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  1. In a UK supermarket the other day when it was warm I noticed the air inside was stuffy, even tainted. I sensed a contributory factor might be the many mask wearing shoppers breathing through their probably well-used, germ-laden face masks. I suggest that numerous people like this in an enclosed space may create a very unhealthy air environment. 24-48 hours later I was prone to sneezing. On a more positive note there seem to be slowly increasing numbers of people without them.
  2. Viruses are around all the time. To say there is "no virus" is misleading. Every winter countries are hit by influenza, people get ill and people die. Covid-19 is simply influenza rebranded with a new name along with unprecedented fear escalation plus scare marketing. Hardly any cases of 'flu recently is because it was renamed for manipulation and control and to bring in the so-called vaccine - a terrific moneymaker for some, including Hancock & Co.
  3. I confess to becoming a but disillusioned with these pending criminal prosecutions, including the one in Germany. I know legal wheels turn slowly but it is now early June and there seems little happening despite repeated updates that say real progress will be "next week" or "within two weeks". Actually, months are passing with apparently little or no action other than reports of somebody sabotaging evidence. Hmmm, if I wore my cynical hat I could suggest skullduggery and delaying tactics. But I'll hold out a bit longer to wait and see if O'Bernicia, Trapman and the German case come
  4. Did Michael O'Bernicia take the initiative in this PCP or was it Jonathan Trapman at The Freedom Cycle? Or is the latter simply the trustee? https://thefreedomcycle.com/covid/index.html This website has identical reports to MOB's.
  5. It is shown that virtually all in the entertainment industy are freemasons, includings David Icke and Alex Jones.
  6. Amazing that so many people actually believe the McCann yarn about her "disappearance". The same way that hordes of people believe in the Covid vaccine, the lockdowns, social distancing and the wearing of face masks - so no hope for the future if left to the sleeping majority. Fortunately there is a growing army of folk who do not take mass media shit.
  7. No, people have NOT all of lost their rights with regard to medical treatment. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-nhs-constitution-for-england/the-nhs-constitution-for-england NHS - Respect, consent and confidentiality (Jan 2021) Your rights You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with your human rights. You have the right to be protected from abuse and neglect, and care and treatment that is degrading. You have the right to accept or refuse treatment that is offered to you, and not to be given any p
  8. Once informed that you have adverse reactions to a medication they cannot administer it. In any case you have a right to decline whatever drugs are offered.
  9. Assuming it's true from...er...lifesite news Only the vaccinated can escape St. Vincent’s volcano via rescue cruise ships, says island PM As thousands flee continuing volcanic eruptions, surrounding countries and government-run shelters are only welcoming those who have had COVID-19 shots and vaccines are mandated to board rescue cruise ships. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/only-the-vaccinated-can-escape-st-vincents-volcano-via-rescue-cruise-ships-says-island-pm
  10. The easist way to avoid being hassled is to state you are allergic to vaccines and have severe reactions. This has worked effectively in several instances with no more calls.
  11. The value and importance of beauty in our current world is immeasurable. I feel that beauty decades ago was more refined and appreciated, whereas now a lot of what is artificial and tacky may be regarded as beautiful. But what is real beauty? The Pre-Raphaelite movement began in 1848 by three founding members (Rossetti, Hunt and Millais) who adopted a moral high ground with sincere depictions of religious, romantic and natural themes. This later evolved into Neo-Classicism, also referred to as later Pre-Raphaelites, like Godward, Collier and Waterhouse who expressed emotion and romanticis
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