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  1. The answer to the question seems obvious to me. By allowing David Icke to air his Covid views on Talk Radio the station would, in the eyes of many, lose credibility. There is a lot of hostility and ridicule out there: It could thus be argued that he blotted his copy book in espousing notions such as the British royal family are actually a race of reptilians. People don't forget or overlook such things like this. They stick in the mind. Talk Radio may be short-sighted but they are doubtless protecting their image and not wanting to be labelled as supporters of conspiracy theories an
  2. It's becoming more commonplace for YouTube to censor and delete comments on uploaded videos - thousands of complaints verify this. Myself, for instance, questioned the flawed PCR and Antigen testing precedures and it got my account blocked from leaving comments on any video anywhere. No doubt it has been Restricted as I can no longer see the option to remove this mode. YouTube is little better than the mainstream news media. It would be ideal if there was an national or international boycott but that won't happen of course. Am sick of platforms that censor anything that questions the official
  3. Realistically is the government going to be prosecuted? Much as I admire MBs efforts I just cannot see MPs being hauled to court. They had a legal letter warning them of impending action, and yet the majority still voted for lockdown. MB states he has certain ex-QCs on his side together with a pharmaceutical employee whistleblower. All well and good, and yet we have his legal team already getting nervous and beginning to get cold feet. Doubtless there are threats of various sorts doing the rounds and these alone may be sufficient to put the entire case in jeopardy. That the majorit
  4. I think surreptitiously distributing well-informed and well-produced leaflets, for example, is one way to have people question events. The problem is:- "A lot of people aren't very bright." Peter Hitchens, Talk Radio 19-10-20
  5. Like most journalists and media mouthpieces, she has a lot to answer for. Some day I hope the legal actions currently being undertaken will see her and her ilk and all the weasel politicians pay for their lies and propaganda. Oh, and while we're at it let's put the BBC in the dock.
  6. An oddity with this photo would seem to be the hot spot at the centre. The sun would surely not illuminate a small area like this but rather flood the landscape with even light.
  7. I foresee that if all this carries on a while longer an official scannable NHS exemption card will be required, and you'll have to jump through hoops to get one. After all, anyone can print their own and/or simply say they're exempt. This flaw in the control system will surely be seen and closed off.
  8. If there is no such thing as space, as some of you contend, how do you account for satellites, satellite dishes (pointing up - have you noticed?), orbiting manned spacecraft from the 1960s, the ISS, independent scientific analysis of distant stars and planets, and accounts and testimonies of the astronauts who have been in earth orbit? And given that for hundreds of years the earth is believed to be and proven to be a sphere, if you are claiming otherwise, i.e. a flat earth, then to support your theory the onus is on you to demonstrate proof. A few YouTube videos won't do as they'v
  9. MI5...MI6...CIA...NSA...GCHQ. Here you go:- https://recruitmentservices.applicationtrack.com/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/appcentre-a18/candidate/jobboard/vacancy/1 Post options: Information Assurance and Specialists Intelligence Cyber Technology Roles Specialist Roles Project and Programme Office and https://www.gchq-careers.co.uk/index.html Technical Analyst Cyberfirst Bursary Cyber Insights Summer School (Physics/Matchs/Eihical Hacking) Technical Intelligence Analyst
  10. No need to panic. On Nov 2 an asteroid will cross Earth's orbit that's all. Don't believe the rubbish spouted about a collision.
  11. Notice of intended private criminal prosecution for pandemic fraud has been served on every serving MP this morning, for and on behalf of the British Public by Michael O’ Bernicia for Pandemic Fraud NOTICE OF INTENDED PRIVATE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION Dear Sirs, You are hereby served notice that it is my intention to lay information in a Private Criminal Prosecution against yourselves, alleging that the following crimes have been committed against the British people: 1. Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 has been repeatedly breached in the enactment of the Coronavirus Act 2020 [the C
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