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  1. Wow. If this man is right, Big Pharma and World Governments have really, really fucked up... https://www.bitchute.com/video/1f9M4JpMOXTN/
  2. I don't know if you've watched the documentary, but it is really strange to watch. The Shining is full of coded references to Apollo 11 being faked. It seems like Kubrick needed/wanted to confess, but couldn't do it openly.
  3. Stanley Kubrick put dozens of references to the (faked?) Apollo 11 Moon landing into his movie 'The Shining'. Did Kubrick confess to directing the fake moon landing?
  4. It is a history documentary largely about corporate malfeasance, unethical business practices and how huge corporations came into being in the first place: 1) How and why were the first corporation-like entities in America formed? (Building the first railroads, making the first industrial machines) 2) How did these initially very very tightly regulated companies - they had very limited freedom at first, like not being able to buy and own property - manage to get rid of the regulations? 3) How did these companies manipulate U.S. courts into recognizing a corporation as 'having the exact same legal rights, protections and status as a living person'? 4) Where did the concept of 'corporations being allowed to be about profit-generation and accountability to shareholders only' come from? (Corporations were initially intended to work for the public good and be accountable to society at large - they were not supposed to be about private profit-making...) 5) What crimes have large companies ranging from Nike to Monsanto committed? (Everything from making children work in factories to making branded garments for cents in poor countries that then sell for over 100 Dollars a piece in U.S. clothing stores) 6) How and why was the huuuge new market for harmful petrochemical products (e.g. petroleum derived chemical pesticides, strange medicines given to milk cows) created? 7) Are there only a few 'bad apple' companies doing bad things, or is there something about the modern corporation itself that causes unethical behavior? 8) What are some of the worst things corporations have done? Speakers in the documentary range from Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein to Harvard Business School professors and labour rights abuses investigators.
  5. One of the great mysteries of the 'Superpower' is that it happily exports its cultural content across the world, but appears DESPERATELY AFRAID TO LET ANYONE ELSE'S 'CULTURE' OR 'REALITY' INTO AMERICA. Why is that?
  6. As the title states, WHERE do you find news online that is FACTUAL rather than agenda driven and distorted?
  7. CERN. Where Billion Euro 'Science Magick' happens.
  8. The Opera browser has a free VPN built in. You just have to switch it on. I think it can be set to 4 different regions - America, Europe, Asia and so forth. You can just switch to Opera when you need to do something that requires a VPN. A lot of paid VPN services are CHINESE OWNED. Your browsing data and identity will get shared with the Chinese authorities.
  9. In countries with horrific inner-city air pollution like India and China I can believe this is true. A doctor in Asia told me once 'Just living in this city is like smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day'. In other places? Who knows, Did 9 million really die from this in one year? Who knows?
  10. Air pollution killed nearly 9 million people in 2018, causing 1 in 5 deaths that occured that year: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/feb/09/fossil-fuels-pollution-deaths-research
  11. Our problem is lack of certifiable facts on any of this. We do not know for sure what is out there. We keep guessing that this or that may or may not be the truth.
  12. Silicon Valley cannot make anything that isn't hackable in 5 minutes. And these people actually want to put computer chips in people's brains... What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong?
  13. Windows 10 is a privacy disaster. Not surprised it would remove certain content without permission.
  14. The screenwriter of Back To The Future knew Trump in real life and based Biff on him. It was in a documentary about the making of the film.
  15. Interesting. Of course extraterrestrials would also have advanced matter and biology manipulation technology which may explain shapeshifting without breaking the laws of the universe. Just because we can't do it does not mean that a civilization 100,000 years ahead of us can't do it. Also, they may be remotely scanning the DNA of a person, creating a hybrid DNA clone, and killing the real person to be replaced by the clone.
  16. I've had my doubts about David's reptilian thesis. I like 90% of David's analysis, but humanoid reptilians sounded a bit far fetched. But accounts like this, and the cruelty that bedevils our world makes me ask: Are there reptilians, and if so, why do we not know about them?
  17. They were highly advanced in many things. Mathematics. Astronomy. City building. Then Reptilian looking Creatures - from Space possibly - corrupted them into cannibalism, child sacrifice and witchcraft. They eventually disappeared without trace and left behind empty cities which sit in the American desert to this day.
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