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  1. Charlie Veitch. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Arch turncoat he was. Went over to the states for a TV show, messed about with some lego bricks, and came home to declare that 9/11 wasn't an inside job after all. I thought he was pretty dumb to do that, a man of low integrity. But I don't think he quite deserved the extremely savage attacks he received from some of the truth community. I think someone hacked his website as well. 


    He used to have a group of disciples that followed him around as he did his street antics (he copied another bloke who used to protest in clever, creative ways). He also used to harangue the public via a megaphone. I remember one of Charlie's disciples was a podgy Gnome-like man who used to skip alongside him, occasionally looking up at him with adoring eyes. Sometimes it looked like Charlie was trying to shake him off, like he was embarrassed. 


    After the turncoat incident I never bothered keeping up with the story. I remember thinking that the word 'veitch' could be etymologically related to the word 'vetch', which is a type of pea commonly fed to sheep. To me that kind of acted as a full stop on the sorry affair. 


    As for Silkie, she was much loved in the truth community. A Vera Lynn type character. But I never bothered to see what happened to her. Occasionally one hears her name mentioned in connection with Big Brother Watch, which seems like a toothless organisation. 


    Got me reminiscing about how this forum used to be. It used to be incredibly lively and productive. Now it's not even a shadow of its former self. Sign of the times I guess. 


    Kudos to you people keeping it alive. 

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  2. On 12/10/2023 at 7:08 AM, steven geldenhuys said:


    Instead of being a play-ground, the illusion became a drug, where we wanted more and more from it. The illusion pulled us away from who and what we are, where we looked to the pleasures of Life rather than who we are. There is nothing wrong with attaining pleasures, but the problem became that these pleasures defined us. Who and what we are could be seen by the pleasures we had accumulated around us, where my car or my house or my job defines our place in society and the illusion.

    The world of superficiality was born, where our pleasures can be taken from us from one day to the next, where you go from hero to zero. And this is how fickle our lives became, where now we worked damn hard to hold onto what we have, where it’s mine, but it is so much more than that, as what I have defines me.


    We plugged ourselves into the illusion, always forgetting what we are, and this was so because what we are forgot itself, so there was no one to steer the ship that is the spirit and body form.



    That reminds me of the ideas Socrates explored on the day of his execution (Plato, Phaedo). Some of his friends were gathered around him, upset that their revered instructor was going to die. So he was trying to put their mind at rest by assuring them that the true lover of wisdom (philosopher) is one that has spent his life preparing for death as upon leaving the body he would be free to pursue wisdom (knowledge) in its purest form. 


    See the following passage (Socrates in Plato's Phaedo): 



    '[S]ome such view as this must present itself to genuine philosophers, so that they say such things to one another as these: “There now, it looks as if some sort of track is leading us, together with our reason, astray in our inquiry: as long as we possess the body, and our soul is contaminated by such an evil, we'll surely never adequately gain what we desire–and that, we say, is truth. Because the body affords us countless distractions, owing to the nurture it must have; and again, if any illnesses befall it, they hamper our pursuit of reality. Besides, it fills us up with lusts and desires, with fears and fantasies of every kind, and with any amount of trash, so that really and truly we are, as the saying goes, never able to think of anything at all because of it. Thus, it's nothing but the body and its desires that brings wars and factions and fighting; because it's over the gaining of wealth that all wars take place, and we're compelled to gain wealth because of the body, enslaved as we are to its service; so for all those reasons it leaves us no leisure for philosophy. And the worst of it all is that if we do get any leisure from it, and turn to some inquiry, once again it intrudes everywhere in our researches, setting up clamour and disturbance, and striking terror, so that truth can't be discerned because of it. Well now, it really has been shown us that if we're ever going to know anything purely, we must be rid of it, and must view the objects themselves with the soul by itself; it's then, apparently, that the thing we desire and whose lovers we claim to be, wisdom, will be ours–when we have died, as the argument indicates, though not while we live. Because, if we can know nothing purely in the body's company, then one of two things must be true: either knowledge is nowhere to be gained, or else it is for the dead; since then, but no sooner, will the soul be alone by itself apart from the body. And therefore while we live, it would seem that we shall be closest to knowledge in this way–if we consort with the body as little as possible, and do not commune with it, except in so far as we must, and do not infect ourselves with its nature, but remain pure from it, until the divine shall release us; and being thus pure, through separation from the body's folly, we shall probably be in like company, and shall know through our own selves all that is unsullied–and that, I dare say, is what the truth is; because never will it be permissible for impure to touch pure.” Such are the things . . . that all who are rightly called lovers of knowledge must say to one another, and must believe.'  


