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  1. Hope everyone's going to be a boss today. Yes yes yes.
  2. https://corona-ausschuss.de/ Then scroll down to bottom -> Blue button "secure whistleblower"
  3. That is shocking. Anyone who speaks german able to confirm the contents of this video? Simon have you forwarded this to Reiner yet?
  4. that is appalling. free ice cream for the kids if they have the jibba jabba.
  5. @TwopackShugar, you had the jibba jabba? Did you get an mrna one?
  6. That should be a must. If not then I'd be shocked. Actually no I wouldn't. What do the gene therapy cards say. Does it just say Pfizer or whatevs, it should really have a batch number on there.
  7. Just glad Switzerland didn't win it. Go fuck yourself Schwab. :)
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