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  1. David Icke - "Connecting MORE Than Just Dots"
  2. REAL MEN woo their woman by sending this over WhatsApp:
  3. Conspiracy, Conspiracy... They HAXXORED Brian Rose's WRISTWATCH!!! HE CAN'T TELL THE TIME ANYMORE!!!
  4. Brian is at it again: https://freedomplatform.tv/plandemic-indoctornation-world-premiere/
  5. Conspiracy, Conspiracy... WHO runs the dating websites, and WHY?
  6. Be aware that many dating sites/apps have TERRIBLE IT Security practices. They get hacked every now and then. Don't put anything in their profile that you don't want to see in a Database sold on the Dark Web...
  7. Sorry... but I JUST CANNOT resist posting these...
  8. You MUST watch this video before dating online:
  9. The video they scrubbed is the 1st original upload of the documentary. The one they HURRIEDLY LIVE-STREAMED when Millie was arrested. Its gone. Also gone is the all the LIVE CHAT messages that were archived with it.
  10. Protesting the Endless Wars For Profit this one:
  11. Its a great film that didn't get much attention when it came out. Well shot. Well acted. Good, original premise. But its about WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD SUDDENLY BECOMING UNABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN. HMMM... THAT WOULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH A CERTAIN VACCINE ???
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