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  1. It's actually the other way round: Bashing conspiracy theories is a way for dumb people to pretend they're not dumb. 


    Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and clear-mindedness who takes a cursory look at civilisational history will see that 'conspiracy' is the norm. It's a logical outcome of pursuing power in the context of human society. Over the centuries the power-seekers evolve, only the best win in the game. Naturally the best power-seekers use every tool at their disposal such as secrecy, trickery, deception and stealth (all of which are found in nature for defensive / offensive purposes). 


    Perfectly reasonable to assume, given the evidence and the historical behavioural patterns, that there is indeed the emergence of a global oligarchy.  Naturally the game of power will attempt to go global. It's the natural logical conclusion (should things remain on this course). 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Storm in the garden said:


    So are you saying that it would make no difference to you whether your window looked out on a field of poppies swaying in the morning sunlight or a slab of concrete from the apartment opposite? just asking..


    No, I'm not saying that. 


    I would much prefer to see a field of poppies swaying indolently in the breeze. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Will gullibility still prevail?


    I'm starting to wonder if this is another Brexit-type thing. There are those who want to 'remain' in lockdown, and those who want to 'leave'.  Both camps bitterly divided. 


    Shall we be the first to coin the term 'Loxit'? ?


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