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  1. 1 hour ago, Rachel Underhill said:

    What's next?


    This has happened in several other countries before. The next step is:


    1) People vote in a nice-nice political party that promises to "best manage the New Normal".

    2) That political party does the complete opposite - it destroys all freedoms and norms people take for granted.

    3) You will see how the "Mainstream Media" is never on your side again. They will repeat the same script from dozens of TV channels/newspaper columns.

    4) Its over for Democracy as you know it and virtually impossible to get back to it again.

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  2. 1 hour ago, motleyhoo said:

    These are 5G/internet satellites I believe?  Yeah, so how does he plan on getting his money back?


    Musk is not paying for the launches. He is placing thousands of high-tech 6G satellites in orbit for the Elite, pretending its part of 5G, and being paid handsomely for it.


    He doesn't need to make "money back". He's launching the Elite's space-based 6G control-grid of satellites into space for them.

  3. 1 hour ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

    The way things have been so far in 2020, it wouldn't surprise me if they did launch an alien invasion. The elite seem to be on a roll this year.


    Far more likely is an entirely faked "Second Coming Of Christ" happening, with the Antichrist pretending to be the "Messiah".


    Maybe they'll roll that together with some "Alien ships suddenly in our atmosphere" bullshit.


    Oh look everybody - Christ was actually an Alien, and now the Aliens have arrived in their ships and brought Christ back to Earth! :classic_biggrin:

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  4. Americans have NEVER been good at noticing how their are being programmed by their media corporations and hidden actors to do things en masse.


    This is because the AVERAGE American's NEWS AND MEDIA AND ART/ENTERTAINMENT DIET is made ENTIRELY by Corporate America. Most Americans do NOT look at News or Information or Narrative content from outside the USA. They eat CONTENT HAMBURGER daily that is made in the U-S-A.


    It is also because there is no real "FREEDOM TO QUESTION THINGS" in America. America is NOT the "Land Of The Free" at all.


    A lot of Americans get deeply offended when you question the official narrative on TV. They get pissed off when you criticize major American corporations.


    Imagine 300 Million citizens of the World's Premier Armed-To-The-Teeth-With-Nukes SUPERPOWER being DESPERATELY AFRAID of Iraq/Saddam thousands of miles away, because 2 planes flew into a large office building that nobody in the USA gave two shits about until it collapsed that morning in 2001.






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  5. 1 hour ago, motleyhoo said:

    It's funny how so many people think all the cool new technology, social media, smartphones and the like have made their lives better.  Funny, because people have never been stretched so thin, stressed out, information overloaded and overwhelmed as they are today, and it's all because of the technology that's intoxicating and addicting them.  There's nothing simpler than the simple life, except that you actually have to get up in the morning and do something.  You actually have to be accountable to yourself and others.  You actually have to take responsibility for your own actions on a daily basis.


    Or, you can live your life in a 5" screen, jumping every time it tells you to jump, and hating everyone it tells you to hate.


    They came up with a very simple plan:


    1) Place strict limits on human potential, choice and actions to the point where average peoples' lives are EXTREMELY boring.

    2) Give them a "glowing screen" - first TV and Cinema, then Home Computer, PC and Console, then Smartphone and Laptop and Tablet - that is far more engaging than boring real life.


    4) Do NOT let people notice - ever - that the INTERNET they are connected to is actually a Multi-Trillion Dollar MILITARY NETWORK designed for population control.

    5) The Pentagram - the MILITARY NETWORK turns on the people themselves, destroying all liberty, privacy, freedom of expression and eventually freedom of movement.




    Egyptian TV series Al-Nihaya ("The End") provokes controversy for referencing Freemasonry





    Egyptian Ramadan 2020 television series “Al-Nihaya” (The End) has provoked controversy for its handling of the topic of Freemansonry, after Actor Iyad Nassar appeared in the series as the one-eyed “president of the oasis and the president of the entire world.”

    Critic Tariq al-Shinnawy criticized the series for tackling Freemasonry, saying that “[Freemasonry] is an ambiguous and versatile expression that changes over time. Egypt had legal Freemasonry temples, and well-known figures such as Jamal Eddin al-Afghani joined the Freemasons.”

    Shennawy added: “The problem with the series is that it took a vague definition of Freemasonry, and started building upon it with hostility and attack.”


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