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  1. I remember back in the day when you used to be able to just walk into a pub.
  2. We could do with knowing if she's had the vax?
  3. Sorry but I just don't comprehend. Who told who what to do? I asked where the ROFL copter was.
  4. And right on cue: ‘Unvaccinated folks’ are driving coronavirus surges as American society slowly reopens https://finance.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-unvaccinated-america-reopening-191911862.html
  5. Thanks @Nemuri Kyoshiro I have seen such videos, it is horrific. Why are they forcing the mentally disabled people to have it? That makes me suspect something sinister is at play for sure.
  6. For what its worth they had to amend the agriculture bill last year because vaxxed humans are now GMO. The amended was specifically de-regulating GMOs. Dolores said about this, though I don't know what bill she was referring to specifically. Possibly this: https://www.gmwatch.org/en/news/latest-news/19440-deregulating-gmos-via-the-agriculture-bill-what-happens-next
  7. I dont have time atm but do a search on vaers for abscess for covid-19 vaccines. Could be interesting.
  8. On FlightRadar no planes ever go across Antarctica. Antarctica Treaty and all that. Hmmm eh. Also where the fuck is the north pole, its not on any maps. Dude.
  9. Is there any proof that the earth is round that has not come from NASA or MSM? If I was born again and didn't listen to MSM/NASA I wouldn't think I was living on a sphere. I am very open minded and never rule anything out. I might do a deep dive into this flat earth thing soon, to take my mind of the covid stuff. One thing thats been bugging me there have been a number of videos where people have been looking through telescopes at stars and they have been shimmering, as though made of water. I will try and post a few videos if I can find them.
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