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  1. 4 minutes ago, mathewtwatson said:

    you look at the numbers that turned out at the weekend,n everything is just carrying on regardless.........its upstream, its uphill


    I get what you're saying. But upon reflection, how different would it be had more people spent the past twenty years studying the reality of the world and getting to grips with the situation instead of watching Coronation Street and I'm A Celebrity and all the other pointless crap people get up to. If more people had spent time sharpening their minds and preparing for this eventuality (the coup), I do believe we'd be in a much stronger position. 


    Upon reflection, I think that's why the 'truth movement(s)' or 'alternative research community' has been so utterly subverted these past twenty years. That was the aim: to disrupt the formation of a coherent and cohesive opposition to the New World Order political movement (now branded 'The Great Reset'). They filled the blogosphere with disinfo agents and totally did a number on us; kept us distracted, down this rabbit hole and that rabbit hole, squabbling over this and that, knowing full well that a power play would be made around 2020/21. 


    I think that's what happened. Hindsight's 2020 as they say. But shit, this is the history being written. I just hope we can learn. Just hope more people step up their game. Now is not the time to be average and mediocre. We need to try and be excellent in everything we do, whatever that may be. 


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  2. 16 minutes ago, mathewtwatson said:

    Welcome to the Pyramid son, n china doesnt have a tier. its cults, bloodlines, CFR, countres are just a smoke screen, governments are just the dry cleaners


    It's like the major and minor houses in Dune. Different factions united in by a huge power structure -though some houses have more power and influence than others. The Chinese elite (along with other elites of the world) have been subsumed into this monolithic, global oligarchy. It's the political pattern of the 21st century. We were warned though. Just not enough of us paid attention before the big move (2020 plandemic). 

  3. 1 hour ago, Velma said:


    The Battle of Trafalgar - Poll Tax Riot - was on March 31st 1990.


    Many of you will be too young to remember the righteous anger and rage.


    They just renamed it the Council Tax and implemented it anyway!


    Anti-Capitalists (black bloc) maintained the momentum throughout the nineties, until they introduced 'kettling.'


    I remember that. My aunty and her husband (and a few other friends) were at that demo. Apparently it was going peacefully until the police started pushing people onto the road during the march, treating the protesters like cattle. Then all hell broke loose. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:


    Who's bombing the Congo?





    Actually, the people of Eastern Congo have been exploited dreadfully by imperial power elites over the last 120 years. First King Leopold II of Belgium (direct relative of Queen Victoria) turning it into his personal fiefdom and enslaved the natives, forcing them to work in rubber plantations. Demand for rubber at the time was very high after the invention of the rubber tyre and the burgeoning car industry (which is connected to the oil industry i.e. Rockefellers et al). If the natives didn't comply they were punished by having their hands cut off. Belgium basically industrialised itself on the back of such brutality. 


    More recently, many people (including children) in Eastern Congo have been dreadfully brutalised in a war that's raged for over twenty years, a war that's driven by mineral mining i.e. cobalt. Cobalt is essential for all these electronic devices we depend on, including mobile phones. It's estimated that the war in Congo is the second bloodiest war since WWII. Little children are forced to work in these mines. But the global elite don't really care about that because they need the cheap resources for their smart-digital revolution. 




    And don't tell you wouldn't want to escape that scenario because I know you would be lying. 


    I find it quite sad that people from the 'truth' community would talk about little children like they're not human. 

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  5. 9 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


    That explains everything. I calculate at a rate of 2 farts per person per day the fart R value is 1.5. We have to work together to bring this R value right down to below the threshold of 1 farts per person per day. Keep the NHS not busy, eat less beans today, do your part. Stay safe. 




    I think one fart is one fart too many. We'll just have to do away with the digestive system altogether. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, pete675 said:


    Tuneless and rather sinister, reminds me of that Louis Theroux programme with the singing Nazi sisters from California.



    Leonard Cohen wrote that song. Didn't he willingly take part in some twisted isolation, sensory-deprivation experiment? 


  7. 18 minutes ago, Odie Hatzcats said:


    From the article: 


    "I didn't have an underlying health condition that was expected to trigger a reaction," said Coun Akhtar.


    "But the flu-like snuffles and muscle ache kicked in, followed by a horrendous fever. When I closed my eyes to lay down I felt like the top of my scalp was melting and sliding down my face. It was horrible.


    "I was really struggling with my breathing, I was so short of breath. So we called the ambulance and I was taken straight to A&E.


    "My fever remained and the temperature shot up to 40°c. It was this combination of symptoms that made the A&E team suspect that I might have Covid-19 or a reaction to the vaccine.


    "That was the scariest bit, when they said that they suspected I might have Covid and put me into isolation."


    That's what I've been saying. The adverse reactions are causing extra pressure on the NHS which is then being blamed on covid and used to scare people into accepting more and more intrusions on their civil liberties. 


    I wish people would wake up. 

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  8. 46 minutes ago, perpetual said:

    May be it's time you hopped onto online teaching of your choice subject.

