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  1. The law will hang the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common But lets the greater thief go loose Who steals the common from the goose - Anon
  2. Could say the same about all these online places.
  3. Now it's the massacre of human life as we know it . . .
  4. Hey Velma, How's it going? Having a drink tonight? I certainly am.
  5. I notice some of you bickering over whether it's wildly exaggerated or fake. Look at the root premise of the argument: Covid is a credible threat, therefore xyz. 1. If the government claims are wildly exaggerated, then covid isn't a credible threat. Therefore, extreme measures are unnecessary. 2. If the government claims are fake, then covid isn't a credible threat. Therefore, extreme measures are unnecessary. Either way the conclusion is pretty much the same. Extreme shutting down of society is unnecessary. This is what we need to prove.
  6. A relatively small group of people determines central policy. Central policy determines the directives. All it takes is for there to be a flaw in the root premise and basic assumption of the policy, people following that policy (and the directives that flow from it), and you have mass deception. When people question the policy, they can be marginalised (via another policy i.e. deny and discredit). A lot of organisations work like that - top-down control. Newspapers are one example. The editorial policy is determined by the top of the chain, the rest of the organisation has to follow it or else be out of a job. The editorial policy for many news outlets in this situation is ostensibly driven by government policy. Government policy appears to be influenced by WHO. WHO >> Government >> Media >> Informed / misinformed people.
  7. I hear what you're saying. Though I think there are quite a few ordinary people who are secretly wondering if the so-called 'conspiracy theorists' were right all along. Some people who I thought were totally into the system have said to me things like, 'Something doesn't feel right about this' and 'There's something else going on here'. But I think they're too afraid to speak out about it. That's where we can help. Give them a safe conversational space for them to think freely and consider alternative possibilities.
  8. Ironic, huh? He goes on about littering while littering this thread with irrelevant posts.
  9. It's like a family business, so it's intergenerational.
  10. It is a fact that 9/11 was the end result of a conspiracy.
  11. That is scandalous propaganda. Psychological abuse. Only the dim-witted, the servile, the slave-thinkers could ever being meaningfully influenced by such crude manipulation.
  12. Must be the season of the witch . . .
  13. Not taking offense. Just think you relishing the thought of culling the population is rather sad and, if I'm honest, quite a dangerous mindset. You never mentioned anything about shipping people off to Pluto originally. You were straight supporting a cull. You're just saying that now because people have called you out on it, and it makes you look like someone who advocates mass murder. But, delude yourself all you like. That's your game.
  14. It's a complex issue. There are other explanations for why there may have been some hospitals busy during the so-called first wave. The first wave caused a panic which inevitably caused a rush. People with ordinary flu-like symptoms (typical for that time of year) may have rushed to hospital out of fear. Not to mention the usual influx of pneumonia patients typical for that season. Staff were told to expect Armageddon; so they were put under pressure. No test was really available (it wasn't practicable). So every suspected case was treated as though it was covid. This panic-stricken environment was a recipe for iatrogenesis. Many patients may have been given the wrong treatment (e.g. ventilation etc.) or mistakes were made. There was no time to think - just follow the top-down directives. So a rush of panicked patients combined with under-pressure hospital staff led to the appearance that there was indeed a plague, when in reality is was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I do know a highly experienced ITU nurse. She only had two suspected covid patients during the whole period (and those had severe comorbidities). It's easy to take things at face value. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter can be very complex. Worth thinking about.
  15. I think it may have something to do with you saying things like, 'Let the cull continue'. Which is another way of you saying that you support mass murder. You really should work on your self-awareness. All the best.
  16. Not surprised. It's a kind of Soylent Green style of feeding the masses. 1. Grow millions of insects (cheaply) 2. Extract the collagen 3. Partially hydrolyse the collagen thus creating gelatine (protien gel substance) 4. Fortify the gelatine with other nutrients 5. Create and package gel protein bars 6. Voila. Feed the masses while the elite munch on steak and buttered asparagus That way they can keep us alive and reduce resource consumption. All for the 'greater good' you see.
  17. Hmm, how many resources would it take to ship all those people to Mars? How much fuel to power the rockets? Surely it would be more practical to let them stay? And wouldn't it be effectively murdering them? How many of them would survive the journey let alone survive on Mars? I don't think you've thought it through. You're just spouting off.
  18. Interesting. You don't actually deny having homicidal ideation. Anyway, off topic . . .
  19. So let me get this straight. You would happily murder someone for tossing a dog-end out of a car? Or would you want someone else to do the murdering for you? Honest questions, guv.
  20. When anyone asks why I haven't got a mask (which isn't often), I say, 'Exempt'. When they ask why, I solemnly tell them: 'I have a rare growth in my skull that prevents me from wearing one. What is it the doctors call it? Oh, yes, that's it, they call it a brain. It's made up of neurons, grey matter and stuff, with synapses firing and whatnot. Symptoms include the ability to reason, to think for myself, to assess evidence and generally make my own decisions about what medical interventions I adopt.' The look on their faces when they realise I'm being deeply sarcastic and scathing about their slavish complicity is priceless. You have to be like those Masai chaps who can bowl up to a bunch of feeding lions and take their meat. You just stride into the shop, head high, confident, get your stuff, pay and walk out without flinching. Before they know it, you've just flouted their rules and you're already half-way down the road. The moral is that the obedient people are really just a bunch of pussy cats. Try it. It's great fun.
  21. You can see a history of his patents here: https://patents.justia.com/inventor/richard-a-rothschild
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