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  1. 5 hours ago, andy1033 said:


    I would think thats good in a way.


    There are plenty of other search engines.


    Messed up how they are manipulating searches to stop people finding out stuff these people do not want people to know.


    If the information here were FACTUALLY INCORRECT, they would just argue against the info.


    Outright blocking/censorship suggests that they cannot counter some of the stuff that's on here.

  2. Interesting read:




    The U.S. Air Force jumped in to research how to beam comprehensible speech into the heads of enemies. The Navy sought to paralyze with the beams. Russia, China and European nations know how to make such weapons today. The weapon might look like an innocuous satellite dish and could fire beams over relatively short distances. We do know that Russian President Vladimir Putin resurrected “work on psychoactive arms” as recently ago as 2012, according to The Times.

  3. 1 hour ago, kj35 said:

    We had something very similar. Digital music playing through an aux cord split into its component parts, and lost some of the levels. Ie the vocals and some of the drums. Husband is a former power engineer and was freaked as he says its just not possible. Yet he heard it. It pulsed.


    Nikola Tesla. Research into some of the stranger properties of electrical current.


    Classified after Tesla's death.


    Perhaps electricity can perform feats that are not in the textbooks?

  4. 55 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    why did french let germans in Paris(don't ruin our city) and why the London wasn't attacked harder.....


    Because the whole thing was to set the stage for the European Union, NATO, Warsaw Pact and decades of Cold War?


    And how did Lenin and Trotsky get assassinated, where did Stalin come from?


  5. Just now, Macnamara said:


    The rothschild cabal also got the british navy to switch over from coal power to oil which of course then set the stage for oil-wars in the middle east that all played into the hands of the yinon plan to expand israel to create the biblical 'greater israel' by destabilising and nibbling away at neighbouring states





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