    So it appears that these ideas are very old. It's not surprising that much Gnostic thought is connected to neo-Platonism. Indeed, a fragment of Plato's Republic was found among the Nag Hammadi texts. 


    To punctuate this post, perhaps something pithy is required. Hear the words of Leo Tolstoy:


                            Life is a dream, death is an awakening. 


  3. 2 hours ago, QueenRia said:



    I don't see a contradiction in the 'trap' theory at all. All it is saying is that the perception and trickery is not confined to this physical plane, it extends to the astral plane. Everyone who is not secure in themselves and their power can get tricked. That's all.  That doesn't say that there is no one who came by their own choice. I believe many did, especially during this time right now. I see no contradiction there.



    But does everyone who promotes that theory have the same view as you? 


    I've heard some people say it's all a trap and this world has been specially created to trap us (certain gnostic ideas). If someone genuinely believes that, then why are they still here? If they truly knew it, then they can leave any time and go play in eternity. I posit that really they don't truly have confidence in their own beliefs, and really have other motives for promoting these ideas etc. 


    And let's follow this fear of trickery. So how do you identify genuine conscious beings (spirits etc.) from the fake? Is there some sort of ID system? Are we completely stupid when we leave our bodies and have no ability to recognise? We have no knowledge and wisdom? That ignorance continues into the next world?


    And how do we know that people are tricked into coming back by imposters since they're now dead and can't relay their story? Many of them may have decided not to go back, and their loved ones were cool with that, and they're now hanging out in the fields of eternity having a jolly good old time. 


    I suppose we could refer to NDEers (which are basically the proof that consciousness exists beyond the physical body), some of which say they had to come back because it wasn't their time, that these 'loving beings' guided them etc., and they had a life review etc. You could say they were tricked. But how do we know? Maybe they had chosen to come here? Maybe you can learn while incarnating here, without memory of previous existence. It doesn't automatically prove that it is a trap. 


    ETA: Also, if many chose to come here 'during this time' as you put it, does that mean they came here to help fix this world? If so, does that mean at some point this world wasn't a trap? And how do we know that coming here to help isn't actually part of the trap? You're persuaded to come here and help when in reality it's an insoluble problem and you end up like poor old Sisyphus? 


    Just food for thought. 


  4. The people pushing the idea of it being a trap seem contradictory to me. If it's a trap, and it's not worth being here, then why are you still here? If you genuinely believe that, then leave, resist the persuasion of the so-called tricksters and go on existing as an eternal conscious being frolicking in the fields of eternity. 


    I know the reason: They don't truly believe it, they still have doubts; it's just that they can speak about it very forcefully. However, we don't get access to their inner lives, all those conflicting thoughts and emotions that they hide from the world. 


    Or perhaps they're saying that there is a reason to be here? If there's a reason to be here then naturally it can't be wholly a trap. It's possible that conscious beings do choose to be here for some undefined reason. 


    Personally, I won't be coming back to this crazy world. It's insanity. However, I feel it's not my time to leave yet. I have unfinished business. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Imo. There is only one solution.


    That is to realise who you truly are. That is, in my language, God, and give up the identity of being a human.


    God Appears & God is Light
    To those poor Souls who dwell in Night 
    But does a Human Form Display
    To those who Dwell in Realms of day


    - William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

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  6. @EnigmaticWorld


    Same here, mate. I would prefer pleasant dialogue, and by 'pleasant' I don't mean the interlocuter agreeing with me. Just frank discussion done in that polite spirit. If I'm honest, I would love to have dialogue in the spirit of Plato's Socrates. Not necessarily in terms of content, but in the sense of discussing ideas cordially, even when we are in disagreement. I like the idea of being able to disagree, but still remaining friendly. This transcendence of ego really appeals to me. That we are more than the ideas in our heads. 


    But having said that, I still stand by my previous sentiments: The bad elite are trying to position their opposition (the truth / freedom movement / community) as crazy right-wing extremists. I won't budge from that because it is of the utmost importance. 


    Don't worry about the name calling in the other thread. Water off a ducks back. Tit for tat. 


    Enjoy the rest of your evening and we'll pick this up another day, on better terms. 

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  7. @EnigmaticWorld


    Okay. You've handled yourself with dignity and control. I respect that. But I'm a little bit drunk right now, so I'll return for frank and open discussion when sober. However, being drunk doesn't mean I don't have the courage of my convictions. I stand by what I say in general: The strategy is to paint the resistance as right-wing, race-focused extremists. And I have read your other posts on nationalism, and have formulated counter-arguments or lines of enquiry based on my own reason and conscience. 


