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  1. That's why those values should be defended when politicians and other movers & shakers make serious proposals for mandatory vaccines either directly via legislation or indirectly via social coercion. Which is what most of the people here are doing: Defending those values.
  2. You're welcome. Your other points are complex but largely I disagree with the oversimplifications of the subtopics. Too many broad strokes. I haven't got time to go into them now. re. your above statement. I think you possibly misunderstand. A lot of antigens (at certain levels) aren't strong enough to cause an effective immune response , that's why adjuvants are needed: to boost or stimulate an immune response that the body then associates with the antigen. That's the theory behind it. Isn't that the case?
  3. I totally disagree. Discussing the risks of vaccination is totally legitimate. Throughout history there have been incidences where the medical establishment asserted that a certain medical intervention was necessary, and then it turned out to be the completely wrong approach. For example, the medical establishment once asserted that it was impossible for bacteria to survive in the stomach and therefore it cannot be an etiological factor in stomach ulcers. This completely false assertion meant that many people underwent highly invasive surgery. It turned out that bacteria is a prime factor in many cases of stomach ulcer, and therefore can be treated by non-invasive anti-biotics. The researchers who proved this faced intense resistance from the medical establishment. But the facts won out and the medical establishment had to change its approach to that disease. In the spirit of learning from history, how do we know that's not the case for the vaccine strategy? Just with the stomach bacteria, are there not independent scientists showing the potential risks of the vaccine strategy? There are indeed. The vaccine discussion is complex because there are different vaccines with different ingredients with different effects. However, there's a lot of credible research into the risks of aluminium adjuvants. Prof. Exley's research shows that there is a biological mechanism for aluminium adjuvants being a potential causal factor in autism. This is only some of the research into aluminium adjuvants. In France there has been a major discussion over the harmful of effects of that ingredient. Also, adjuvants are designed to cause an immune response. There is credible data to show that this is very problematic for those who have an innately over-active immune system. The induced immune response could cause an autoimmune disease. Would you really want to expose your child to that risk without seriously weighing it up? I'm sure no sensible person would. Then we have the experimental covid vaccine which could become mandatory. Well, clearly the vaccination discussion is highly relevant and worthy of airtime. That's why I disagree with you completely.
  4. Money is an important instrument for having power over a society. But it's not the main source of power. Some would argue that one of the primary sources is the ability to command people, to get them to do your bidding, to behave how you want them to behave. There's a scene in the Conan film where, to demonstrate what power is, the snake king commands one of his minions to jump to her death. That really is power. To command battalions of men, order them to risk their lives as they sweep across the land and take over other societies and strip them of their wealth and freedom. That's power. To shape the very behaviours of ordinary people within society. That's power. And I suspect that's where the real buzz is. Throughout civilisational history, societies have been dominated by these sorts of people, the people who love power. It's been shaped by them. Everything we call normal has come from this ongoing societal shaping and reshaping driven by these pathological dominators of human society. Parasites that feed on power.
  5. The Great Reset is the totalitarianism. That ideology is clearly being advanced, and it hasn't magically materialised from the genius of Herr Schwab this year. It's been a clear and stated ideology for years, a global direction and like all societies to date, it's being directed by those with power, those who dominate the social structure. Not the first time in history that groups of elite have had grand sociological visions for society. See the Chinese Mao et al. It's totalitarian because it aims to affect the totality of society without really getting a true and proper mandate from the majority of the people within that society. There's an assumed superiority, a 'we know what's best' attitude. I see no evidence that these elite ideologues will desist from selling their ideas to every government around the world. Indeed, Jason Kenney, Alberta Premier, confirmed as much:
  6. In the article, it mentions the German gov. are following the National Academy of Sciences' suggestion of tough lockdown. Well, here's Bill Gates receiving the NAS Public Welfare Medal, 2013. He makes a quip at the beginning of the speech, joking about him and Melinda only have two degrees between them and 'both of them are Melinda's'. He also gives props to J. D. Rockefeller (only just found this, so haven't watched it all - he may say more interesting stuff):
  7. This pretty much sums up what's going on in the world today, with all the covid hysteria If you've got the patience, Your own imaginations Will tell you just exactly what you want to hear...
  8. Fortunately I don't have a mobile phone, so they can't text me.
  9. That's exactly what it's like: as though we're in some dystopian story that's playing out. The upshot is that in dystopian drama the audience invariably roots for the rebels. I guess that makes us the heroes of this story :)
  10. When I go to town these days it's like walking through the settlement of a huge brainwash cult full of paranoid obsessives. Like that Kafka story - woke up one day, but it's not me that's turned into a scurrying little creature that likes to hide indoors, it's the bulk of society!
