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  1. Planet X - no such thing. Unless one prefers to believe that millions of cosmologists and millions of amateur astronomers the whole world over are keeping secret a planetary body / extra star in the the solar system because...reasons.
  2. These predictions are from just another attention seeker to create a reputation and make money. They are ten a penny now. Collier is on par with Barbara Marciniak and the nonsense she's spouted to devoted followers for the past 10 years or so, none of which has materialised. The reason these people attain some online prominence is the same reason people the UK are wearing masks that do nothing and want more lockdowns. Gullibility / stupidity / lack of critical thinking.
  3. In a UK supermarket the other day when it was warm I noticed the air inside was stuffy, even tainted. I sensed a contributory factor might be the many mask wearing shoppers breathing through their probably well-used, germ-laden face masks. I suggest that numerous people like this in an enclosed space may create a very unhealthy air environment. 24-48 hours later I was prone to sneezing. On a more positive note there seem to be slowly increasing numbers of people without them.
  4. Viruses are around all the time. To say there is "no virus" is misleading. Every winter countries are hit by influenza, people get ill and people die. Covid-19 is simply influenza rebranded with a new name along with unprecedented fear escalation plus scare marketing. Hardly any cases of 'flu recently is because it was renamed for manipulation and control and to bring in the so-called vaccine - a terrific moneymaker for some, including Hancock & Co.
  5. I confess to becoming a but disillusioned with these pending criminal prosecutions, including the one in Germany. I know legal wheels turn slowly but it is now early June and there seems little happening despite repeated updates that say real progress will be "next week" or "within two weeks". Actually, months are passing with apparently little or no action other than reports of somebody sabotaging evidence. Hmmm, if I wore my cynical hat I could suggest skullduggery and delaying tactics. But I'll hold out a bit longer to wait and see if O'Bernicia, Trapman and the German case come to fruition. But can you really see Hancock & Co ultimately being marched off to prison? The political weasels will wriggle out of it somehow methinks.
  6. Did Michael O'Bernicia take the initiative in this PCP or was it Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle? Or is the latter simply the trustee? https://thefreedomcycle.com/covid/index.html This website has identical reports to MOB's.
  7. It is shown that virtually all in the entertainment industy are freemasons, includings David Icke and Alex Jones.
  8. Amazing that so many people actually believe the McCann yarn about her "disappearance". The same way that hordes of people believe in the Covid vaccine, the lockdowns, social distancing and the wearing of face masks - so no hope for the future if left to the sleeping majority. Fortunately there is a growing army of folk who do not take mass media shit.
  9. No, people have NOT all of lost their rights with regard to medical treatment. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-nhs-constitution-for-england/the-nhs-constitution-for-england NHS - Respect, consent and confidentiality (Jan 2021) Your rights You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with your human rights. You have the right to be protected from abuse and neglect, and care and treatment that is degrading. You have the right to accept or refuse treatment that is offered to you, and not to be given any physical examination or treatment unless you have given valid consent. If you do not have the capacity to do so, consent must be obtained from a person legally able to act on your behalf, or the treatment must be in your best interests. You have the right to be given information about the test and treatment options available to you, what they involve and their risks and benefits. You have the right of access to your own health records and to have any factual inaccuracies corrected. You have the right to privacy and confidentiality and to expect the NHS to keep your confidential information safe and secure. You have the right to be informed about how your information is used. You have the right to request that your confidential information is not used beyond your own care and treatment and to have your objections considered, and where your wishes cannot be followed, to be told the reasons including the legal basis.
  10. Once informed that you have adverse reactions to a medication they cannot administer it. In any case you have a right to decline whatever drugs are offered.
  11. Assuming it's true from...er...lifesite news Only the vaccinated can escape St. Vincent’s volcano via rescue cruise ships, says island PM As thousands flee continuing volcanic eruptions, surrounding countries and government-run shelters are only welcoming those who have had COVID-19 shots and vaccines are mandated to board rescue cruise ships. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/only-the-vaccinated-can-escape-st-vincents-volcano-via-rescue-cruise-ships-says-island-pm
  12. The easist way to avoid being hassled is to state you are allergic to vaccines and have severe reactions. This has worked effectively in several instances with no more calls.
  13. The value and importance of beauty in our current world is immeasurable. I feel that beauty decades ago was more refined and appreciated, whereas now a lot of what is artificial and tacky may be regarded as beautiful. But what is real beauty? The Pre-Raphaelite movement began in 1848 by three founding members (Rossetti, Hunt and Millais) who adopted a moral high ground with sincere depictions of religious, romantic and natural themes. This later evolved into Neo-Classicism, also referred to as later Pre-Raphaelites, like Godward, Collier and Waterhouse who expressed emotion and romanticism. Allied to the Pre-Raphaelites was designer William Morris, a producer of fine textiles, wallpaper, furniture and stained glass (which is still popular today). Much modern art is obscurism, framed in flowery, opaque language. In my view it has little value or meaning to it, being pretentious with fake significance ascribed to it, the purpose being to convince the observer they are looking at something of beauty that is in fact completely meaningless, or even plain ugly. Gallery visitors and critics not wanting to be perceived as unsophisticated engage in and promote the pretence that items of paint randomly thrown at canvasses are valid treasures with dressed up, deep messages. But, of course, they are lying to themselves. It is self-delusion at work. They do not have the honesty and integrity to accept what is vacuous and false. This form of art tends to be a closed society, elitist and fraudulent. The elevation of the mediocre. Pushing the boundaries of art is fine, but calling an unmade bed ‘art’ or depicting an open can of beans on a concrete slab does not to me have intrinsic beauty. To my mind art is something objectively attractive and takes skill and talent to create. Beauty in art is a rewarding, sensory experience of shape, harmony of form, composition and colour. Here are some examples. Flora, by Evelyn de Morgan (1894), Masque of the Four Seasons (Walter Crane 1905), Ophelia (Arthur Hughes 1863), Fleurs [Flower Panels] (Élisabeth Sonrel c.1900).
