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  1. Self-hatred. Playing into the hands of those who would cull us.
  2. I know. You're so enlightened I'm half-dazzled by your brilliance lol
  3. You're obviously so clever, so enlightened. Please tell me, how you would install such a dictatorship? Please prove to me that you're not just another pseudo-intellectual Don Quixote with fantastic visions. Honestly, I'm sick of people like you with your half-baked ideas. You really think you're so intelligent, but really you're just another dim wit. Prove me wrong with your amazing eloquence.
  4. Look at you. Non-humans, so devoid of empathy. So easy to categorise other human beings thus. Oh, hark at me, being politically incorrect for some of you primitive consciousnesses.
  5. Spot on, mate. Party politics is wasteful and non-productive. We should be guided by our conscience, not party lines.
  6. Just some observations. This Ukraine situ is suspicious. Social media is good for something: charting public discourse. It's a kind of social geology. You can analyse all the rocks and all that stuff. And what I noticed was this: The freedom movement in Canada was causing waves around the world. It was highlighting the agenda, which is being aggressively pushed in Canada. It was inspiring people all over the place. It was also creating public discourse about the WEF. Then you had Maajid Nawaz on that Rogan show making a case against the WEF. Lots of chatter about the WEF. People were digging into it. I'm willing to bet that in the entire history of the WEF there has never been so much public chatter about the WEF. It was good to see. After all, there really is a small group of global power elites that have a grand vision for civilisation. The truth was always out in the open but more people than ever were aware of it. Then boom. Ukraine. Look over here. All the talking points vanished. And it's now all about this shiny new thing 'over there'. I find that highly suspicious. I know some will say the WEF is just the front for the secret societies, cult etc. But I say we can attack the secret societies via their appendages such as Schwab and the other cocks of the new world order. Let's keep hammering on this WEF thing. Could lead somewhere.
  7. LOL Surely that's some kind of flag burning?
  8. For all the Canadians fighting the good fight:
  9. You're desiring to overcome desire?
  10. I remember. She was Charlie Veitch's missus before he went turncoat. I bet he's feeling like a right pillock now.
  11. Apparently Saskatchewan, Canada, has announced an end to vaccine passports: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/saskatchewan-announces-end-to-vaccine-passport-canada_IHxs4TwnIbw52Mo.html https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/scott-moe-proof-of-vaccination-twitter-1.6332514
  12. Good point. They're like a bunch of kids who got bored with one game, and they're now hastily packing it up so they can play the new, exciting game of war - only, it'll be our sons and daughters in the firing line and not them.
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