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  1. Look at you. Non-humans, so devoid of empathy. So easy to categorise other human beings thus. Oh, hark at me, being politically incorrect for some of you primitive consciousnesses.
  2. Spot on, mate. Party politics is wasteful and non-productive. We should be guided by our conscience, not party lines.
  3. Just some observations. This Ukraine situ is suspicious. Social media is good for something: charting public discourse. It's a kind of social geology. You can analyse all the rocks and all that stuff. And what I noticed was this: The freedom movement in Canada was causing waves around the world. It was highlighting the agenda, which is being aggressively pushed in Canada. It was inspiring people all over the place. It was also creating public discourse about the WEF. Then you had Maajid Nawaz on that Rogan show making a case against the WEF. Lots of chatter about the WEF. People were digging into it. I'm willing to bet that in the entire history of the WEF there has never been so much public chatter about the WEF. It was good to see. After all, there really is a small group of global power elites that have a grand vision for civilisation. The truth was always out in the open but more people than ever were aware of it. Then boom. Ukraine. Look over here. All the talking points vanished. And it's now all about this shiny new thing 'over there'. I find that highly suspicious. I know some will say the WEF is just the front for the secret societies, cult etc. But I say we can attack the secret societies via their appendages such as Schwab and the other cocks of the new world order. Let's keep hammering on this WEF thing. Could lead somewhere.
  4. LOL Surely that's some kind of flag burning?
  5. For all the Canadians fighting the good fight:
  6. You're desiring to overcome desire?
  7. I remember. She was Charlie Veitch's missus before he went turncoat. I bet he's feeling like a right pillock now.
  8. Apparently Saskatchewan, Canada, has announced an end to vaccine passports: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/saskatchewan-announces-end-to-vaccine-passport-canada_IHxs4TwnIbw52Mo.html https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/scott-moe-proof-of-vaccination-twitter-1.6332514
  9. Good point. They're like a bunch of kids who got bored with one game, and they're now hastily packing it up so they can play the new, exciting game of war - only, it'll be our sons and daughters in the firing line and not them.
  10. Thank you mate. Been saying it for years. I'm really quite exasperated with people. It makes me want to become a misanthropic hermit. I really do have a dislike for people now. And I know that's politically incorrect for some of you i.e. can't be seen to be hating on humanity. But that really is the truth of how I feel - and I thought we were meant to be valuing truth above all things? I'm done with the whole shebang. I'll be leaving this realm very soon, never to return. I mean, if I get to the spirit realm and someone says to me, 'Fancy another go on Earth?' I'll be like no way mate. You can shove it where the sun dun shine. That's how much I loathe this place (curses on it all). Some of you will say, 'Ah but that's what the elite want you to think'. I say: No it's not. They want me to love this place so I keep coming back for more punishment. Why would I be so invested when I know full well this is just a temporary thing; why would I willingly submit myself to this little earth game? I'm a fucking infinite being, after all. Well fuck you all and your pathetic little games. I'm through with it.
  11. I used to search for happiness, I used to follow pleasure, But I found the door behind my mind, And that's the greatest treasure. For rulers like to lay down laws, And rebels like to break them, And the poor priests like to walk in chains, And God likes to forsake them.
  12. Well, he used to work for god didn't he? The apple never falls far from the tree. By their fruits you shall know them.
  13. I appreciate the context and the nuance. But they still had vaccination programmes. There was a central authority attempting to direct the population. I imagine should the Nazi's have found it expedient to mandate a risky medical intervention for some strategic purpose, they would've done so without hesitation. And for me that's the point: Groups of neurotic and deeply pathological elites attempting to sell us all on their grand designs, their 'enlightened visions', be it socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, Great Resetism. It's all the same: mentally disordered people asserting themselves on the world. Dunning-Kruger extremis.
