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  1. 1) The U.S. is a country with an Education System so thoroughly SABOTAGED that the average American has to have everything "spelled out" to them. Many Americans have been made to memorize a few very simple slogans ("Capitalism is the highest good", "all Middle-Easterners are dangerous maniacs", "The U.S. government and U.S. Companies are looking out for you") and know little about the world beyond that. That's why AJ "shouts truth" at them. 2) Alex Jones spent YEARS talking about Secret Societies from SKULL AND BONES and the FREEMASONS to the ILLUMINATI and the WEIRDOS WHO GATHER AT BOHEMIAN GROVE. And I'm fairly sure that I have heard him speak about UFOs and SECRET TECHNOLOGIES as well. Why doesn't he DWELL ON THOSE? Because the U.S. MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD CORNER HIM AS "THAT UFO/ALIENS GUY". He talks about a lot of secret stuff.
  2. I started a thread about this yesterday. YOUTUBE has already wiped every upload of this. Now its on Brian Rose and Bitchute only.
  3. It doesn't get much more Anti-Media-Establishment than this video:
  4. Windows 10 was the end of privacy in desktop computing, so Bill probably knows what he is talking about...
  5. Bill looks sexy in that shot. If David can get his "Lurve Connector" system online, maybe Bill will date me?
  6. Tinder: We are sorry but there has been an error. Your date accidentally fell off the edge of the world.
  7. You'd be surprised what govt hackers can do ONCE INSIDE THE SYSTEM. They can leave everything else running fine, and CRIPPLE THE SPECIFIC SERVER CLUSTER OR DATA PIPE that is streaming the LIVE BROADCAST.
  8. David Icke - "Connecting MORE Than Just Dots"
  9. REAL MEN woo their woman by sending this over WhatsApp:
  10. Conspiracy, Conspiracy... They HAXXORED Brian Rose's WRISTWATCH!!! HE CAN'T TELL THE TIME ANYMORE!!!
  11. Brian is at it again: https://freedomplatform.tv/plandemic-indoctornation-world-premiere/
  12. Conspiracy, Conspiracy... WHO runs the dating websites, and WHY?
  13. Be aware that many dating sites/apps have TERRIBLE IT Security practices. They get hacked every now and then. Don't put anything in their profile that you don't want to see in a Database sold on the Dark Web...
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