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  1. Wow!!! I just don’t even know what to say any more
  2. This is starting to feel very George Floydish, I understand it’s shocking because he’s police but the publicity around this is mental. I’ve never known a mis per/ murder case get quite so much publicity even though it’s had the saddest result. What I mean is unfortunately ppl do get killed, thousands go missing every year, it’s a horrible world but this case has really got literally everyone talking, why? It’s building a massive storm - 97% of women have been assaulted!! Reclaim the streets! Curfews on all men, wtf? Why this case? Even bloody Doris Johnson has sent his condolences?? Makes you wonder to what end, what have got they planned, wonder what they’re discussing right now? Feels like this particular case is going to have the same type of power towards the hatred and mistrust of men as the floyd case has for BLM with all the pre planned media and social media storm. Divide and conquer! Oh and she was 33 and went missing on 3/3...
  3. Wow! Wtf? Scottish police enter a private residence to check if occupants are breaking COVID rules, strangled a 14 girl with epilepsy!
  4. Now this is the dream... https://www.loveproperty.com/news/95418/scottish-private-island-for-sale-for-only-250000-pound When it comes to essential utilities, septic tanks and a rainwater harvesting system have also been given the go-ahead, while a windmill and solar panels are set to generate electricity, enabling the new owner to live completely off the grid. Planning permission for a pier, trout lake, conversion of derelict cottages. And what a stunning place to be under the aurora on winter nights and next to the sea, heaven. I just need to find a few hundred grand lol
  5. To be fair, most ppl are a lost cause. But I don’t blame them or think bad of them, it’s hard to take all this stuff in sometimes, they can’t possibly conceive something like this could happen. So you believe what everyone else believes of course, why think of it another way? It’s incredulous. Its almost as some ppls brains are actually plugged into the internet by some internal WiFi, and they’re just programming themselves with all these gadgets, smart TVs, things that you talk to to tell it to turn a light off that’s 2 feet away lol. They’re paying big corporate companies thousands of £s for the latest gadgets which spy and track everything they do. Oh and please update and share personal information in a constant basis so we can allow AI to get to know you Properly, then just allow yourself to be immersed in a constant stream of adverts, fake news and likes and repeats from all your like minded pals. Young ppl just getting more and more brain washed and the wise who remember how to actually use their brains are just getting older I'm constantly reminded how freakishly spot on Orwell was when I see the news on whatever channel, whether it’s war figures or these daily updated deaths, the ticker tape along the bottom, constantly changing and updating, the 2 way Tv, everything... scary AF
  6. I can remember as early as March shops and shopping areas were changing their set up, putting numbered space markers down, separate lanes for walking etc. Some of bigger companies were on it straight away with adverts, all with the same theme.. ‘home is safe’ all showing ppl social distancing and video chatting/ zooming from work like they’ve been doing it for years. When you spend money on changing things and advertising it means something is gonna be in place for a while, how could they know that then? How did they know it wasn’t going to be fleeting like the bird flu or one the others? Those TV ads are expensive, would you spend so much on a costly advert for something which may only last few weeks? No, of course they wouldn’t, they must’ve been told. Where I work in financial services, DPA was guarded like the crown jewels, we could be searched by security in or leaving work any time they wanted, in case we had customers details written down, it was sackable to even have your phone in work. By mid March though, the Co had invested in thousands of pounds worth of laptops, VPNs, VM ware etc and we were at home with all kinds of info at our fingertips, have been ever since, DPA? Customers personal financial information? Who cares? So companies all of sudden don’t have to be concerned about client confidentiality any more? I also have a relative who’s quite high in the police and he was telling us in Feb/early March, that this is going to be our ‘World War’ in that we’re all going to know someone who’s died from this. My point is, (Sorry for waffle lol) that ppl high up knew this was going to last, MPs, Police, CEOs, bankers, credit providers, they’d been told it was, why would they invest so much money, ads, modifications etc so early on?
  7. Exactly! If there was a real virus they wouldn’t have had to try and sell it with those early Wuhan vids, ppl convulsing and dying in the streets, bodies lying around everywhere, towns and cities deep cleansed wtf? They’d have us all locked down under martial law with food deliveries etc and the only ppl you’d see outside would be masked up with proper masks and fully kitted up. The masks ppl are wearing are a bit ridiculous, bits of fabric, paper masks? No gloves? If there was a lethal virus out there those masks would offer very little protection. Pathetic attempt at lockdowns? It’s clear there’s no real virus
  8. So if everyone who wants the vaccine gets it, they’ll be protected from ‘the virus’, surely then they’ll have nothing to fear from those who don’t want it? Theyll be all nice and vaxxed up so they should have nothing to worry about - am I missing something? There shouldn’t be a need to ban unvaxxed ppl from anywhere, they’d only be a danger to themselves?
  9. SIA licenses are for doormen, bouncers. So we’re gonna have bouncers walking round controlling us now? Oh joy
  10. Man pepper sprayed and arrested for not wearing a mask; and so it begins..
  11. It’s absolutely perfect timing if he is! 2020 is like a massive reset button. He’s a like the corona virus himself really... Corona - crown. Virus - harmful or corrupting influence The woke/ BLM movement are cancelling everything and will demand a new way. So they will lap it up, anything to cancel anything Great British or English. It’s not looking good for the Royals, the crowds of angry people baying at the gates of the Palace? That shocked me tbh, the English have always been too ‘English’ re the Queen and royal family, and stood by them. So although there’s doubt over Andrew with a young girl, people have accepted Charles being good friends with the MF of all pedos and the Queen being bezzies with Rolf, so to finally see revolt is a surprise. Theres destruction/removing of statues, renaming places cancelling anything remotely connected to the slave trade, where will all this stop? We know the Royal Family were part of it, ok fact they owned massive companies. A lot of the Elizabethan wealth was gained from the trade. I wonder just how far this reparation will go? Rule Britannia’s gone, God Save the Queen next? The ravens are leaving the Tower of London
  12. Added to all this is the crowds baying for blood at the gates of the palace, shouting pedophiles, years ago you just couldn’t have imagined this happening. And now there’s calls to remove the national songs, ‘God Save The Queen’ ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and Rule Britannia’ . It really does seem like the end of the old colonial ways and the pride, what will replace it though?
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