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  1. What a surprise although there are numerous studies still available proving the link. You need to search other terms though, which the sheeple won't bother or think to do (so less "obvious"). Such as emf effects on red blood cells, or using the frequencies included in 5th generation such as 50ghz, 6ghz effects on.... etc.
  2. He isn't a God (I'm sure you know that). May have been seen as one by the ancients or we have also misinterpreted ancient texts that speak if him. He is real and is behind what you are seeing or his ilk are, although I believe he is still in physical form.
  3. I didn't answer your last post my friend because I don't really like to talk publicly or write/say that name (why I used the email). She is low down but will be aware of him. He is very formidable to those that have no connection with their heart/soul.
  4. It's a name most don't use or associate with the entity (real) the elite "worship" It is contained in a leaked Clinton email.
  5. You want to destroy their system? It's easy get your wealth/money out! Coins are made of worthless alloys, banknotes are debt notes (read what it says on them). You leave your money or shares (also pensions) in their system to make them money. When the reset comes you'll loose it all and will only be allowed to live in their system if you do as they ask (vaccine, chip, digital passport??). Take your money/"wealth" out of their system in exchange for gold and silver (you'll see a dramatic rise when the crash/reset happens). You will then have
  6. Disclaimer : I am in no way promoting violence, although funny this should destroy any argument??
  7. A rather good article with a very telling paragraph from the editor of one of the worlds foremost medical journals (New England Medical Journal) and a second from the editor of the Lancet; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4572812/?fbclid=IwAR1jNHjkrE-WXjg7CBHtRdSIQ5QS9z69mHrtnik3rZhhI1L7EkxNy4rXPKw
  8. The only way we will ascend because that is what is happening is to show truth, compassion and understanding. This is the higher vibrational "energy" required to elevate us from this 3D world. BUT higher forms of Eastern belief systems that some may not be familiar with (I've not really studied the bible on this) provide a good analogy. Walking on a pavement you don't try to avoid stepping on every small insect, if you do so it was that insects "time" The same analogy can be used elsewhere. I did Martial arts and boxed for many years and also
  9. It is indeed hard sometimes my friend? I know it's hard but often that's what's needed to shake people out of their "stupor".
  10. You are here now for a purpose, you have a good understanding of the deception. Yes this has been going on on this planet (and elsewhere) for a very long time but momentous "issues" can create momentous change!
  11. That is correct! Everything comes from "source" I won't go too far into ET but some "races" go towards "spiritual" growth and others towards technological or purely mental "growth" and the essence atrophies. The one who exerts control over the elite and is responsible for what you are now seeing chose the latter. This current situation is to work towards their end goal his modus operandi. Replacing or displacing (eventually) the soul with technology/AI (Transhumanism).
  12. Ultimately you need to "think" (more like feel/use your intuition for the truth) differently. But with regards to the current state as far as I understand on this plane/planet you have those with a "pure" soul, others have corrupted souls and there are a third group who have no soul as far as we would understand it.
  13. This is either a distraction or someone with "issues". You do not need a king to lead you, you are all sovereign creator souls and require no leader. A teacher or guide perhaps but there is no place for this in what is to come?
  14. Wasn't sure whether to start a new topic or even put this in the Convid 19 thread (it is relevant I guess). Loving Celine Dion's new child's clothing range (not?). See how many symbols, you can spot - the're just about all there lol. https://www.celinununu.com/tops/
  15. Exactly Andy! It is an energetic war which is being won believe me? You are correct the critical mass of true consciousness doesn't need to be high to counter the "oppressors". Many are here now who never needed to awaken, ready for this time! ?
  16. I'm not religious per se but have studied scripture (Essene old texts not modern bible which is full of untruths). The second coming of "christ" I believe and in line with old texts (source texts) isn't an individual but an awakening of "man" to his/her true nature. Don't ask me why as I'm not going to answer but I know in my heart and core of who I am that this will happen.
  17. Said I think on the old thread, he's a member of the Rockerfeller Tri Lateral Commission. An elite/Zionist lackie.
  18. That's JFK Jr's "dead" wife before her death and recently at a Trump rally.
  19. I've seen pictures of the guy following Trump around (they were very good friends) in a pork pie hat, glasses and beard who it's claimed is Jr. Not sure although there are some simarlarities. There is also a female who is with this guy much of the time and unless JFK Jr's wife has a clone it's definitely her. So it's possible as she is still alive and was meant to have died with him.
  20. I have a high IQ (157) and numerous degrees undergrad to post grad research, professional qualifications etc... Personally it helps with research methods, understanding biased and poor research etc.. My critical thinking skills were improved via academic study. BUT IQ is just a small part of what matters imo and I know many "dense" highly qualified individuals. I have friends who are both highly "intelligent" and others who may not be considered so by our western standards. Yet I often find the latter have the advantage of open mindedness due to not having gone thro
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