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  1. Cummings runs the UK government that is clear, he's the puppet behind the puppet. I haven't been doing so much reading/research lately but wanted to kniw the connection. Cummings was a senior consultant for Babylon Health (interesting name for those awake) until recently. Take a look who started Babylon Health (second paragraph). Interesting article too. https://www.babylonhealth.com/blog/business/rwanda-will-be-the-worlds-most-advanced-country-for-digital-health
  2. I may have posted it on here I can't remember but I'll do so again. Gates isn't smart or a good business man he's a corrupted soul from a chosen family (his father was close to Rockerfeller and mother also has a "background"). He's been put in place to do a job a lowly "servant" believe it or not. I don't have the time presently but look up the history of the Bain Group and how "involved" they are with Gates and his foundation. The Bain group is a CIA organisation who control and "handle" Gates for the cabal.
  3. A shopkeeper may refuse to serve you for a number of reasons but they CANNOT refuse to serve you for not wearing a mask if you aren't doing so in accordance with iirc section 3 of the regs. Regardless of what you think about all these crappy "laws" they (the government) will be instructed that to do this they require people to go along willingly (remember the dark behind this CANNOT break freewill). The laws have opt outs and loopholes everywhere if you understand a little about the law and bother to read them (I know some are long and boring - intentionally). Anyone that refuses a service in such a manner is breaking the Equality Act 2010 (Old DDA act incorporated) and may be prosecuted for discrimination.
  4. Very interesting initial sponsors of the Bain group and Mitt Romney. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/07/bain-capitals-most-notable-foreign-founding-investors/260050/ Romney worked for the CIA (advisory board) and him and his son have close links to senior CIA operatives. Burisma is also an "interesting" company. https://burisma-group.com/eng/media/zlochevskyi-hires-former-top-cia-and-blackwater-officer/
  5. I'll only put up "official" proof but Bain are all over Gates. Notice the wording on their site - he work with them not the other way round. https://www.bain.com/insights/growing-prosperity-executive-summary/
  6. Gates is a totally corrupted soul, weak and has fully given over to ego. He is a puppet of the elite nothing more and if/when he serves them no purpose will be disgarded If you want to know the truth look up the Bain group/company. First search how involved they are with the Gates foundation and Gavi and then see who created the company (Bain) and search Bain group and CIA. They "handle" and control the little eugenicist for their masters.
  7. What a surprise although there are numerous studies still available proving the link. You need to search other terms though, which the sheeple won't bother or think to do (so less "obvious"). Such as emf effects on red blood cells, or using the frequencies included in 5th generation such as 50ghz, 6ghz effects on.... etc.
  8. Sorry not sure what's happening re above. I'm quite lucky in the fact that none of my family and friends beleive all the crap, most are surprisingly awake. I do think more and more people are either awake now or realise something isnt right. I belong to a couple of groups which are growing by the thousand. People pretty much discussing what is discussed on here - pizzagate, elite control and, their agenda, even satanism and that agenda. I'm actually very hopeful. I've found Vernon Coleman videos excellent for waking people up!
  9. For those of you that don't have Fake book.
  10. As expected the future has been shown. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=318501692658411&id=100034957489124
  11. He isn't a God (I'm sure you know that). May have been seen as one by the ancients or we have also misinterpreted ancient texts that speak if him. He is real and is behind what you are seeing or his ilk are, although I believe he is still in physical form.
  12. I didn't answer your last post my friend because I don't really like to talk publicly or write/say that name (why I used the email). She is low down but will be aware of him. He is very formidable to those that have no connection with their heart/soul.
  13. The virus is a lie and there is no solid "scientific" evidence behind any of these measures they are putting into place. They are purely there to control, dehumanise and programme (torture as in social isolation) us for the next phase. Take for example not being able to sing - a simple experiment yup one of those things great scientists used to do and not a theory or a model shows terrible "science" on their part;
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