  14. There is no point in replying to a limpet clinging to a rock. However - Disparaging comments of yours noted with regard to the types of persons who believe conspiracies. Additionally noted is your sneering intimation lumping “conspiracy theorists” together with the belief in a flat earth, no such medium as space, fake ISS, and Apollo fabrications, and who have no reasoning skills or objective analysis. You have revealed yourself with the smug arrogance of Zuckerberg and Gates. Not for you any learned person who questions the veracity of NASA’S output; not for you any person with critical thinking who questions the authenticity of any single video or photograph. For you it just cannot be. This is the hallmark of the narcissist - antagonistic arrogance peppered with dismissive hand-waving and know-it-all answers. Here’s the news: You do not have all the answers, nor do you have irrefutable proof of your Apollo claims. There only appears to be evidence on the moon of Apollo visits but neither you nor anyone else can prove missions took place on the lunar surface, and all without a single hitch while running and jumping around in a harsh, fatal environment. And the arrogance continues with a dismissive hand wave to my citing professionals working in hazardous conditions who take their work seriously. I SAID - “It is the same with Apollo video - prancing and jumping around without a care in the world considering they were (allegedly) in a constant life-threatening situation with one small slip at any time being potentially fatal.” YOU RESPONDED - “This is a crock of shit. The fabrics woven into the suit make them incredibly tough. The ways astronauts moved on the moon are most easiest, friction is lower with inertia the same.” That answer is a brilliant demonstration of your complete naivete and an abject failure to appreciate the dire consequences of misadventure. It says all one needs to know when blithely discounting any notion of risk associated with operating in a vacuum and having zero hope of surviving an accident. Clueless. Utterly. And you have the big arse to denigrate anyone who questions your beliefs.
  15. People who believe everything they see or are told are the real deluded. I think "pointed clothes" is the funniest excuse yet. Bless. Some people cannot see Hadfield's tumble showing two clear leverages on his back. Pointed clothes. The palace will love it on the 12th. Meanwhile at a hatch on the the ISS: "But what happens if you have a leak?" Petit: "Er, then we have a leak." Yes, it's only the vaccuum of space out there. No cause for concern...
  16. Pathetic attempt. You will not watch video of a wire/harness under clothing as it will destroy your dear NASA (assumed) innocence. It is the same with Apollo video - prancing and jumping around without a care in the world considering they were (allegedly) in a constant life-threatening situation with one small slip at any time being potentially fatal. Talk to any professional about risk assessment. You do not goof around with very real danger looming large, knowing that one error, one lapse of concentration, one poor judgment spells your demise. Precisely which elements of Apollo and the ISS are true and which are fake isn't always transparent, but it is for you and those of CosmoQuest ilk and NASA supporters to believe in and support the fantasies. It is exactly like the technique of old Soviet propaganda:- Overwhelm reason and peoples capacity for objective analysis. Follow the leader and the zeitgeist. It is more important to be in than out.
  17. 1 - Of course there are harnesses (wires) used with the ISS astronauts. It is clearly evident but I said you won't see them and so it proves. 2 - I don't believe the words of fools. However, I do ignore the type of people "who know everything" and who have an inability to see the obvious. 3 - "Pointy clothes" - classic! Must convey that to the palace on the 12th.
  18. Of course there are - but doubtless you turn a blind eye to them. The vomit comet demonstrates exacly how long hair behaves. It is not fixed as with some ridiculous videos from the ISS. Harnesses are visible in some videos, obviously so - but then again you won't be seeing them "because there aren't any." More Rupertisms from the original DIF to today under a host of different tags. He who knows everything and needs the world to know it.
  19. Er...wrong context in a video about the aim of travelling to ther moon??? You can lead a horse to water... "This time when we go we want to make sure it happens." Doubtless if any former astronaut stated that some of the photographs were not taken on the moon but in a studio for publicty purposes you would say he's lying. The need to be right manifests as attempted dominance and a compulsion to inflict one's beliefs upon others. Sometimes this originates with fear, or it may be a deep-seated psychological issue. Either way, the pattern of needing to be right is a need for validation. But they fail to see the folly in trying to convert others to their world view and have difficulty in accepting opinions in stark contrast to their own. They cannot let them go. Apollo may or may not have happened just as history has it, but some anomalies persist. Not the simply erased nonsense about "no stars" etc., but questions over photographs, batteries, film, camera, temperature and more. All of which are allegedly debunked by science (see CosmoQuest forum under Conspiracy Theories) and reasoning. And yet is it really so difficult for any nation to put the Apollo conspiracy to bed once and for all? It is questionable why, given photographic technology, no clear, unequivocal images or video exists of the Apollo landing sites. Today when NASA put out videos of the ISS clearly showing men concealing harnesses and women with very obviously lacquered hair to keep it in place it is unsurprising that many call foul. Present deceit may suggest a history of same.
  20. You can lead a horse to water... Still loitering with intent, I see, with the aim of quashing anything remotely out of your payer's favour.
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