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  1. While the rest of the world is bleeding: Apple’s market cap jumped by almost $1 trillion this year, followed by Amazon, which increased by over $700 billion. Tesla catapulted into the ranks of the mega-cap companies after its stock surged almost ninefold. Nvidia more than doubled in value as demand picked up for its gaming and data center processors. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/31/techs-top-seven-companies-added-3point4-trillion-in-value-in-2020.html
  2. Bill Gates has done MASSIVE DAMAGE to computing/IT as a businessmen and is a MONOPOLIST whose company was NEARLY BROKEN UP in the 1990s - BUT SOMEHOW MICROSOFT SURVIVED THIS. WINDOWS is so CLOSED SOURCE, SECRETIVE and OBSCURELY STRUCTURED that NOT ONE COMPETITOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD HAS BEEN ABLE TO CREATE A COMPATIBLE COMPETITOR OS. IBM tried many years ago with the superior OS/2, BUT WAS ELBOWED OUT OF THE MARKET BY BILL GATES. He's the creator of the Microsoft (horrible OS) - INTEL (overpriced CPUs with little innovation) - NVIDIA (sells 50 Dollar GPUs to teenagers for 500 Dollars) DEVIL'S TRIANGLE. If it wasn't for the MICROSOFT-INTEL-NVIDIA MEGA-MONOPOLY, computing would be 20 YEARS MORE ADVANCED TODAY THAN IT IS.
  3. Generators are wonderfully useful. But the exhaust pipe - if close to your house - causes an unholy stink in the air over time. When looking at models, I would try to find one which does not stink up an entire house/garden when running.
  4. America normally screams "Islaaam did it" or "Right Wing Militiamen did it" within 20 minutes of something like this making the news. This time they have a BIG problem - the suspect is the SON OF A TELECOMMUNICATIONS ENGINEER. THIS MEANS THAT HE MUST KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE SPENT THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS. In other words, he did NOT "read about 5G on the Internet". His father likely told him ROCK SOLID INSIDER INFORMATION about the TELECOMMS INDUSTRY AND SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS. So they have to FRAME THIS ONE VERY CAREFULLY - NOBODY MUST UNDERSTAND THAT THIS MAN HAD INSIDER INFORMATION ABOUT 5G/TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPYING.
  5. It is telling that little Poland can pass this wonderful law, and none of the "GREAT WESTERN DEMOCRACIES" with their Trillion Dollar economies are even TALKING about doing something similar.
  6. The Elite are more VISIBLE, EXPOSED and KNOWN BY NAME than they have ever been. Nobody talked about the Rothschilds or Illuminati in the 1990s. Nobody thought the WEF or UN is any kind of threat to day-to-day freedoms. Americans LOVED the Rockefeller clan. Nobody knew who Nikola Tesla even was, what was done to him or what he invented. Bill Gates was simply "that rich software genius dude who puts Windows and MS Office on our computers". Silicon Valley was HIGHLY RESPECTED - IT geniuses building great software and hardware products for the world! Today about 400 MILLION PEOPLE in 195 countries KNOW THAT SOMETHING IS VERY BADLY WRONG, OR AT LEAST THAT SOMETHING IS "OFF" ABOUT THE WORLD. Many of them are EDUCATED OR SMART PEOPLE, too. So many people have had BAD SHIT happen in their professional careers and lives the last 20 YEARS, but COULD NOT PIN DOWN WHAT CAUSES IT. Now there are NAMES ATTACHED TO THE PAIN - the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Gates. The 15 other "Great Families". The Freemasons. The Skull & Bones people. The Bush clan and their 9/11. The Oil Companes. The Hedge Funds. The Investment Banks. Wallstreet and the City in London. SILICON VALLEY. Everybody CLOSE TO THE CENTER OF WORLD POWER has LOST THEIR GOOD REPUTATION. That is a HUGE LEAP IN NUMBERS considering that maybe - at best - 20 Million people were AWAKE before the Pandemic. And those were the UFOs/Grays/AREA 51 squad who nobody took particularly seriously.
  7. These people are all about POWER over other people. They like making people slave for a pittance. Automation was possible in many areas of work even in the 1980s. If Automation (replacing human workers) had been their goal, the tech to do it was there 40 years ago.
  8. I bet they'll dump the entire operation on Maxwell, jail her, name and embarass a few "Island Visitors" they don't care for. Case closed. A year later the public has forgotten everything.
  9. If you are a citizen of Poland, you can now file a complaint against Yewtube/Fuckbook/Twatter and so on if they REMOVE/DELETE something you have posted. The Internet platforms can be fined up to 1.8 Million Euros for "shutting internet users up" if the posted content didn't "break Polish law": https://polandin.com/51388314/justice-minister-announces-online-freedom-of-speech-bill
  10. Covid19 itself may be a lab-engineered bioweapon coded to "kill a few million old people". Remember that the young keep the economy working, not the over 65s.