    Your teaching skill is transferrable. That PE teacher is making a million on youtube


    Yeah, but then we'll all end up like Winston from Nineteen Eighty-Four doing our daily jerks in front of the telescreen. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Danieldelmar said:

    I havent seen anyone sneezing either, that doesnt mean my uncle is not on air support in hospital right now cause he cant breathe and his wife as well. 

    And no, they didnt have any prior long term diseases or were in poor health. Im not saying its covid, cause I dont believe in it. But Im looking for constructive opinion and theory from someone that has digged into this for a bit and may offer explanation


    Sorry to hear about your uncle. 


    Just out of interest, have they had the new experimental vaccine recently?

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  10. 36 minutes ago, Malbec said:


    there’s people on Facebook celebrating and bragging they’ve had the jab with weird hashtags and comments about getting their life back and “light at the end of the tunnel”. I almost despair at this point. No negative comments, all in agreement and excited for theirs. People in their late 20s and early 30s 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


    Emperor's new clothes. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, Darryl Worthington said:

    Thanks for the info. We will probably never know the ultimate truth and I know things are rarely as they seem. Is it within the realm of possibility that this could be a real pandemic ? Thanks again I appreciate the time you took. 👍


    You're welcome. 


    I'm bit more optimistic. I feel that it is possible to ascertain some truths, particularly about the real inner-workings of civilisation. 


    Regarding your other question: It would be more apt to ask 'Is this a pandemic?' and then look at all the available data (and I don't mean only the cherry-picked stuff emanating from the government echo-chamber; I mean look at the counter-arguments that are based on other data sources). 


    You're concerned about the ostensible NHS crisis. But there are many other possible factors to take into account. It's not a clear-cut case of saying, 'Some NHS trusts are overwhelmed, therefore it's a SARS-2 pandemic'. Are there other causal factors? Is the reporting fully contextualised? etc. etc.   


    There is a lot of irrational fear out there. Some people are so afraid of catching the virus that they wear flimsy masks thinking it's protecting them from viral pathogens. But the masks are not designed to stop those microbes. They are useless at that.


    The whole strategy is based on the 'nappy theory' i.e. that wearing masks might catch some of the droplets and therefore prevent the spread of the virus (this claim is contested). And the 'nappy theory' is predicated on the 'asymptomatic spread theory' which has scant supporting evidence; indeed, the evidence shows the opposite i.e. that asymptomatic spread is highly unlikely. So one has to ask: Is there any need at all for healthy people to cover their face?


    The sad irony is, you think you're protecting yourself by wearing masks all the time, but by doing so you increase the risk of bacterial overload which could lead to a nasty respiratory infection. 


    Irrational fear is not based on reason. It's based on murky assumptions. This can lead one to live in a state of near permanent anxiety. And we know how damaging stress can be to our health. 



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  12. 7 minutes ago, zArk said:

    to implement the vaccine culture


    if the UK had continued with the old way of herd immunity, protect the vulnerable and everyone gets on with it.... the UK would have achieved herd immunity in 2020 and been announced by the medical system as such



    And I assume that the 'vaccine culture' is one component of a new socio-economic paradigm that's being engineered into existence? 


    Does the formation of a new vaccine culture give the elite ideologues new capabilities? If so, what are they? 

  13. 15 minutes ago, Darryl Worthington said:

    It's good to be skeptical, but how can we research anything and trust the info being given to us. Everyone has their own agenda including the conspiracy theorists. Remember the 5G nonsense? We have to question the conspiracy theorists as well as the media. No one has exclusivity on the truth.


    That's based on an over-generalisation of 'conspiracy theorist' which itself is a poorly defined term. I do, however, agree with you about putting all things up for examination. But don't confuse all conspiracy theories with direct allegations of covert collusion, allegations that are supported by a mountain of evidence. 


    Sadly, conspiracy (i.e. covert planning) is the norm throughout the history of civilisation. It's a logical part of statecraft i.e. for their power, wealth and privilege, rulers depend on their subjects staying within the parameters of the social structure. This is a problem that is solved by planning. Naturally, this is done behind closed doors by the ruling class. 


    Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, observed this behavioural truth:



    Well then, since the sages tell me that “appearance has more force than reality” and determines our happiness, I had better devote myself entirely to appearances; I must put up a facade that gives the illusory appearance of virtue, but I must always have at my back the “cunning, wily fox” of which Archilochus so shrewdly speaks. You may object that it is not easy to be wicked and never be found out; I reply, that nothing worthwhile is easy, and that all we have been told points to this as the road to happiness. To helps us avoid being found we shall form clubs and secret societies, and there are always those who will teach us the art of persuasion, political or forensic; and so we shall get our way by persuasion or force and avoid the penalty for doing our neighbour down. – The Republic , Plato. Adeimantus making a case for the unjust life (365c)


    So it's not a question of, 'is there a conspiracy?', it's a question of 'What are the ambitions of the current crop of power-lovers?' 

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  14. 32 minutes ago, Darryl Worthington said:

    They claimed that covid19 is 3 times deadly than flu. I just don't understand why the government would want to shut down businesses etc unless there is indeed a serious risk to people. Surely they would want to collect taxes rather than put the country into serious debt. I know governments are not always just but surely they will at least want to keep lining their own pockets with tax from businesses and workers. I just don't see the point in making this all up. There's so much disinformation around these days. 


