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  1. To me it's quite obvious. A relatively small group of pathological elites have a grand vision for human civilisation. They're quite open about it. Their vision involves weird transhuman, virtual reality, technocratic dystopia. It's all there in the plain reality, for everyone to see. Their tactics involve engineered crises and other clandestine stratagems. And I just want to kick their arses. I want to put them in their place. Knock them back down to hades where they belong. And I'm sorry that makes all you people uncomfortable with your inbred fear of insurrection. I just want to fight now. Be it with mind or body. I don't care. It's just an instinct. I want to fight the baddies and destroy them. There's no two ways about it. They must be crushed by hook or by crook, by whatever means. And as I said in earlier messages, it's down to your own conscience, reason and imagination to do that. This is it. Line in the sand. And if you people aren't with me, so be it. I'll fight alone. And this really is goodnight. Peace to you all. ETA: And before this gets misinterpreted as a call to mindless violence. That's not what it's about. I'm not not talking about mindlessly shooting up the place like some MK Ultra victim. I'm talking real-world organised resistance to some seriously evil shit, whatever that resistance might involve. So don't get it twisted. It's about standing up and doing something worthwhile in the face of extreme malevolence. Goodnight.
  2. I'm getting back into reading after a few years of digital escapades. Sure, books aren't reality but they're a damned more authentic than the rest of the shit. Like sitting under a tree, or eating an apple on a sunny day; or digging the soil for your veg. Or a million other things that used to be the 'real'. Take care everyone, and goodnight.
  3. That's so true, including the 'truth community'. Sometimes I think that even the 'truthers' are content to watch their Rumble vids and post on message boards rather than do what needs to be done. But what do I know? I'm just posting on a message board lol
  4. I also search it, and apparently it's true: He wants to blood wash everyone. So not content with brainwashing, they also want control of our blood. I read it as Long 'Live' Covid Bastards.
  5. What concerns me is that after eight pints I'm still able to count and type out posts devoid of spelling errors. Perhaps I have a problem. Or as you say, just enjoying oneself lol (I really focused to ensure I didn't make a typo. I wanna say high functioning?)
  6. HAHAHA To be fair, I'm 8 beers in now so didn't pick up on your meaning. I'm not a TV person. But a few months ago someone persuaded me to watch GoT and that line somehow stuck with with me lol So when I see that guy that's what I think. You're quite right. 'No' in some cases should be followed up with stern action. I do agree :)
  7. LOL Have you heard the one about a jackass and a honeycomb . . .? :)
  8. You're right. That's a start. saying 'no' and then acting accordingly. It really is a big part. But then comes a time when 'no' is not accepted by those insisting. It all starts with 'no', I agree wholeheartedly. Sometimes, however, that 'no' has to be backed up by action towards those people who insist 'yes'. Simply saying 'no' won't stop a firing squad. Apologies, that's a rough analogy. I hope you get where I'm coming from. If not, I'll try my best to explain in clearer terms.
  9. Yeah, but some people don't take 'no' for an answer. What then?
  10. Or the simple act of breathing. Dontcha know, breathing causes myocarditis!
  11. Haha I live in the country and still read books by lamplight.
  12. Those marches are part of the bigger pattern of action. At least they were a demonstration of strength. In the animal kingdom, displaying your strength is a part of survival. As to other possible actions: I'll leave that down to people's individual conscience, reason and imagination - I'm not into collectivist thinking. I could speculate, but that wasn't the original point: The point was to act, and not just simply speak. Though I appreciate that discussion has its place.
  13. I actually agree. It was a crude analogy to express the idea of taking some kind of action. Saying 'no' was the start, but some other kind of action was also needed to thwart the abuser. In your above example, the action would be encouraging good people to act against the grain from a point of reasoned understanding of why it's wrong. But ultimately some kind of action will be needed.
  14. I do agree with you in part. Saying 'no' is half the battle. If enough people said 'no' in that ironically affirmative way, there could be a big change. But, to use a crude analogy, whenever has the word 'no' stopped a rapist? But a good kick in the balls, a punch in the face and a dislocation of the kneecap might just do the trick. Just sayin'.
  15. Well, I think the first thing would be: Don't have anymore jabs. Second, go out and express your rage, your disillusionment.
  16. The symbolism in this scene is quite something. Using the cash-wad as a means to burn down the symbol of our enslavement, our from-birth conditioning:
  17. You're right, we do have a tendency to waffle and procrastinate. There is a time for discussion, but at some point action is needed. What that action looks like is down to individual conscience, imagination and reason. The time has come for activity. To those of us that can see what's going on: It is our duty to do something, whatever that something might be. And I don't mean cliched scenarios of storming the palaces etc. Use your imagination in conjunction with reason. Surely the world is ours to create? But what do I know? I'm just good at writing lol
  18. Haha I was very drunk when I wrote that speech and I vaguely remember deliberately composing it in the old heroic style of rhetoric lol Everything written there is open to interpretation using one's own imagination and conscience. But the underlying meaning, I think, holds true. Whatever we do, let it be action of some kind, not just words. And when I said about being prepared to die for our beliefs, I didn't mean we should go out and look for ways to die. It's just as the ultimate test: If it really came down to it, we should be prepared to defend ourselves, even to the death. Otherwise, if we say, 'Okay, that's too far -you have your totalitarian global state', then what is the point? But you're right, we should be wise, not foolish. Thank you for listening anyway, mate.
  19. Isn't it about time we stop talking, and raise a proper resistance? We're better than this. For centuries these tyrants have abused us, our children, our grandchildren, our very lineage. They've reduced us to mewling consumerist or communist cogs. They've dominated our lives with their agendas and their wars; their pathetic visions for a transhuman civilisation, their inhuman domination of our lives. Isn't it time we stood up, took the bull by the horns, and said, 'No'. But more than simply uttering the word 'no', we actually lay our hands on the mechanisms of power and physically change the world? At this stage, what have we got to lose? Our jobs? What a joke! Our livelihoods? An ever bigger joke! If we're not prepared to die for what we know is right, then what are we? The time has come for us to stand up and truly make a difference with practical action. I call upon each and everyone of you to heed these words and make practical reality of their sentiments. Like you, I'm sick of all the words being spouted. The time is ripe to take action and bring forth the reality we know to be right. Go forth and do it. May truth and justice reign.
  20. With their tongues firmly wedged between royal buttocks, the bum-lick bunting brigade are certainly out in full force this weekend. It's fucking gross.
  21. Self-hatred. Playing into the hands of those who would cull us.
  22. I know. You're so enlightened I'm half-dazzled by your brilliance lol
  23. You're obviously so clever, so enlightened. Please tell me, how you would install such a dictatorship? Please prove to me that you're not just another pseudo-intellectual Don Quixote with fantastic visions. Honestly, I'm sick of people like you with your half-baked ideas. You really think you're so intelligent, but really you're just another dim wit. Prove me wrong with your amazing eloquence.
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