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  1. Looks like a Sino-Anglo propaganda war is starting over Monkey Pox https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10845749/Conspiracy-theories-swirl-China-monkeypox-deliberately-leaked-US.html
  2. On the Emirates Airline Cable car in Greenwich. So under know circumstances should you look out the window.
  3. Get cleaning those surfaces everyone and don't let the chef spit on your food... https://www.researchgate.net/publication/6373320_Long-Lasting_Stability_of_Vaccinia_Virus_Orthopoxvirus_in_Food_and_Environmental_Samples I think they'll ban close contact and force disinfection of surfaces next. Turning the nation into an army of scrubbers!!! A bit like a girl I once knew.
  4. Belgium becomes first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine: Anyone testing positive for virus must isolate for 21 days as doctors warn of 'significant rise' in UK cases over next 'two to three weeks' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10841885/Doctors-warn-significant-rise-UK-monkeypox-cases-surge-two-three-weeks.html Clearly this hugely impact staff in the UK Civil Service. Expect lots of 21 day isolations once we follow suit - just in time for summer.
  5. PS, don't miss the Thin Lizzy version of this great Irish ballad!!!
  6. Recently, I have taken to suggesting that when junior developers mention Non-Binary, they are referring to Hexadecimal, but I guess Octal would add that extra feel of perversion!!!
  7. So when I posted the Frankie goes to Hollywood 'Relax' video I was somewhat taking the mick ( i have a few gay friends who I'd say are rather more straight laced than that.) But I've just seen this article, including this photo, in The Mail relating to the Spanish Pride Festival Spreading Monkey Pox. I can't help but link the Frankie video and this photo with the video's Golden Shower Emperor figure. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10839877/Monkeypox-outbreak-Europes-biggest-100-cases-reported.html PS - just to add to the November 1983 and general 1984 feel, why has nuclear conflict started brewing too? Thinking Two Tribes there!!!
  8. btw, great Linux distro to open your eyes is Kali Linux, it is a hacker tool, in playing with it, it will open your mind. Just do the following on a Bash or ZSH shell command line on Kali. # nmap -sp that'll tell you what is connecting to your home network; changing the ip address from if you you router uses a different local ip gateway address.
  9. 100%. if you can use command line encryption tools and avoid the app stores life is better. I don't have so much of an issue with https: , but ensure you are also using an encrypted DNS service or at lease a VPN you can rely on.
  10. Ah look up SCO and IBM, I remember that legal dispute well. SCO sending litigious letters to all and sundry. PS - I always thought Aix was a place in France. BTW, life would still better for the majority if computers/tablets/phones/watches hadn't been turned into attention seeking devices. If my wife had to go in over SSH and do keychain management the old fashioned way, life would be so much simpler.
  11. I hang my head in shame and will submit myself to a public pillorying on Twitter.
  12. Almost Shakespearien "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" from Hamlet!
  13. The scariants can be named after famous apes: Bubbles Clyde (real name Buddha) King Kong More here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_individual_apes I'll happily watch Clyde's right turn signal into Fauci's/Whitty's nose.
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