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  1. Which suggests that another 9/11 style event - bioterror this time? - and another war are on their way.
  2. Lots of people I know keep saying "Man, the 1990s were so awesome". Good - innovative/electronic - music. Carefully crafted cinematic works by film directors at the top of their game. Computers/software where YOU were in control. Lots of visual technology innovation - eye-popping 3D/CG VFX in movies. Used sparingly and expertly too... No software tied to SHITTY CLOUD SERVERS half a world away. Privacy was there. Mobile phones/cellphones didn't crap on your life. Intellectually, there was quite a bit of freedom - without "cancel culture" maniacs screaming at you on social media. LGBTQ wasn't SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT. Yeah, George Michael and Freddie Mercury weren't straight. But they didn't try to make YOU gay as well. Literature was still going strong - and the tone of books was very different from today's teeny bopper faire. The West was in NO way "afraid of the Specter of Isamic Terrorism" or whatever. It was in CONTROL of the world. Then came... drumroll... 9/11.
  3. In that case, where is the "Great Reset" they are talking about? Same old, same old... Where this came from: I asked myself how the sincerety of a "much needed reset" could be challenged? Then I thought to myself - "Well, if it is a GREAT RESET, then surely DIRECT DEMOCRACY has to be a part of it?"
  4. No. I'm genuinely wondering why - if a "Great Reset" is sorely needed - direct democracy is not part of it.
  5. https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-na-mathematician-john-nash-beautiful-mind-killed-in-crash-20150524-story.html
  6. Look how Spielberg and Ron Howard (The DaVinci Code) handled John Nash:
  7. Seeker, Hollywood/MSM ALWAYS PLAYS THE "GENIUS? MUST BE MENTALLY ILL !" ANGLE. Naturally GIFTED people with IQs of 160+ threaten the system, so they BUTCHER the "real" person in MSM articles, books and Hollywood BIOPICS. If the 160+ IQs are not "character assassinated with a suggestion of mental illness", the 120 IQ bloodline of the Elite cannot STAY ON TOP. Look into: - John Nash (inventor of GAME THEORY and the NASH EQUILIBRIUM) - Him and his wife died in a very strange car crash not long ago. His wife had said that "A BEAUTIFUL MIND" was a total distortion of John's life and her's. - Nikola Tesla - subject of TWO SERIOUSLY SHIT BIOPICS made recently by Hollywood. Elon Musk mocks Tesla - the man, not the car - sometimes.
  8. Assange dying in a U.S. prison would create a political SHITSTORM for the USA, and the UK. The USA/UK are extremely UNPOPULAR in the wider world since the IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN CLUSTERFUCK. Nobody trusts either country much anymore. Killing Assange would have been THE FINAL STRAW - he is seen as a HERO OF THE ANTI-WAR RESISTANCE AROUND THE WORLD. People would have questioned why ASSANGE HAD TO DIE IN PRISON, while DUBYA AND TONY ARE FREE MEN. This trial was probably SECURITY THEATER FOR IDIOTS WHO STILL BELIEVE IN THE 9/11 and IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN BS.
  10. The Great Re-Shit (includes Klaus Schwab pontificating on thought-reading technologies):
  11. The Book of Revelations in the Bible - which is very, very old - pretty much lays out the same NWO/Antichrist/666/Satanism/Prison Planet scenario as David. This is NOT a new prophecy. Its ages old. David just ties it very well to some of the most powerful people on the planet.
  12. There are 7.7 Billion people in the world. I am guessing that approximately 25% (and possibly more) of them have come across a Conspiracy Theory of substance during this year-long Pandemic. That is 1.925 Billion people who have SEEN a Conspiracy Theory. My guess is that of those 1.925 Billion people, about 1 in 5 (possibly more!) found the theory CREDIBLE ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IN SERIOUSLY. That amounts to around 400 Million people. In the Middle East/Africa region, for example, Conspiracy Theories are UNBELIEVABLY POPULAR. These are countries/societies who were ass-raped by colonial powers for decades or even centuries. Since Bush/Blair and 9/11, almost NOBODY in the region believes a word that comes from Western MSM like CNN. But people very much believe narratives like "The world is secretly run by 15 ultra-wealthy families". Middle-East and Africa alone may have some 200 Million people who believe in a more "Conspiratorial" explanation of how the world works.
  13. I found the concept of this site interesting: 1) The latest news from around the Internet appears on the site. 2) Readers can rate the quality of the news AND the journalist. 3) Journalists have a score-card on this site. If you find a news item questionable, you can check the accumulated score of the Journo who wrote it. https://credder.com/
  14. Governments can track where you go with realtime space imaging - a satellite can recognize and track you everywhere by your haircut, shoulder width and walking style. A quick glance up at the sky/weather and the upper portion of your face - nose, eyes, eyebrows, hairline - is on camera. Governments can identify you in an Internet Shop/Internet Cafe by your typing pattern (how quickly or slowly you hit individual QWERTY keys) and by the way you move the mouse pointer on the screen (everbody moves the mouse slightly differently). Speaking anonymously on a phone is not possible in 2020 - they have your digital voiceprint from previous things you said on phone, Whatsapp or elsewhere. Sneaking around with burner phones, cash-bought SIM cards and so forth just buys you a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. If you are of interest to a technologically-advanced government, there are 100 different ways to track you without you even realizing it. Using TOR immediately throws you in a Database of "people with something to hide". My POINT is - you can hide your data from CASUAL SCAMMERS, HACKERS, VOYEURS and such. Hiding from a government with money is far more difficult - EDWARD SNOWDEN managed to pull it off for a while, because he was HIGHLY TRAINED in COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE.