    So let's be at peace. And when the time is right discuss these matters rationally. 

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  8. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


    I never claimed to be an intellectual. I can just see that certain things we're told don't always add up.



    They will do that regardless if you're a white and don't want to be a doormat. Have you ever complained about the race obsessed "fellow whites" or just people that notice?


    I don't think you get strategy / tactics. You're opponent's strategy is to paint you a certain way so as to discredit you in the minds of the ordinary population and therefore justify certain actions. They've even seeded material into this sphere with the strategic objective of people taking the bait and making the rest of the movement look bad. If you can't see that then, well, flipping heck. Get real, dude. Your opponents are destroying you right now, and you're helping them take the rest of us down with you. You're happy to sink into the mire while spouting your pseudo-intellectual ideas. 


    Intellect is reasoning. You make posts all the time showing off your 'reasoning' on various political matters e.g. nationalism, racialism etc. But your reasoning is for show, it's superficial, it's gold plated. Superficial, gold-plated reasoning is essentially pseudo. Therefore, you are a pseudo-intellectual. 


    You don't have to directly claim to be an intellectual to be a pseudo-intellectual. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    If we're such brainlets then attack the argument, not our intelligence. Are you seriously telling me that no big brain thinkers have shared our sentiment?


    You are a classic pseudo-intellectual. You really are, mate. Hmm, our opponent's strategy is based on making us look like crazy right-wing, race-obsessed extremists. I know, I'll doing everything possible to prove them right. You really are a dim-wit if you can't see that. You really are one of those half-baked intellectuals, useful idiots. 

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  10. I don't like to post on this forum anymore.  


    Observation #1: The elite are trying to paint 'truthers' as racist, right-wing extremist nut jobs. 


    Observation #2: Some people on here make racist right-wing extremist nut job posts.


    Observation #3: Those posts largely go unchallenged by the so called 'awake'.


    So you're playing right into the hands of those you oppose. This forum is dead as far as I'm concerned. You got no back bone. You'll happily let these idiots tarnish you, drag you down, walk all over you like doormats. You can pretend all you like, pretend that's not the case. But really it is the case. It's documented for everyone to see. You allowed these brainwashed idiots to ruin the credibility of the truth movement. 


    So goodbye. I don't want to be associated with right-wing crackpots and useful idiots with their pseudo-intellectual ramblings. 

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  11. You really are a bunch of pseudo-intellectual dim-wits. Go look up the Dunning-Kruger effect. That's you in a nutshell. Honestly, you're really thick and you're playing right into the hands of the elite. You honestly think your half-baked spoutings are going to convince intelligent people? You are a danger to justice, truth and freedom. You make the truth community look like a bunch of stupid right-wing extremists. Why do you pretend to be more intelligent than what you are? 

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  12. ^Obsessing over skin colour. You're making us look like crazy racists. People are dying from the experimental jab. Trying to save lives but we're being smeared as race-obsessed right winger anti-vaxxers. You care more about your racial egoism than you do about justice. Seriously, they trying to paint us as white supremacist nut jobs. Meanwhile, little kids are being fucked up with the jab. Get real FFS. I don't care about your fragile racial ego. You're just as bad as the mainstream in my opinion. Stop being a pseudo-intellectual and start reasoning properly. 

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  13. ^ The guy above (Skitz) is a prime example of one those pseudo-intellectual / average IQ folks who got suckered into the Gladio C trap, and now he's making us look like a bunch of crazy right-wing extremists, playing right into the hands of the ruling oligarchy who want to paint us 'truthers' as right-wing extremists. 


    Come on guys, have some self-respect. Don't let fools drag you down with their stupidity. 

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  14. 22 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    . . .I did question here before how much disinfo/misinfo was being 'seeded' within these groups in the hope that they would be shared amongst the various 'conspiracy circles', and in effect 'muddy the waters'.


    That's been going on for decades. All they've done is pour ink into already muddy water. All kinds of bullshit has been seeded, and those without crit. thinking skills jump on the various bandwagons and it becomes their treasured 'thing'. Like, for example, all the Hitler-lovers. Hitler fanboy material was seeded into the truth-sphere with the full knowledge that a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals and gullible, average IQ folk will buy it uncritically, and then go out and proselytise about it like a bunch of supercilious preachers. The strategic aim is to position the truth / freedom movement as a bunch of crazy right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis etc.


    And boy is it working to a certain degree! They walked straight into that one! And the sad thing is, they can't even see it. They genuinely believe they're more intelligent, more informed than what they actually are. The next phase is Gladio C: Right-wing terrorism driven by 'dangerous conspiracy theories' as a way to discredit alternative media etc. And you've just played right into the oligarchy's hands.


