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  1. It doesn't matter what 'Rights Struggle' in history you look at, or where in the world it happened. POWER never, ever says 'You know what? You DO have this God-given right!' POWER always tries to BLOCK the rights struggle, no matter how normal and logical the right being demanded is. Why is this? Its almost like POWER is a GENETICALLY DIFFERENT SPECIES OF MAN which HATES ITS FELLOW MAN'S GUTS. Are we looking at a GENETICALLY ABNORMAL BLOODLINE? One which SIMPLY CANNOT EMPATHIZE OR SOCIALIZE OR COEXIST WITH ITS FELLOW MAN IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY? Also, does POWER SUFFER FROMA SEVERE AUTISM DISORDER, BROUGHT ON BY THIS FAULTY DNA?
  2. Europe was in a position to create its own Hollywood, MTV and so on. The money, the equipment and the talent for it was there. But it never happed for some reason. Which is why Hollywood/MTV was able to dominate what young people consume.
  3. A shooting-war between the West and China would not end well for either side - a lot of soldiers and firepower on both sides. Most wars start with one STRONGER SIDE attacking a WEAKER SIDE. And there usually is a PRETEXT for DECLARING WAR - CHINA would have to do something really stupid for this to happen. West vs China would not only result in catastrophic losses on both sides, it would also CAUSE THE ENTIRE WORLD ECONOMY TO TANK COMPLETELY.
  4. Its funny how in Hollywood movies the disaster ALWAYS happens in America, and there is ALWAYS a family living in the suburbs that is running from it. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Meteors, Zombies, Aliens, Viruses ALWAYS hit America - rather than Europe, Africa or say India. "I will get my family to safety!"
  5. It isn't anti-American to analyze how America works culturally. There have been very serious freedom of speech problems in America for ages. You cannot say a word about Israel in the USA without having Holocaust! Holocaust! thrown in your face. During the 9/11 years, every little critique of America was regarded almost as terrorism. That was the REPUBLICANS at the time. And now we have the WOKE/LGBTQ crowd on the Democrat side CANCELLING everyone who disagrees. This is not freedom of speech. And this should not happen in a free country or democracy.
  6. Trump probably did want to reveal something. He was likely told that he cannot do that. So it seems he threw UFO disclosure in a law that Congress did not dare to downvote just before his time was up. 180 days from now one of 3 things will happen: 1- We see UFOs but don't know what they are (lying in other words) 2- People see UFOs but these are just light tricks and weather phenomena (this one is quite likely) 3- We see UFOs and they are not from our world (probably the truth, but U.S. agencies probably won't say this)
  7. Americans are led to believe by their Mainstream Media that America is the best at everything. And America has a cultural firewall of sorts around it. For example, while people around the world watch Hollywood movies - but also other movies (European, Asian, Middle Eastern) - average Americans do not watch anything foreign. While the average citizen in Europe knows a thing or two about American politics, the average American could not tell you what is going on in Europe politically. This is partly due to Cold War America deliberately making Americans disinterested in the culture, politics and religions of the rest of the world. America spent decades in cultural isolation, exporting cultural products but not importing much back.
  8. Americans have always had big problems with freedom of speech. It is a common experience in America to try discuss something calmly and find that people suddenly get deeply offended by the subject. So what is happening is not that surprising.
  9. The internet functions by little data packets going through various relays and optical fiber cables. Deep packet inspection allows these systems to detect anything Bitcoin related and simply REFUSE to pass the data packet on. In this case, you would be able to browse the web, send emails and so on. But anything Bitcoin related would give you a 'transmission error'. Bitcoin is NOT truly decentralized because the Internet can block/filter data packets. Countries that own the internet data pipes going through their territory can easily monitor these data pipes and simply weed out Bitcoin related traffic. The effect would be like trying to play a multiplayer game when none of the multiplayer servers are online. You would find that the game 'cannot connect to server'.
  10. I'm guessing that they would get 60 days to get off Bitcoin. Of course Bitcoin's value would collapse if this were announced.
  11. https://news.sky.com/story/ufo-report-set-to-be-released-as-a-result-of-us-emergency-relief-bill-12179740
  12. You would get something like a DigitalDollar, which is government issued and regulated. Bitcoin and such would be OUTLAWED, with claims that too many CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS use it. It would be trivially easy for Govts to simply block anything to do with Bitcoin on the Internet. Decentralized won't matter when the Internet itself blocks the data transfers.
  13. Bitcoin is designed to get younger people hooked on screwing around with completely digital cash. Bitcoin would then be replaced with a Govt created digital currency. And physical cash as we know it would be phased out. You would be forced to use digital cash to pay for everything - even a can of softdrink.
  14. Interesting news: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/10/us/ufo-report-emergency-relief-bill-trnd/index.html
  15. He lists a crazy number of Cults, Secret Societies and Conspiracies in the book - those that were known in 2009. But he seems to find much of the Conspiracies somewhat ridiculous.
  16. He lives in New York and has written a book on Kabalah. He also writes about how his world changed on 9/11 in the intro to the book. The publisher at the time appears to be Pearson who owned The Economist at that time.
  17. This author (Goldwag) seems to have done TONS of research, packing "Everything Cult/Secret Society/Conspiracy" into a 400 page book. But then he starts making fun of the very notion of "believing in conspiracies". He's literally written a 400 page book to ridicule all conspiracies. Has anyone else read this book? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cults-Conspiracies-Secret-Societies-Helicopters/dp/0307390675/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=arthur+goldwag&qid=1610310574&sr=8-1
  18. 140 characters doesn't allow for proper textual context to be built. This causes a lot of misunderstandings and misreading of messages. Especially in people who have poor reading comprehension. This causes a lot of CONFLICT - which is partly why everybody is SCREAMING at each other on Twitter.
  19. https://m.facebook.com/BillGates/photos/a.10150331291841961/10156129624571961/?type=3
  20. Interesting that Jews can freely call Arabs and Palestinians 'pigs', 'rats', 'animals' and so on, and somehow they are not 'bigots' when they do it. Also interesting that they can point nukes at all neighboring countries, but call themselves 'the only democracy in thw Middle-East'.
  21. Multiple people have alerted me recently to a disturbing trend on various big porn sites. The sites are filling up rapidly with thousands of new incest-like videos with titles like "Stepmother f***s stepson in the shower" or "Stepdad does his stepdaughter in the kitchen". They call it "Step Fantasy", but what it blatantly promotes is SEX WITH FAMILY MEMBERS. They just try to cover up the "incest aspect" by using Step-this, Step-that. Who the hell is financing this new trend? And what are they trying to teach teenage kids who watch this crud on the internet?
  22. Apple has BANNED the Parler app from its app store - after giving Parler "24 hours to remove all content which endangers public safety" Amazon AWS is suspending Parler's web hosting service Parler will likely be offline for a week or more, CEO says "We'll have to rebuild the service from scratch" https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/johnpaczkowski/amazon-parler-aws
  23. This is Klaus Schwab's famous "Industrial Revolution 4.0", which is about Internet of Things:
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