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  1. Talk about an opportunity to do things they would have had a hard time doing before!
  2. Yes, it does, and in time, a number of virologists predict, the virus (Cov) will become more benign, following an evolutionary pathway previously taken by at least four other human coronaviruses that today cause nothing more than the ''common cold.''
  3. All doing their job! https://brandnewtube.com/watch/fake-news-psy-op-hugo-talks-lockdown_ATqshFNOpkM4ern.html
  4. The virus exists, but the MSM (for a number of reasons) have and continue to greatly overplay the dangers.
  5. Yes, as they want claim they are promoting the ''greater'' or ''common'' good, and how could 'you' be against that?! I know one so-called council said (removing 'natural' fluoride from the water back in '17), ''To do so would deliberately fail to protect and promote the health of the community, especially children. Indeed we have a duty to protect our citizens and improve their health, especially the most vulnerable.'' What they and others fail to realise is that there is no ''greater'' or ''common'' good as we aren't a collective that thinks and does the same, rather each person is an individual.
  6. Fluoridating water is a form of mass medication, and people should reject this. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/23/fluoride-will-be-added-to-uk-drinking-water-to-cut-tooth-decay
  7. I wonder how long ''they'' had been working on this?
  8. Yes, it is healthier. A number are plant based, some hybrid meat (which uses plants and adds cultured muscle and fat), some cultured meat (just cultured muscle and fat) and some 3D printed cultured meat (this uses a bioprinter). Also, it is ethical, better for the planet, and reduces the risk of certain zoonotic diseases. Here is a brief overview video of one company's approach
  9. Now Scotland https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9947533/Nicola-Sturgeon-wants-Scots-use-vaccine-passports-enter-clubs-attend-Premiership-games.html So much for ''following the science''! https://fee.org/articles/harvard-epidemiologist-says-the-case-for-covid-vaccine-passports-was-just-demolished/
  10. In the coming days, I expect more footage the MSM use will try and shame us into accepting even more ''refugees,'' so the same people can profit even more off the misery they continue to engineer
  11. The amount of weapons and other equipment that were ''left behind'' is unbelievable. One view is that in doing so you essentially create a modern force that can be used as "training" for certain (NATO) forces or to see how the Russians and/or Chinese deal with them (there is talk about the Chinese wanting to send in ''advisors'').
  12. Rumour has it that the shooter targeted some random people after killing his mother, brother, daughter and ex, before he was shot and killed by the police.
  13. I'm still none the wiser as to what happened. This video seems to show the dead gunman (shot and killed by the police??)
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