    However, it's not too late to abandon the foolishness. 


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  15. 1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Sisyphus. (Sounds like a venerial disease)   Some greek king twat who cheated death too much and was sentenced by the 'gods'  (yeh right?) to fuck about all day long pushing a boulder up a hill only for it to roll down again, wasting everyones time,  .. puhh?


    Albert Camus wrote a great piece called The Myth of Sisyphus. Ultimately, no matter how futile, rebellion against the world is worth it. 

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  16. 3 hours ago, 78ast78dgyad said:

    Here's what I think and how I think they can get away with their crimes.


    They will abandon COVID.


    They will act like the vaccines and lockdowns never happened. They will say COVID disappeared.


    They will prepare for the new narrative - world war with Russia and China.


    I don't think we will go towards a unvaccinated/vaccinated society. They seem tired of this narrative.

    They are going to push the Russia narrative harder.




    Aha, that's the antithesis. So I'll go with a synthesis. Engineered conflict combined with the emergence of the biosecurity state to create the eventual conditions from which a World State can emerge, underpinned by technocratic and transhuman ideology. 

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  17. 1 minute ago, numnuts said:

    Everyone should have their own line in the sand. It is not for anyone else to say what that should be. I think it is fair to say that virtually everyone on this forum wouldn't accept the 'offer' of a 'Covid' vaccine, under any circumstances. I would rather inject myself with smack.


    Yeah mate, totally agree. That's why I said later that's it's down to people's own individual conscience, imagination and reason. But I still think there needs to be a bit more action. Positive action. That's just my opinion - not telling anyone what to do or anything. Was just speaking from the heart, really, after a few beers. 


    Peace to you. 

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  18. 19 minutes ago, DaleP said:


    At least you are honest. I give you that. 😂

    And my bad, I said in my previous post that "he drank 8 cans of beer" but you was saying it was 8 pints(!)

    You know you are going to hell with such vibration so you might as well start practise saying "Hail Satan" and get fully boosted mate. Easy life and all that. lol

    Lucky, you are not someone I'd want to waste my time or energy but if you were on the receiving end of my wrath....you'd not want to get up the next day.

    You really know how kick the backend of people who are serious on this matter.



    Ah dude, you really think occasionally getting drunk puts you in service to 'Satan'? Really? lol 


    Sorry to have offended you. I hope you live out the rest of your days with piety and compassion. And I hope never to be on the receiving end of that righteous wrath of yours!


    Peace to you forever more. 

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  19. On 7/27/2022 at 6:12 PM, DaleP said:

    Talking bout yourself?

    You would be catatonic if you drank 8 cans of beer. 🤦‍♂️

    But it's not you alone. I've noticed last summer that there are so much alcohol & drug abuse in the 'truth community'. I am not surprised we didn't get anything done productively. On one hand people say we are with you, one and all that yet dragging down the vibration. Not intentional of course...they can't think! In my view, there is no difference to you and sheeps. Think of Russell Brand. He talks all the right topics we are interested in yet backstab us.



    Cheers, dude! I really feel the love, the tough love!


    Though I actually made it to ten bottles of old fashioned English ale that night (no cheap lager for me!). To quote Housman, 


    Malt does more than Milton can

    To justify God's ways to man


    On 7/27/2022 at 6:20 PM, Macnamara said:


    I think posting on message boards is the least people should be doing but i do believe it's important


    Think about it this way: if 1 million people all spoke about the things we are speaking about online the air waves would become saturated with truth and it would go 'viral'


    so the problem isn't truthers talking online. The problem is that not enough people are doing it. There are many people out there who do know the truth about various things and yet they don't talk about it publically and until enough people do the truth will remain a small whisper drowned out by the corporate media foghorn


    It needs to become a tsunami of voices so that it becomes UNDENIABLE


    I do agree, and earlier I did say that discussion does play an important role. Especially good quality, stimulating discussion -exchanging ideas etc.. But it's like learning a musical instrument: If you only ever study theory and never practise, you'll never get good on the instrument. And if you only ever study theory and practise technique, but never just simply play music, you'll never be a musician. So I guess the point I was clumsily making is that it's got to be balanced with some kind of action. 


    I don't think in the history of our kind there has been so much talking, but so little action. And don't get me wrong, I include myself in all that. Not putting myself on some kind of pedestal. Was just speaking from the heart, really. At the very least, I hope those drunken rhetorical flourishes stimulated some kind of thought.



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