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  1. The Kalergi plan in action. It won't be long now before it's all over for the West. Exactly as planned.
  2. Did Charles also force William to drive him to Balmoral the other day too?! Sounds like William is leaking against his father so he can play innocent! King Charles 'overruled Prince William' to welcome disgraced royal 'back into family' - Mirror Online
  3. Pretty disturbing coming from him. Sad thing is we only publicly know of ONE of his victims, god knows what he did on that island... https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/jeffrey-epstein-once-said-prince-andrew-likes-sex-more-me-doc-claims
  4. Neither amygdalin nor laetrile is a vitamin. Also, was tested and shown not to work. From this: ''One hundred seventy-eight patients with cancer were treated with amygdalin (Laetrile) plus a "metabolic therapy" program consisting of diet, enzymes, and vitamins. The great majority of these patients were in good general condition before treatment. None was totally disabled or in preterminal condition. One third had not received any previous chemotherapy. The pharmaceutical preparations of amygdalin, the dosage, and the schedule were representative of past and present Laetrile practice. No substantive benefit was observed in terms of cure, improvement, or stabilization of cancer, improvement of symptoms related to cancer, or extension of life span. The hazards of amygdalin therapy were evidenced in several patients by symptoms of cyanide toxicity or by blood cyanide levels approaching the lethal range.'' A Clinical Trial of Amygdalin (Laetrile) in the Treatment of Human Cancer | NEJM In addition, Laetrile treatment for cancer - Milazzo, S - 2015 | Cochrane Library
  5. Regardless if aliens are real or not, you should be asking why the media and some in ''government'' have been pushing this? Also, the fact that John Podesta has been wanting disclosure for many years now should raise a massive red flag.
  6. A pervert at the BBC?... doesn't exactly narrow it down much!
  7. Wow, I guess the "attempted coup" is over? What a pretty quick way for some to make ~$6B. Not a bad ''business model.''
  8. That's want they want you to believe. The reality is that Trump increased the swamp, including picking Wilbur Ross for commerce secretary. Ross was a senior managing director of Rothschild NY.
  9. Taurine Taurine linked with healthy aging | Science Also
  10. So-called government is nothing more than a gang, but far worse than any private gang as it pillages and uses threats and violence under cover of the law, while claims legitimacy through various myths like the social contract.
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