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  1. Unfortunately wrong nose, wrong glasses, wrong hair. Search for Kubrick's speech in 1998 a year before he died. Nothing like the actor in the video.
  2. "...As NASA prepares to send female astronauts to the Moon no earlier than 2025, the space agency is looking for ways to mitigate the effects of space radiation for its crews on the long duration trip." I do not believe for a minute that NASA will send anyone to the moon in the foreseeable future. And the whole Orion scenario that's been in the pipeline a while is suspicious., as is the entire radiation issue.
  3. I for one cannot fathom why so many folk 'need' a smartphone. In some sports, when players are not engaged they are totally glued to their phones and taking scant notice of play. I actually feel sorry for those that have become so dependent on a piece of tech and are completely lost without it. I reluctantly have an ordinary mobile phone - purely for emergencies - but was not happy with having to accept text-authentication to prove my identity on some commercial websites. Having a smartphone isn't actually very smart.
  4. How fortunate for them that all the McCann mobile phone messages and calls at the time of the "disappearance" are not available. Funny that, not.
  5. Ah, the old Apollo moon debate still goes on. Would be nice if this debate could be finally concluded one way or the other. But that looks a long way off since nobody is imminently going to the moon.
  6. The problem with installing an alternative OS is that a lot of my programs won't function. I suspect that goes for games too, and some peripherals may have issues. Thing is, Windows 7 was pretty stable and if it threw a wobbly now and then it wasn't too difficult to sort out. Windows 10 is all over the place, and my Wi-fi just went down for no apparent reason (not the router) and informed me no connections were available. So I had to re-boot and then it asked for my router log-in details again. Any more of this nonsense and I'll be returning to 7 even sooner than anticipated. In the US an individual has created a Windows 10 'Lite' by removing all the unnecessary trash and bloatware crap, which I'll be investigating.
  7. I may go back to Windows 7 after a few days experiencing the awful Windows 10. Numerous reasons! Rubbish interface, functionality and jumbled, convoluted Start menu system Elements normally frequently used not straightforward to access Difficult to disable many features you don't want Bundled with spyware and tracking (what they call 'telemetry') Hand-holding notifications that can be problematic to source and prevent/won't turn off Enforced updates, taking away choice Enforced updates often cause glitches May use your bandwith invisibly in the background Cannot uninstall some bundled software “Action Centre”. Please either FO with that or do it properly Masses of bloatware Comes with unwanted advertising Microsoft terminology deceptions The entire mandatory and needless 'Apps' concept and configuration May install apps without your knowledge Potential uninstalling of user programs after an update Problems accessing Safe Mode Disk management issues Still with Administrator rights issues (why FFS? It's my computer!!!) Independent software is fortunately out there to disable Microsoft telemetry as well as re-configure or remove many default settings, but expect a long haul in doing so. No OS should be this over-complex bundle of stuff that in their 'wisdom' Microsoft thinks everyone needs, and with less user choice than ever.
  8. Having biological male athletes compete against female athletes makes a mockery of competitive sport. As a former sports coach myself I would not entertain any trans to compete in a women's event - it is nonsensical. It just shows how utterly mad and idiotic the world has become. Supposing a trans wants to compete in women's singles at Wimbledon. Is that going to be permitted? How about ladies doubles with two trans males versus two women? This not about discrimination or rights, it is about common sense. Trans males do not have the right to compete against women. If this trend continues we will see women in various sports unable to engage in fair competition. Their rights are being eroded. A stand needs to be made in my view, which is that in any event where a trans stands to compete in a women's event the female athletes should withdraw en masse. I realise how crushing this can feel after the dedication and training involved but no such events can be taken seriously, and the organisers and sporting authorities will soon get the message and be forced to re-think their policy. The whole, preposterous idea of trans males competing on equal terms with women must be overturned.
  9. Look ahead to when seasonal influenza begins in earnest. What will happen? The cases will be labelled as Covid and more fear will be the order of the day, and consequently a lockdown then becomes quite likely again.
  10. Er, no. Have you ever seen a solar or lunar eclipse? How do you account for either in your FE theory?
  11. Engaging with flat earth believers seems futile - as with today when in a town visit I noted a minority of folk wearing masks and one or two shops insistent on “social distancing” and with perspex screens over the counter. You cannot reason or argue with them because they have fixed beliefs, just like FE believers. There is zero evidence for a FE and nothing substantiated to support the idea.
  12. To me it isn't a question of providing evidence for something that is not there. Astronomers, both professional and amateur, search the skies regularly and it may be said that at any one time numerous optical and radio telescopes are covering much of the visible universe - well, as far as practicable. Were there some foreign planetary body lurking in the solar system its presence would in any case be given away by perturbations on existing planets, not to mention being detected by visual or radio means. I don't know (or care) where the idea of Nibiru/Planet X arose but to me there is nothing credible about it. A bit like Barbara Marciniak's Pleidean Times.
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