518-max/
  8. lets hope a powerful earthquake hits Davos when they meet up and buries the lot of em..id have a nice drink that day
  9. well i think we'd have a circuit break of some sort from covid if the likes of Gates and Imperial college geezers were taught a lesson
  10. or was it all planned? or is he a fuckin judas of a son...bloody mind fuck gets worse...this is all we need..
  11. its all about the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM...and food shortages..thats why the covid and brexit distractions to fill your minds with bollocks
  12. THE jew holocaust was done to protect the evil zionists in charge of the planet..and that includes the masons higher level..so nobody dare speak out without being labled anti semetic
  13. to become a mod you have to have an obsession with aliester crowley and sex magic and sign the official MI5 SECRETS ACT
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