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  1. Davos is meeting online this year: https://www.weforum.org/events/the-davos-agenda-2021
  2. If the information here were FACTUALLY INCORRECT, they would just argue against the info. Outright blocking/censorship suggests that they cannot counter some of the stuff that's on here.
  3. Youtube's recommendations algorithm feeds me nothing but fluff the last 2 months. Nothing even vaguely interesting or important. I also noticed that Google won't autocomplete bitchute even after several letters are typed in.
  4. This is supposedly tech-literate SILICON VALLEY GEEKS on Slashdot - one of the oldest discussion sites on the Internet - almost UNANIMOUSLY arguing that FREEDOM OF SPEECH NEEDS TO BE LIMITED. The discussion is about Amazon AWS deplatforming free-speech platform PARLER: https://m.slashdot.org/story/380994
  5. Lady Gaga sings 'Star Spangled Banner' at ceremony wearing a HUGE HUNGER GAMES MOCKINGBIRD PIN... What was David saying about the COMING HUNGER GAMES SOCIETY?
  6. Interesting read: https://tbrnewsmedia.com/tag/the-frey-effect/ The U.S. Air Force jumped in to research how to beam comprehensible speech into the heads of enemies. The Navy sought to paralyze with the beams. Russia, China and European nations know how to make such weapons today. The weapon might look like an innocuous satellite dish and could fire beams over relatively short distances. We do know that Russian President Vladimir Putin resurrected “work on psychoactive arms” as recently ago as 2012, according to The Times.
  7. History is written by the victors. We'll never know precisely what happened behind the scenes of these wars...
  8. I did a quick search for 'Conspiracy' on Telegram. I found a bunch of channels with loads of interesting video content being posted. If Yewtube/Bitchute/NewTube ever go down, this may be an interesting way to still see on-topic videos.
  9. Now is the time to order that plastic Darth Vader mask. They can detect a swing to the left or the right. But can they detect the dark side of the Force?
  10. Do you look like a lefty or a righty? https://techcrunch.com/2021/01/13/facial-recognition-reveals-political-party-in-troubling-new-research/?guccounter=1
  11. Nikola Tesla. Research into some of the stranger properties of electrical current. Classified after Tesla's death. Perhaps electricity can perform feats that are not in the textbooks?
  12. Because the whole thing was to set the stage for the European Union, NATO, Warsaw Pact and decades of Cold War? And how did Lenin and Trotsky get assassinated, where did Stalin come from?
  13. Why doesn't Youtube DEPLATFORM this shit? Oh sorry - its freedom of expression!
  14. The Hindenburg, the Titanic, Nikola Tesla's laboratory going up in flames, 9/11... all lines converge on New York 'Titanic's final destination was to be Pier 59 which was owned by the White Star Line. Instead, the Titanic survivors arrived in New York on the Carpathia, a Cunard Line ship.'
  15. He destroyed Nikola Tesla and Tesla's DEATH RAY ELECTRICAL WEAPON is forever lost. OR IS IT? WINK WINK..
  16. An interesting 7 Billion publishing giant named AXEL SPRINGER, owners of Business Insider amongst many other properties. HERE's AXEL SPRINGER MAKING FUN OF THE TITANIC/ROTHSCHILDS/FED CONSPIRACY: https://www.businessinsider.com/titanic-sinking-conspiracy-theories-2018-4
  17. What I have found so far is that yes, all 3 men died when RMS Titanic sank. History Channel makes fun of the whole 'JP Morgan did it' and 'the Rothschild's did it' angle though.
  18. This is floating around online. If true, it would suggest that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds deliberately SANK the Titanic.
  19. Even Germans describe her as 'cold and calculating'. I don't see anything Christian about her at all. Let's see what Mr. 33 does with the EU.
  20. Merkel's favorite takes CDU helm at 33rd Congress: https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/end-of-merkel-era-german-cdu-to-pick-new-party-leader-on-saturday-101610793176680-amp.html https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/16/germany-cdu-vote-successor-to-angela-merkel
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