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  1. The video they scrubbed is the 1st original upload of the documentary. The one they HURRIEDLY LIVE-STREAMED when Millie was arrested. Its gone. Also gone is the all the LIVE CHAT messages that were archived with it.
  2. Protesting the Endless Wars For Profit this one:
  3. Its a great film that didn't get much attention when it came out. Well shot. Well acted. Good, original premise. But its about WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD SUDDENLY BECOMING UNABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN. HMMM... THAT WOULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH A CERTAIN VACCINE ???
  4. The average news viewer is clueless about the wider world and buys into the HORSESHIT peddled by MSM hook line and sinker. If we lived in a world of CRITICAL TV VIEWERS, about 5 PEOPLE TOTAL WOULD BE WATCHING THE KARDASHIANS.
  5. If you actually work in the International Relations field for a few years, you'll very quickly realize that THERE VERY MUCH ARE A FEW COUNTRIES THAT ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. It is the "OLD DEMOCRACIES" of the WEST that DOMINATE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Less powerful countries around the world that were peaceful one minute suddenly descend into CHAOS the next. If you listen to MSM, it was "internal dynamics". If you WORK IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, you see that ONE OR MORE FOREIGN HANDS WERE INVOLVED IN THE DESCENT INTO CHAOS. Sorry, a lot of what is happening around the world is FINANCED FROM OUTSIDE INTO HAPPENING. Those who have THE MOST MONEY can easily BUY PEOPLE IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD INTO DOING THEIR BIDDING.
  6. I posted it on the old DI Social forum RIGHT BEFORE IT GOT HACKED. If this site isn't complete BS, almost EVERYBODY FAMOUS is related to EDWARD I, ROBERT DE ROS or WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR (Bill Gates for example).
  7. Let's have a community thread where everybody posts Youtube, Bitchute and other channels that seek to tell "The Truth". I'll start. Here is "TheScariestMovieEver", "A Call For An Uprising (ACFAU)" and "Jeremiah Cohen":
  8. These were Youtube Live streams that are archived. Not all Youtube video downloaders can download the files.
  9. The producers have been arrested today, but their friend Katie Woodland has uploaded it to Youtube: Let's see how long it stays on Youtube...
  10. Millie Weaver (INFOWARS) and her husband have just been arrested to stop this Documentary about Media Manipulation from airing: PLZ SEE POST BELOW THIS FOR THE FULL DOCUMENTARY:
  11. "Millenial Millie" of INFOWARS + husband has been arrested on Burglary Charges (of Hillary Clinton's emails???) right after uploading the trailer for SHADOWGATE, A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT GOVT PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS AGAINST SOCIAL MEDIA USERS. Alex Jones is talking about it LIVE right now: https://www.infowars.com/
  12. Labrats, it is PAID CORPORATE HARASSMENT AGENCIES that do this work. A large corporate entity like a Bank, an Oil Company, an Automotive or Mining Company feels someone "is threatening our business and reputation" They pay a certain AMOUNT OF MONEY - anywhere from 300,000 Euros to Millions, depending on how threatening the person is to them The HARASSMENT AGENCY - which has an HQ and paid employees - then begins to work on the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL It is STANDARD PRACTICE for them to try make the person look MENTALLY ILL/DANGEROUS/UNRELIABLE/PRONE TO LYING/PRONE TO MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS AND MAKING SHIT UP and so on It is also STANDARD PRACTICE THAT THE VICTIM NEVER GETS TO SEE THE FACES OF THE PEOPLE CARRYING OUT THE WORK This is so you cannot GIVE A PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF WHO DID THIS TO YOU WHEN ASKED. So you cannot answer the BUT WHO IS DOING THIS TO YOU? question that is inevitable. One word of advice - stop repeating "I'm not mentall ill" all the time. That makes people think "he is crazy, but he thinks he's NOT crazy" and such. And don't be bothered by "people not believing your story" - the average person does NOT believe that this kind of thing can happen "IN OUR DEMOCRACY". Media NEVER reports on GANGSTALKING CASES. They are NOT ALLOWED TO. Sum the situation up CALMLY in 4 sentences: I did some research and whistleblowing against very WEALTHY people who were engaged in unlawful business practices They paid someone money to neutralize me Now I'm being harassed in bizarre ways, and I need legal help or a credible witness by my side to make the whole thing stop I was just trying to get the truth out, and now I'm being treated like I'm Julian Assange or something Government will not acknowledge it is happening. Law firms may not want to get involved - unless you find just the right one. Something you CAN try is to approach a LEFT-LEANING INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST who has PREVIOUSLY RESEARCHED CORPORATE MALFEASANCE. Someone who has KNOCKED HEADS with POWERFUL INDUSTRIES before. The most important thing is to say UPFRONT - "I WAS INVESTIGATING XYZ INDUSTRY AND NOW I AM BEING HARASSED". Don't start ANY letter or phone call with "I'm not crazy". Talk calmly and factually. Part of their HARASSMENT STRATEGY is to MAKE YOU GO AROUND LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN WHO KEEPS GOING ON AND ON ABOUT "I'M NOT CRAZY". STAY CALM. STAY COOL. STAY FACTUAL. GIVE THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU ARE COMPLETELY IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF. IF THEY SAY - AS USUAL - "BUT WHY WOULD THEY HARASS SOMEONE LIKE YOU?", ANSWER WITH "I FOUND OUT A TON OF ILLEGAL, INCRIMINATING STUFF ABOUT THEM AND THEY ARE AFRAID THAT THAT KNOWLEDGE MAY SPREAD AND BECOME PUBLIC."
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