  14. Could be a propaganda ploy to associate 'anti-vaxxers' with Hitler. Ironically, this would be a stratagem straight out of Hitler's playbook lol gotta laugh
  15. I notice that particular one is based in East Yorkshire. I guess they want us to burn in hull.
  16. Assuming someone hasn't already done this, maybe we should create the slogan, 'Unvaxed Lives Matter'.
  17. I know this is probably quite cliched and not on topic, but really in the mood for this track. It's the vibe. Seems to fit the day.
  18. @ink I thought the sound was okay. But if it's something you're gonna do regularly, you might wanna invest in a decent condenser mic with a pop filter (as Enigmatic World suggested). I would certainly watch your videos regardless. It's good documentation.
  19. Fair enough. Though I didn’t actually apologise. But I don’t wanna get into all that tit-for-tat stuff. So take it as an apology if you like. Ironically, however, I am going to apologise in advance for the length of this reply! lol Regarding the ‘prediction’. It was a simple matter of reasoning. Around 2004/05, a lot of information came my way from different angles which started to wake me up. Then someone handed me a copy of DI’s Robot’s Rebellion. That was a real eye opener. It made me realise that there was a whole world of possibility. This obviously led to doing more research. I became aware of the NWO, or the plan to form a world government, a global tyranny (which isn’t a new idea - I mean, HG Wells spent most of his adult life arguing for the formation of a World State, as per that Orwell essay). I got to thinking, ‘How could they achieve that? What would be the strategy?’ It seemed logical that they would need to break down existing systems, existing economies, and create a need for a new system. What would be the best way of doing that? I was dimly aware that the emerging digital revolution was going to play a role in the NWO. So I figured a huge global war (in the traditional sense) might not be the best strategy since it could be very damaging to the infrastructure they had invested in. Like that old business maxim, ‘always protect your investment’. And it seemed to me that the NWO was nothing more than a new business plan for humanity. Around the same time I saw an episode of Horizon which ran a very chilling simulation of a flu pandemic. It touched upon all the talking points that are relevant today. It went further and talked about the breakdown of societies, how there wouldn’t be people to drive the lorries to fill the shops so there would be shortages etc. Bingo. That was the light bulb moment. That was the strategy. It was the one thing that could affect every country around the world, while avoiding an all out war. When I drew that conclusion, a big part of my intuition was telling me it was the correct projection. Then it was further cemented by additional research and the swine flu panic of 2009. In fact, it seemed the first decade of the new millennium was marked by ‘global problems requiring global solutions’, each one attacking specific levels. Global terrorism, global warming (there was a huge propaganda push around 2006 for this), global financial crisis, then capped off nicely with a global pandemic scare. Back then I was so convinced that it was the key strategy, that I talked about it with people, even warned them to stock up on things because it would mean potential breakdown of society. Naturally the idea has matured since then; indeed, it’s now become a reality, and living in the middle of it I can see there was a lot I didn’t anticipate. The only documented evidence I have is a dystopian novel I was writing. It was set in the future when the World State was well-established and was ticking along nicely. Part of the backstory was that the global oligarchs had engineered a global flu pandemic to break down world economies, plunging them into the ‘Black Hole’, the worst depression in human history. The global elite positioned themselves as the saviours and became the mythical founding fathers of the global federation. I had this ambition that it would serve as a warning. But I had this strange old thought in the back of my mind: ‘What if I’m helping to create this reality?’ So I stopped and started, eventually abandoning the project. Probably a bunch of superstitious nonsense. Probably should’ve finished it and got it published somehow. Oh well, the ship has sailed and I have no intention of finishing it now. I still have the manuscript on file somewhere. You’re more than welcome to a copy. The only other evidence are the friends and family who I spoke to at the time. But unfortunately I can’t wheel them out for testimony lol I’m sure other people concluded similar things. But that was the basic thought process I went through. There you have it. Kind of felt good writing that up. So thank you for asking the question.
  20. Good video, mate. Nothing wrong with your voice. I was thinking perhaps it was subtle trolling of protesters, to try and wind them up, get the desired reaction. A way of dampening the positive vibes as well.
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