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  1. Your first post is suspiciously robot-y, bruv. What's 7+5?
  2. It could well be bullshit mate, I know what you mean, thought I'd just share it though as its just come about
  3. Funny how flu WORLDWIDE has died a death init. That answers a lot of my questions.
  4. Agreed Personally 100% for Trump, he gets a lot of stick. But he is going against the narrative. How often does he wear a mask. In and out of hospital with Covid. Straight shooter. 1 Week and we get biden and world is fucked. China takeover.
  5. That's news to me Zark, I just followed a lot of his stuff from GOODF forum, always thought he was quite genuine?
  6. + @zArk is right, Hemp oil is fantastic stuff
  7. Yeah I was going to mention Parkinsons, any trembling or has hand-writing gotten smaller?
  8. Yes @Morpheus is right. Honey is excellent. Vitamin C too. If in doubt get a full complete blood test from https://www.forthwithlife.co.uk/ Its around £79 if you can afford it, will tell you lots and help rule out any deficiencies, I would also recommend trying some colloidal silver too, only because I swear by that stuff
  9. Don't think the dancing nurses aren't still at it!! They are ,
  10. Who just mentioned Mr Brains Pork Faggots? GTFO right now.
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