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  1. Wow!!! I just don’t even know what to say any more
  2. This is starting to feel very George Floydish, I understand it’s shocking because he’s police but the publicity around this is mental. I’ve never known a mis per/ murder case get quite so much publicity even though it’s had the saddest result. What I mean is unfortunately ppl do get killed, thousands go missing every year, it’s a horrible world but this case has really got literally everyone talking, why? It’s building a massive storm - 97% of women have been assaulted!! Reclaim the streets! Curfews on all men, wtf? Why this case? Even bloody Doris Johnson has sent his condolences?? Make
  3. SIA licenses are for doormen, bouncers. So we’re gonna have bouncers walking round controlling us now? Oh joy
  4. It’s absolutely perfect timing if he is! 2020 is like a massive reset button. He’s a like the corona virus himself really... Corona - crown. Virus - harmful or corrupting influence The woke/ BLM movement are cancelling everything and will demand a new way. So they will lap it up, anything to cancel anything Great British or English. It’s not looking good for the Royals, the crowds of angry people baying at the gates of the Palace? That shocked me tbh, the English have always been too ‘English’ re the Queen and royal family, and stood by them. So although there’s doubt over
  5. Added to all this is the crowds baying for blood at the gates of the palace, shouting pedophiles, years ago you just couldn’t have imagined this happening. And now there’s calls to remove the national songs, ‘God Save The Queen’ ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and Rule Britannia’ . It really does seem like the end of the old colonial ways and the pride, what will replace it though?
  6. The guy in the photo with Diana and Charles is Juan Carlos former King of Spain, it’s been suggested that he fathered Prince William and that Charles is not father to William or Harry. Greg Hallett posted this to an education forum in 2013... http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/20112-the-secret-history-of-the-british-royals/
  7. This is really good, it’s Rowan Atkinson on offensive content and the right to offend. He’s very clever and completely correct.
  8. Weirdly, the ravens who live at the Tower of London have started to stray further to look for food due to lack of tourists. Their presence is traditionally believed to protect the Queen and the Tower. A superstitions holds that ‘if the Tower of London Ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it. Well it’s gonna happen it’ll be in 2020... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ravens_of_the_Tower_of_London
  9. I posted a link a couple pages back to something he posted on an education forum site years ago. He was talking about the Rothschilds, Prince Phillip and Mountbatten and their connections. He was saying how Mountbatten sexually abused Charles when he was young and a lot of the stuff we talked about on the epic Anders thread. It was actually quite interesting and tbh in this mad crazy world there’s absolutely NOTHING that would surprise me anymore.
  10. So Dawn Butler was stopped yesterday by Police in a car, not driven by her she was a passenger. She couldn’t wait to get on Twitter to tell everyone and promised a video was to follow. Hours later this edited video was released, driver clearly white (IMHO) was blanked out, she said he’s mixed race. She looks absolutely gleeful at finally being stopped, almost as if she’s been driving round London every day since May just waiting for this moment. Calling for changes in the Police now and obviously front page news and on sky every 5 minutes and trending on Twitter. How this
  11. He’s hating every minute of that photo shoot
  12. I keep reminding myself how incredulous it is so I dont get carried away, but wow it is really interesting.just a few weird things that I keep questioning... Why hasn’t he been arrested for what he’s been saying about the royals? He’s saying now the Queen has connections to the start of COVID by way that she owns golden share with Serco and Pirbright. If this were true about the hidden king they would need something massive to hide behind while things were dealt with... and she has got a lot going on tbf. Andy and his poncing round with pedos, Harry and Meghan getting off, do they kno
  13. This is interesting, he posted on a forum back in 2013. A lot of similar stuff that we were all talking about on Anders thread. The Rothschilds and connections to the Royals also Savile and pedo links to the family, absolutely incredulous but also very believable. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/20112-the-secret-history-of-the-british-royals/
  14. I’ve only just found all this, can’t believe I haven’t heard anything about it. But then it has been a mental year already with so much else happening. Surely though, this is just too big to actually be true? The Queen has until Thursday to reply/challenge this or passive acquiescence is assumed resulting in her abdication. Really?
  15. There does to be a ‘let’s all leave the forum’ movement being orchestrated. I don’t like the idea of the new social media thing myself tbh but I also don’t want to ‘leave’. I’m hoping we can have the choice of both and still keep visiting this forum, I was also hoping against hope that we’d still get all the old forum stuff back, all that knowledge and research, like a fav book you can’t read again. I’ll remain hopeful though
  16. Wow so many coincidents re dates, 13/07 and 33 again, strange stuff
  17. couldn’t have put this any better, I still miss the old forum which I suppose will be now known as the old old forum with this now being the old forum :)
  18. And now we have Naya Riveria age 33 missing presumed drowned in Lake Piru. If she has died this will be the 3rd Glee star to pass away so young. There’s a drug O/D, a suicide of one who was found with CP on his PC etc and now this drowning. What mother would take her beloved baby out in a boat and swim without her life jacket on, she left it in the boat? Maybe nothing just weird all these young ppl, child actors/stars (all early 30s) dying in such circumstances and all from one show.
  19. What the fck....? Look at the date! 11.07! Surely this is fake?
  20. It was due to Acosta that Epstein was protected initially and got his sweetheart deal back in 2007, I wonder how many others he did the same for? Has there been an investigation into any previous cases? If it wasn’t for his Confirmation hearings and him being scrutinised it’s possible this may never have come up again and Epstein would still be a free man.
  21. I work for a large online company in a massive soulless call centre. In the normal course of our job we have access to customers information Including name, address, date of birth etc. Sometimes a full credit search and detailed financial info is required. While in work we would be subject to random searches by security at any time, you would have to empty your bag/purse pockets etc, we’d be almost always searched on the way out to go home. You were banned from taking your phone or anything electrical into the office as photographs could be taken of screens. Now though I’m at home, in the dini
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