    That's because you fail to understand how the world really works. You're like the ancients who took things at face value and logically concluded that the sun goes round the earth because that's how it appears. We say to you, that's an illusion and it is in fact the opposite. You then laugh and say how can that be. We say it's because the earth is spinning on its axis as it revolves around the sun and so creates the illusion of the sun going round the earth. You say, don't be lunatic, how would things stay on the planet if we're spinning around? We reply, there's a hidden force called gravity. 


    It's at this point you dismiss us as crazy gravity theorists. 


    In that same way, you watch the news and conclude that it's all moving east to west around the earth and therefore it all works such and such. When in reality there are hidden factors that you're unaware of and not taking into account. 


    As for motive, you're dealing with high society ideologues who already know fabulous wealth. It's not about wealth. It's about the execution of a strategy that aims to revolutionize global civilisation according to their own ideologies. This is not unusual since the 20th c. is full of elite ideologues with grand visions for how society should be. The pattern is continuing into the 21st c. Globalisation of economics also means the globalisation of power. The trend for this century is the attempted unification of world governance in a new economic paradigm (see The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution). 


    The problem is that it needs to evolve into being as per the Fabian strategy i.e. gradually through a seemingly natural dialectic process. Unfortunately, however, this can be too slow, so at certain points you would need catalysts to act as accelerants. So this current event has the strategic purpose of accelerating social change. Indeed, you can't 'build back better' without a certain amount of destructivity. 


    This is just a short summary. It's a complex thesis that would take many pages to elucidate. 


    I suggest you do your own study into the evolution and true nature of civilisation. Actually study the behaviours of those sorts of people who love power. You'll find that conspiratorial tactics are part of how they behave. 


    All the best.  

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  15. 15 minutes ago, serpentine said:



    Many of the deaths in the first wave were due to mistreatment and taking sick elderly from hospital beds and placing them untested in ill prepared and ill equppied care homes.


    Many of the deaths in this second wave are caused by the accumulation of other untreated illnesses and  on the long term sick and elderly by the physical and psychological effects of extended lockdowns.


    The government has not peoperly addressed either of these matters.


    Totally agree with you. 


    So the situation could be:


    • Usual winter pressure on some hospitals
    • Added pressure from lockdown / mask-wearing damage
    • On top of that, added pressure from adverse events related to the mass roll out of an experimental vaccine (thanks to UK Column et al. we know the gov. was planning for the potential of mass adverse events)


    Add it all up and what have we got? 




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  16. 18 minutes ago, Darryl Worthington said:

     I am all for questioning everything, but when people's health is at stake we must be very careful.


    That's exactly why the roll out of an experimental vaccine that correlates with the ostensible rise in hospitalisations should be investigated. Iatrogenic factors are a very concrete reality. The UK gov. claims that around 1.5 million people have had one of the jabs so far. All it would take is a small percentage of adverse reactions (severe enough to get people worrying) to create a rush on some NHS trusts. And that's not taking into account the potential for medium and long-term iatrogenic harm to those participating in this 'emergency' experiment. 


    So when you talk about "people's health", it works both ways. 




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  17. 1 minute ago, Velma said:

    Hancock said lockdown will remain until May, but "The reason we don’t put a specific date on it is because we don’t yet know, we still don’t know, the effect of the vaccine on transmission." So, by his admission, this vaccine that EVERYONE must get, might not even work. This is an excuse to string it out, for as long as they want.


    We could also be seeing an epidemic of adverse vaccine reactions. The anecdotal evidence is piling up. The estab. can blame it on covid. They can say, 'See, we told you covid was bad.' A bit like that priest from Father Ted, the one who would smash up perfectly good furniture and say, 'See, Father, I toldya it was shoddy workmanship!' 



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  18. 1 hour ago, Noctua said:

    I found out this morning that my dad's cousin (in his 80s) has died 'with covid' 2 weeks after receiving the Pfizer vaccination.  Both he and his wife got the vaccine on the same day and late last week were both hospitalised with breathing difficulties.  Both then tested positive for 'covid'.  She is still in hospital, but he sadly passed away this morning.  Up until the vaccination, they were both healthy, well and full of good humour.  They had been told to shield, but had still be taking daily walks and going to the supermarket.  Am hoping his wife makes it out of the hospital, but she is understandably devastated to lose her husband.



    This is very sad. There is a blatant correlation between the increase in hospitalisations and the roll out of the vaccine. Just check the stats from 12th December onwards. 


    Only the other day I spoke to a cabbie friend who said he had a woman rushing to hospital because she became ill a few hours after having the covid jab. Our local hospital was one of those with ambulances supposedly queuing up outside. Say if a thousand people in the area got the jab. All it would take is 50 adverse reactions in a short space to cause a rush on at the hospital, on top of the usual winter pressures (notwithstanding the fall out from lockdown and mask wearing). 


    This correlation between vaccine roll out and increased hospitalisations needs to be thoroughly investigated.  We could be looking at the biggest medical crime in the known history of our species. 



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