  15. I believe that the "middle ground" between Hard-Left and Hard-Right BINARY stances is being deliberately NUKED. For example - the middle ground between "Humans Evolved" and "God Created Humans" DOES exist. You can argue that VARIOUS BIOLOGICAL SPECIES WERE ALREADY EVOLVING NATURALLY ON EARTH, AND GOD CLEVERLY MESSED WITH THE DNA OF ONE OF THOSE SPECIES, LEADING TO HUMANS EMERGING OVER MILLIONS OF YEARS THROUGH "DIVINELY GUIDED EVOLUTION". In other words, Evolution as such DOES happen, but DIVINE INTERVENTION can NUDGE IT IN A NEW DIRECTION by MESSING WITH A FEW DNA SEQUENCES.
  16. They would take out an insecticide can - or in their case probably a Laser - and make sure that "listening fly" is no more.
  17. What complicates the abortion issue is that in POOR countries - like in Latin America - a woman becoming pregnant without intending to can be ruined financially. In many poor countries, the man AND the woman in a marriage will STARVE if BOTH cannot do paid work at least 5 days a week. The Vatican made things 10 x times worse by decreeing that Contraception (the pill, condoms) is "evil". They basically told women "you cannot use any kind of birth control" and then "you also have to give birth to the baby and take care of it until it is an adult". I am not pro-abortion in any way, but the fact that many women cannot GIVE UP WORK FOR 3 YEARS to take care of newborn is because of ECONOMIC HARDSHIPS. The fact that the WESTERN DEMOCRACIES did their BEST to crap all over South American Economies and other developing nations created this situation.
  18. In America you have Christian-Conservatives (Republicans) who believe that: - Aborting a child is murder ("Thou Shall Not Kill") - Killing foreigners half a world away through war, including children - Iraq springs to mind - is somehow "not murder" - Hardcore Wallstreet Robber Baron Capitalism is "good" - even though it isn't compatible with Christ's/Moses's teachings at all ("Thou Shall Not Lie", "Thou Shallt Not Steal", "Do unto others as....") - Socialism or even Socialism-Light - just having some basic free healthcare and some safety nets for the truly weak/unemployed in society - is "an abomination", even though this is completely at odds with Christ/The Bible as well - Trade Unions are satanic/bad/Communism, even though Christianity/The Bible itself preaches that People are not "slave workers" - Climate Change cannot be happening because Humans - not even 8 Billion of them doing their worst daily - could possibly upset Earth's ecosystem in any way - God created man. Charles Darwin was a charlatan. - Showing gun violence in movies is perfectly OK. Showing an exposed female breast on the other hand would corrupt society. Then we have the Left-Liberals (Democrats) in America who believe that: - People should have as many rights as possible, but that not being aborted as a fetus is not one of them - Hollywood movies are correct to portray Business Corporations as evil, and look out for our rights, even though Hollywood Studios themselves are owned by HUGE Corporations who want to make as much PROFIT as possible - People should not die in wars, but you should be able to abort them as long as they haven't been born yet (up to the 9th month of pregnancy in New York for example) - People should have as many rights as possible, but free speech/free opinioning on certain issues, like LGBTQ visibility in the media or men and women being biologically distinct genders isn't one of them. People like that need to "shut up" - Men are somehow "baaaad" all of a sudden and women somehow "the highest goood" - Ridiculing another person's faith in God/Religion and any "spiritual outlook on life" that comes from it is a good thing to do - There needs to be a man-on-man or woman-on-women love scene in every TV show and Computer Game being produced now, as well as a sympathetic Chinese character - Human rights is an important issue, but its okay to be a hipster who buys Made-In-China Apple products from the local Apple store - There is no God, and Christ/Moses/Noah/David never existed. Humans evolved from monkeys and have a brain, but not a soul. - The Ten Commandments are "no good", even though the Bible itself is quite compatible with Left-thinking in certain ways ("Love Thy Neighbor") - Scientists know everything, especially when they are on TV explaining something or look like Albert Einstein Does anybody else find the 50 - 50 Conservative-Liberal split that runs right through American society somewhat odd?
  19. I had great respect for Spielberg as a filmmaker. The allegations came as a bit of a shock to be honest.
  20. Bilderberg is "invitation only" - the attendees are a few dozen highly elite people invited to the conference. Only the attendee list is public - what topics are discussed and who said what is kept secret. And there may be people attending whose very presence is secret. At best you'll be able to stand 1 mile away from the hotel or venue and shout some protest slogans. You cannot get into the event venue at all.
  21. Isaac Kappy's death in 2019 was very strange. But he wasn't A-list enough and well known enough for the news to linger. If I remember correctly, he "fell off a road bridge" and "unfortunately was hit by fast moving traffic where he fell".
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