  11. Going into the 21st Century (= Century 7 + 7 + 7 or 777) the following happened: - The Music culture of the 1990s has been destroyed, leaving many people to wonder "where did all the good music go?" - The Cinema culture of the 1990s has been destroyed, leaving many people to wonder "WTF happened to Cinema?" - The Computing culture of the 1990s has been destroyed, leaving many people to wonder "WTF is happening to Computing?" - The Privacy and Other Freedoms of the 1990s has been destroyed, leading to an Internet-Of-Things, where HUMANS are the "Things" - The Political Optimism of the 1990s has been destroyed - the Cold War had ended - leading into an era of "The Muuuslims are going to kill us all" Paranoia - The Environmental Optimism of the 1990s has been destroyed - we are being told that Climate Change will completely ruin human civilization - The "Soft Capitalism" of the 1990s has been destroyed, giving way to "Take-No-Prisoners Hard Capitalism" or "Robber Baron Capitalism" led by giant Corporations - The Critical Thinking and Journalism of the 1990s has been destroyed, making way for a "Mainstream Media Tells Us What To Think Now" era - Television has been destroyed since the 1990s - everything being made for TV now is dumbed down to a T - Internation Relations has degenerated into an Everybody vs Everybody mess, where a bloody Conflict can break out with a moment's notice
  12. Windows 10 is one GREAT BIG LUMP OF SPYWARE. Win10 pings/connects to strange servers on the Internet CONSTANTLY, and nobody knows what it is doing or why. If you CANNOT TRUST HIS OPERATING SYSTEM, how can you TRUST HIS "PUBLIC HEALTH ACTIVITIES"? He's not a good person. Just a rich person.
  13. https://www.newsweek.com/nashville-bombing-suspects-father-t-building-may-key-clues-1557416
  14. There are early rumblings that Quinn Warner was "Paranoid about Americans being spied on with 5G". https://www.zerohedge.com/political/nashville-police-have-person-interest-connection-rv-bombing?ref=upstract.com&curator=upstract.com&utm_source=upstract.com&utm_medium=webhttps://www.zerohedge.com/political/nashville-police-have-person-interest-connection-rv-bombing?ref=upstract.com&curator=upstract.com&utm_source=upstract.com&utm_medium=web They are going to blame this one squarely on "Conspiracy Theorists" and allege that "The perpetrator was radicalized by 5G Conspiracy Videos on Youtube/Facebook... bla bla bla..."
  15. AT&T - which got attacked - owns Time-Warner and CNN International.
  16. She died from supposed "Gallbladder Complications": https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/founder-of-vaccine-safety-website-ex-pharma-insider-found-dead
  17. Gunshots. A warning message. A large blast. And yet American MSM isn't blaming "Muuuslimmm Terrrrists" yet: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/12/26/us/nashville-tn-explosion/index.html Does this mean they are going to blame "AN ISOLATED, SOCIALLY AWKWARD INDIVIDUAL OBSESSED WITH RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK" ? America's Left has been warning about "Conspiracy Theories may end up causing domestic terrorism!" for months now. Is Nashville what they were after? A crazed right-wing "Conspiracy Theorist" who tried to blow up downtown?
  18. Dumb people vote dumb. I believe that this has been the objective since Dubya took the reigns...
  19. I've been thinking a lot about what I - and others I know - experience FIRSTHAND on a daily basis, and the "Completely Different World" which is portrayed on Mainstream Media on a 24/7 basis: - FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE says that this world is often TROUBLESOME, and that the SYSTEM DOESN'T CARE MUCH WHAT HAPPENS TO ORDINARY PEOPLE. - MSM paints a different ROSY PICTURE OF THE WORLD, where the SYSTEM WORKS FINE FOR 99% OF PEOPLE, and TROUBLESOME OCCURRENCES ARE AN "ANOMALY". - FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE also suggests strongly that CONSPIRACIES/ABUSES OF POWER ARE NOT "RARE" OR "ABNORMAL", but rather HAPPEN QUITE FREQUENTLY due to THERE BEING A FAIR NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO ARE "OF LOW MORAL CHARACTER". - MSM suggests that NO GREAT CONSPIRACIES HAPPEN EVER - they are just IN THE MINDS OF CONSPIRACY THEORISTS and FAR-RIGHT PEOPLE, YOU SEE? I think that this is a MSM TACTIC designed to SCARE PEOPLE - you experience the world in ONE WAY, but MSM REPORTS THE WORLD UPSIDE-DOWN and in doing so DENIES THAT YOUR FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE OF THE WORLD IS CORRECT. When there is a TOTAL MISMATCH between FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE and WHAT FLICKERS ACROSS THE TV SCREEN, people become SCARED AND CONFUSED. They feel compelled to SHUT UP, and BOW THEIR HEADS TO THE MSM NARRATIVE.
  20. The Gates Foundation put 55 Million USD into BioNTech (German makers of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine) 2 months before COVID broke out in China: https://endpts.com/biontech-partners-with-bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation-scoring-55m-equity-investment-novartis-sells-china-unit/ This news article is dated 6 September 2019.
  21. And of course "Friendly Aliens" would pick the USA and Israel only - there are 195 countries in the world - because "only they are ready for spaceships and space travel". ROFL.
  22. They probably got paid to do that. Plus LGBTQ activists have been hounding the devs about including trans and gay characters...
  23. Ha ha ha - people's dicks are clipping through their pants in buggy CyberPunk 2077 game: https://kotaku.com/peoples-dicks-are-clipping-through-their-pants-1845849381
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