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  1. You're welcome. I'm bit more optimistic. I feel that it is possible to ascertain some truths, particularly about the real inner-workings of civilisation. Regarding your other question: It would be more apt to ask 'Is this a pandemic?' and then look at all the available data (and I don't mean only the cherry-picked stuff emanating from the government echo-chamber; I mean look at the counter-arguments that are based on other data sources). You're concerned about the ostensible NHS crisis. But there are many other possible factors to take into account. It's
  2. And I assume that the 'vaccine culture' is one component of a new socio-economic paradigm that's being engineered into existence? Does the formation of a new vaccine culture give the elite ideologues new capabilities? If so, what are they?
  3. That's based on an over-generalisation of 'conspiracy theorist' which itself is a poorly defined term. I do, however, agree with you about putting all things up for examination. But don't confuse all conspiracy theories with direct allegations of covert collusion, allegations that are supported by a mountain of evidence. Sadly, conspiracy (i.e. covert planning) is the norm throughout the history of civilisation. It's a logical part of statecraft i.e. for their power, wealth and privilege, rulers depend on their subjects staying within the parameters of the social structure. This i
  4. That's because you fail to understand how the world really works. You're like the ancients who took things at face value and logically concluded that the sun goes round the earth because that's how it appears. We say to you, that's an illusion and it is in fact the opposite. You then laugh and say how can that be. We say it's because the earth is spinning on its axis as it revolves around the sun and so creates the illusion of the sun going round the earth. You say, don't be lunatic, how would things stay on the planet if we're spinning around? We reply, there's a hidden force called gravity.
  5. Totally agree with you. So the situation could be: Usual winter pressure on some hospitals Added pressure from lockdown / mask-wearing damage On top of that, added pressure from adverse events related to the mass roll out of an experimental vaccine (thanks to UK Column et al. we know the gov. was planning for the potential of mass adverse events) Add it all up and what have we got?
  6. That's exactly why the roll out of an experimental vaccine that correlates with the ostensible rise in hospitalisations should be investigated. Iatrogenic factors are a very concrete reality. The UK gov. claims that around 1.5 million people have had one of the jabs so far. All it would take is a small percentage of adverse reactions (severe enough to get people worrying) to create a rush on some NHS trusts. And that's not taking into account the potential for medium and long-term iatrogenic harm to those participating in this 'emergency' experiment. So when you talk about "people
  7. We could also be seeing an epidemic of adverse vaccine reactions. The anecdotal evidence is piling up. The estab. can blame it on covid. They can say, 'See, we told you covid was bad.' A bit like that priest from Father Ted, the one who would smash up perfectly good furniture and say, 'See, Father, I toldya it was shoddy workmanship!'
  8. This is very sad. There is a blatant correlation between the increase in hospitalisations and the roll out of the vaccine. Just check the stats from 12th December onwards. Only the other day I spoke to a cabbie friend who said he had a woman rushing to hospital because she became ill a few hours after having the covid jab. Our local hospital was one of those with ambulances supposedly queuing up outside. Say if a thousand people in the area got the jab. All it would take is 50 adverse reactions in a short space to cause a rush on at the hospital, on top of the usual winter pressur
  9. Don't give up people. 'Communication and conviction - got to kick until it breaks'
  10. It may have something to do with the time of year. It's cold, icy, wet etc. I also suspect that's why the clapping thing failed to materialise: Who wants to stand out in the cold banging pans, clapping like a seal? Ironically, the protest moved to Clapham Common lol
  11. On the back of that, I wonder how many people will develop symptoms just through the sheer power of autosuggestion?
  12. Well, indirectly, yes. The policies are set at the top and they're just doing their job.
  13. Seems to me like they want us to be afraid, man. Or maybe we just like being afraid?
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