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  1. If John "Bomb That Country" Bolton is going after Trump, the American Deep State must be preparing for another large scale war - under Joe Biden's presidency. Syria?
  2. Give the sleepy ones a copy of the "Book of Revelations". Tell them to read it. Tell them "You are sleeping through the Apocalypse, buddy!"
  3. The worst part is that this technology is NOT new. Its been around since the 1980s or so. How did they create it? They sat test subjects in chairs in a laboratory, gave them a button press, and then got a computer algorithm to bombard them with all sorts of wireless signals and signal pulse sequences at different frequencies and intensities. The test subjects were told to press the button if they "hear or feel anything". They were also video monitored to detect things like involuntary limb movements. This is how they found the first frequencies and pulse sequences that directly affect the brain/body. From there, they experimented until they could do everything from making a person shake uncontrollably, to making a person walk forward and tumble over a balcony railing. The only limitation the technology appears to have is that its range over air is limited. You need to get within about 100 meters of the person to create all of the effects described in the flier you posted. This is because to read a person's thoughts, the signal needs to hit the brain and bounce back from it. Range may not be an issue if you can get a receiver close enough to the person - i.e. into the building the person lives and works in. This is a truly diabolical technology. It is also where the famous "tinfoil hat" came from - this was tech-savvy victims trying to wrap metal around their heads to try and shield themselves from the use of the technology.
  4. I went on the Internet one day, and a person actually AGREED with what I was saying. It was the strangest experience. Like the Internet was suddenly broken. It haunts me to this day...
  5. Because the EU is the BEST Massively Multiplayer Online Game there is. If you don't pay your 350M, you don't get the to use the Golden Armor and The Sword Of Balabukazia.
  6. A small % of people is "born with a fucked up mindset" regardless of whether you are in the year 1400 or the year 2045. While a normal person neither wants to dominate other people, nor enslave them, nor hurt them, nor become "Dictator Of The World", this small % does want precisely that. This small % is obsessed with being ABOVE others, with being IN CHARGE of other peoples' affairs, with COMMANDING what other people SHOULD do. We tend to think "Southern Slavery, Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia just couldn't happen today". Yes it could. Because just like 500 or 1000 ago or 2000 years ago, a small % of people is born with that exact same "fucked up mindset". History doesn not repeat itself because of the actions of 99% of the people being the same. It repeats itself because 1% is born with a faulty mind.
  7. Controlling both sides of the debate, as they call it. You secretly control the For camp and the Against camp. You provoke both camps and make them fight each other. You divide and conquer.
  8. Prayer works great to relieve anxiety and stress. Pray to the Lord. Tell him what is causing your anxiety and stress. Then ask the Lord to take these negative feelings away and give you the strength to live without fear. Millions of people do this every day. It works for many of them.
  9. I believe that GOD himself is COMPELLING these people to show us what they are doing. I also believe that GOD has driven them completely INSANE - who is stupid enough to plan World Domination for decades, and then show everyone what the plan is?
  10. I went to a university many years ago where a lot of high and even ultra-high IQ people were present. A good number of them went on to cause MASSIVE damage to other people's lives after they left school. They thought that they were "so extra special" and "so superior to everyone else in society" that regular people or the general public just DID NOT matter to them one bit. I think of them as "stupid, stupid idiots" to this day, because they were TOO STUPID to UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. Who cares is you solve a Math Problem 10X times faster than everyone else can if you are too STUPID and too IMMATURE to understand that you shouldn't use your intellect to HARM or EXPLOIT other people? Who cares if your IQ score is 190 or higher, if you are so uncontrolled and immature in character that you do one horrible thing after another? In my view, being ETHICAL, RESPONSIBLE, DEPENDABLE and OF SOUND MORAL CHARACTER is 10,000 X times more important than any IQ score.
  11. Wonderful song if you are feeling down... Just beautiful!
  12. TPTB have been slowly steering people in the exact opposite direction from what you describe for decades. They are not going to throw their plan of decades into the garbage bin.
  13. RESET comes from: They are basically re-setting people cognitively. Making them "fixed in opinion again" on whatever thinking suits them best.
  14. Revelation 21:8 New International Version (NIV) 8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
  15. Maybe they are testing the new forum before it goes up?
  16. Coronavirus may have been in Wuhan in August, study suggests https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/09/coronavirus-may-have-been-in-wuhan-in-august-study-suggests
  17. They are going to censor everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. 10 years from now you'll type "Iraq War" into Google, and it will tell you that Saddam Hussein attacked the World Trade Center because there were Trans people living on its top floors. ?
  18. Don't worry. Everything that happens is a coincidence.
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