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  1. Might be Vit-D as well. The sun is going down earlier, and whilst pale skinned people like me need to keep out of the sun or wear suncream (not sure how safe that is) in the summer, people with darker complexions might need Vit-D as it get s darker.
  2. I think it is false propaganda. Either a dubious self selecting sample, or just an outright lie.
  3. Toxocologically speaking sunblock is a nightmare. There was a point where they promoted nanoparticles as being great at penetrating the skin, indeed they are, but do people really want that stuff penetrating the largest organ of their body? https://www.breastcancer.org/risk/factors/sunscreen I am very fair skinned, so prefer to not spend too long in the sun. But i rarely use sunscreen l, preferring a hat.
  4. Looks Like Vitamin D is starting to get the coverage it deserves: https://inews.co.uk/news/analysis/vitamin-d-and-coronavirus-calls-revisit-advice-explained-hormones-rickets-flu-662202/amp https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8694439/amp/Study-finds-60-higher-rates-COVID-19-people-low-levels-sunshine-vitamin.html Whilst COVID is clearly being played as cover for a backdoor banking bailout, I do believe the reason for the spread of this relatively minor cold like illness and why a few get very ill is more linked to overall health and in a large part Vitamin D deficiency. Of course, a simple Vitamin (which is actually a hormone, so therefore more powerful) isn't what the pharmaceutical lobby want. But anyway, now we know Vitamin D would significantly have lowered the number of more severe cases, it does beg the question of why all the masks. The problem is not healthy people with health immune systems.....the issue is the immunity slackers...... these are the people who should be locked down or indeed locked out so they get some sunshine!!! As I see it, all the deaths that have actually been from COVID (a minor flu like illness) are caused by people who have not looked after their immune systems. These walking petri dishes are the ones who get sick, and then their enfeebled immune systems then allow the disease to run rampant producing billions more viruses and perhaps counting for a few of the physician deaths due to abnormal high viral loads. It really is time people take some responsibility for themselves, and the Government really out to be saying eat dairy, fish etc and take supplements if needed, and make sure you get out and get some sun. If people refuse to do this, let's label them immunity slackers and let them damn themselves. No one else should be locked down, locked in their halls at University or forced to wear a mask!
  5. I knew a guy like that in the army. He also ran ahead of the shooters in a live firing exercise, whilst on auto. Was booted out shortly after, better than getting slotted!
  6. I'm heading that way. I have 2 smart phones an faraday pouches, but would like to remain contactable by the wife and kids.
  7. Mushroom are brilliant, and whilst some are prized for their taste, some for their hallucinogenic properties, others are deadly poison. I have a friend in Belgium who is bit of a foraging expert, might need to to tap him up for info. Yes, agree 3 times a day is not necessary and came more from the days of working the fields, yomping to combat and heavy industry. I know people who survive on just one meal a day, so it should be fine. That said (I posted this before) if it gets to zero meals a day, it only takes 10 days for people to start eating each other: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguayan_Air_Force_Flight_571 If the website mumsnet is still up, they may be sharing recipes on how to casserole a dead neighbour. A few weeks later, people will be hunting each other.
  8. Yikes! I do think these masks and bubble outfits are contributing to the repression of society and are preventing a return to normal. Hence my photos of a virtually empty London. Wear a mask for 35 minutes on a hot train followed by 20 minutes in a hot sweaty tube train? Most will say no thanks!
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8746059/Governments-struggling-test-trace-outsourced-tach-giant-like-Amazon.html I think this is a somewhat spurious story. Firstly a lot of the tech firms have been concerned about litigation if workers catch COVID, and secondly, who'd build a specific system to support a plandemic that will go away if it ever existed. That said, if it did happen........
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