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  1. I'm watching it now and the conclusion is = "CONvid" That equals = Covid does not exist This shall have HUGE implications in the coming weeks. This was really well done by all involved.
  2. Your reply is very much appreciated. I am personally convinced that truth shall set us free!
  3. would you like to share something else about the link? Like your favorite highlight from the text or your words about it. I am actually very interested about what it says, but I am not going to follow the link. The title of this topic sounds interesting.
  4. I've posted Lennon here before, and maybe even this very song, but I'm quite sure it is not this version. His vocals are powerful.
  5. I'd recommend going "cold turkey". Quit drinking coffe for a month or so... a week, or a year, half year, three months... give your body time to heal the gut by itself. I'm speaking out of experience. My stomach was hurting due to coffee quite recently, and I've been drinking coffee every now and then, usually daily only with daily coffee consumers, but I stopped drinking, I didn't think about my stomach at all after that. You could give it a try. EDIT: Drink water instead.
  6. I happened to see this interview just randomly but I didn't really listen to it because there was much talking in the room. The latest video I've seen after Ickes speech in London, is the latest video with Icke talking to Tania the herbalist. I recommend that one - worth the watch as well. I'll probably check this video at some point in its entirety (when I have time for that). @Mr H Would you like to discuss/elaborate on some of the points?
  7. Wow. Trippy pics posted here earlier on this thread. I notice talks about symbolism. Regarding "the eye" symbolism here is wingmakers perspective to look at it (I find this interesting to read): Zyanya Chamber 5 represents a narrative of the Quantum Presence and its flowering in one’s life when they use the single eye. The single eye has been appropriated by various cults and secret societies over the past 400 years, however, it goes back much further as a symbol of out-of-the-body consciousness. Shamans used this symbol extensively to designate that an individual
  8. News for those of you who see this notice that WingMakers have a new website & art from two new chambers: Aadhya & Zyanya. Chamber Twelve Notes This painting (Aadhya Chamber 12) is symbolic of activation and the tensions that can be brought on once an individual is activated through their Wholeness Navigator. The color frequencies in this painting play a significant role in defining these tensions. There is the pull from the higher frequencies, and the roots of the old belief systems tighten. The Sovereign Integral (inside the main figure) beckons beneath the noi
  9. alcohol + shady acid EDIT: That combination resulted in a "rush of strangeness". Still the short version of the story, but one detail to mention is that I got out of the strangeness by hugging a person lovingly, and it ended, and I've recovered since. Hah! I might return to this topic here again. Thanks for making the thread!
  10. Yes! Good work! It is time for humanity to let the truth set us free! This definitely cheers me up and gives me faith and power.
  11. I noticed this a couple of days ago when watching the telly. It is not this episode that I linked below but the same show (I could not find it on YT) From the Penelope Keith's Coastal Village series ep 3 - East Anglia. So I do not live in East Anglia, but she talks about the Hellhound Black Shuck. Some believe the marks on the door when he ran out after devouring two adults and a child in that church when all the villagers took shelter from a storm (in August 1577) when the tower came crushing down. I'm not sure I beli
  12. until

    I wish you all the best!
  13. The Corteum came from another planet to Earth.
  14. I am not convinced! I believe space exists. I tried to look into the Flat Earth stuff but it does not hold up (for me). I have not encountered the compelling evidence yet that it is so.
  15. For a starter, in this universe - free will is our fundamental right.
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