  11. If this timeline continues down this path, then historians of the future will call it 'The Black Hole', the worse depression in the history of mankind. But it will be heralded as being the crisis that led to the formation of the first Global Federation, the United States of Terra, the pivotal moment that saved humanity from the chaos of old world barbarism and filth.
  12. Someone needs to do a version of that Blur track: "All the sheeple So many sheeple They all go baa and baa Baa and baa through their farmlife Know what I mean?'
  13. Matt Hancock hamming it up of TV this morning:
  14. They're taking the absolute piss now. The second person to have the shot is 'William Shakespeare'. All the world's a stage, huh?
  15. This is for the Birmingham demonstrators. Have a great evening everyone.
  16. They passed a few coppers on the March. But those officers were guarding Debenhams, not interested in the Marchers. Shortly after, there was a girl who managed to get one of the bystanders to join the march. There was a woman who took off her mask when she saw the protestors. Just now, a load of people were singing a Bob Marley track. That gave me goosebumps a bit. A very encouraging demonstration. Shows that when left to our own devices, we can peacefully demonstrate. The one difference here is that there has been no provocation (so far - the day's not over yet).
  17. Thank you for sharing. This passage from the paper is interesting: Indeed. Good question. Why did they assume that?
  18. Here's a very relevant quote from Mao Tse Tung (Chairman Mao):
  19. The Nuremberg Code covers the idea of the right to informed consent which easily extends beyond experimentation and covers any kind of medical intervention. So when it comes to mandatory or enforced vaccines, the Nuremberg Code is most definitely relevant. Now ask yourself: How much real world data is there on RNA vaccines, let alone RNA vaccines that haven't gone through the proper development protocols? And that's not including the proposed roll out to the entire global population in the context of perceived emergency and fear. I don't think there is a lot of data on the above scenario. So even on a basic level, when you take away all the barcoding and gene editing stuff, it's an experiment. The Nuremberg Code can serve as a framework for us. It reminds us that throughout history scientific power has been abused, and warns us that it can still be abused. On a fundamental level, the people should be wary of unchecked scientific power so as to not to repeat mistakes of the past. As far as the general public is concerned, there is no real transparency. All kinds of unethical science is going on. It's not like there's no precedent in history. Rulers have always used craft and science for practical objectives relating to power, control and domination. Why should today be any different? So at least we have some kind of ethical safeguard: the right to informed consent. That means we can say no and have a perfectly clean conscience. It's our choice. If informed consent gets taken away over this proposed covid vaccine, then we open the floodgates to scientific dictatorship, the likes of which Huxley spoke about. I'll end this rant with a quote from BMJ document regarding the Nuremberg Code (emphasis mine):
  20. The Great Reset is brainwash cult. And like with any brainwash cult, you have the zealous faithful who really believe they're part of a good thing. They are convinced of their own righteousness, so therefore everyone must convert. I imagine a lot of the lower-level TGR proponents believe the dream they're being sold. Just like a lot Russians believed the dream when the Communists took over. What's that old saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  21. A bit of synchronicity. I just watched the DI vid with Celeste Solum. Only the other week I was researching the Moderna vaccine (mRNA-1273) and discovered it contains a 'proprietary ionizable lipid'. It just so happens that ionizable lipids can be used in the process of barcoding DNA / RNA, and CRISPR gene editing. The following is an abstract from a Dec 2019 study, titled Ionizable lipid nanoparticles encapsulating barcoded mRNA for accelerated in vivo delivery screening: And some further reading if anyone's interested: http://zon.trilinkbiotech.com/2019/04/30/in-vivo-high-throughput-screen-finds-lipid-nanoparticles-lnps-for-cell-specific-delivery-of-modified-mrna-for-crispr/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2468451118300126 From what I gather, it appears that barcoding DNA/RNA is essential for measuring the quantity of the drug delivery in vivo which basically means in a whole living organism, as opposed to in vitro e.g. in a petri dish etc. So in theory this vaccine could be part of a big genetic experiment. Not a far fetched thought as we all know. Remember that leaked vid with the crazy scientist giving a pitch to the Pentagon (or the Department of Defense)? Something about using a vaccine to target the 'religious' gene (this is in the context of the Afghan war and radical Muslims etc.) There could be other practical reasons for the barcoding. It could be used to tag vaccinated people. And probably numerous other reasons. I may have misunderstood the science. So forgive me in advance. This is probably stating the obvious, but this does all have a sinister ring to it. I won't be going near the vaccine. And if they get all fascist about it, I'll use bribery and every other means at my disposal to escape oppression and avoid the unjust penalties for disobeying the dictatorship.
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