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  1. Everybody is releasing 80s themed tracks. Buuut... The boy in this video falls madly in love with another guy who is pretending to be a hot chick in Virtual Reality. There is also a Lesbian kiss on prominent display. As if telling youth "You'll get your 80s fix kids. But you gotta be LGBTQ!"
  2. Come on. Explain precisely what YOU know that makes the above "Wrong". Hypnosis can be used to fake hundreds of different sensations in the body. Especially if the subject does NOT realize that it is merely audio-hypnosis delivered at night during sleep.
  3. What they use to do this is - for the most part - is something called "Frey Effect" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect Its basically just audio/voice being transmitted into your brain/inner ear via Radar/Microwave transmitters. 1960s technology. They don't need a Celltower to do this. They can just use a portable unit that is hidden in a car or elsewhere. What they often do with Frey is just basic hypnosis in your sleep. Examples: - Tomorrow at 2pm, your heart will beat really fast and you will panic. - Tomorrow you will wake up, and even though the weather is nice, you will feel like your entire body is freezing and covered in tingly sensations. - Tomorrow when you eat breakfast, you will have terrible problems chewing your food and swallowing it. - Tomorrow you will feel like you cannot think clearly, and our technology is bending your thoughts. - Tomorrow you will feel the urge to go to the toilet, but won't be able to. All hypnosis. You will experience it as if it is real. They also pair it with audio tones - beeeep - at a frequency that your brain can hear, but YOU cannot. So: - Tommorow when you hear Beep-Beep-Boop, you will feel like your feet have gone completely numb and you can't feel them anymore. - Tomorrow when you hear Beep-Boop-Beep, you will feel like your entire house is being watched remotely. - Tomorrow when you hear Boop-Boop, you will only be able to walk very slowly, at one third of your normal walking speed.
  4. Its not mind-reading or remote-viewing in the occult sense. I.e. it is not black-magic or somesuch. They are directing an electrical signal at your head that goes right through concrete walls, the signal interacts with a portion of your brain, and it bounces back altered into a receiver they have set up. The technology exists. But for plausible-deniability purposes, they pretend that it doesn't, and that this kind of tech is 30 years away.
  5. All computer systems are designed in such a way that there is ALWAYS a way to hack into them remotely. 2 things may have happened with your account: 1) They remotely accessed the email-system and modified or deleted your data. They would get your password/login from hacking your phone or home PC, which is very easy. 2) If your email is Microsoft/Yahoo/Google, the email provider may have COVERTLY AGREED to mess up your account. Of course their tech-support staff will tell you "We don't know what's wrong. Your Data appears to be gone." BULLSHIT OF COURSE. Microsoft/Yahoo/Google CANNOT TECHNICALLY LOOSE AN ACCOUNT FULL OF EMAILS - all their DATA is BACKED UP DAILY AND STORED AT SAFE STORAGE SITES. SOMETIMES OLD DATA IS KEPT BACKED UP GOING BACK YEARS. If something happened to your account, they should be able to RESTORE THE DATA FROM BACKUPS THEY HAVE.
  6. There is a vast number of stars and planets in the known Universe. Purely statistically, there must be thousands of Earth-like planets out there that can sustain INTELLIGENT LIFE. Yet our Scientists keep asking "Are we alone in the Universe? Is there other INTELLIGENT LIFE out there?" The Answer is probably: 1) NO, we are NOT alone in the Universe. 2) YES, there is other INTELLIGENT LIFE out there AAAAND THEY HAVE BIGGER BRAINS THAN WE DO.
  7. Materialism is supposed to keep people in what computer programmers call "an infinite loop". Money, property, bills, rent, credit, debt... bla bla bla... People go round and round in that loop from the time they leave their parents' house, to the time they die. And science keeps telling them all along - there is not God, there is no Angels, there is no Metaphysical. Just you, and your physical body and material belongings.
  8. In addition to Vaccines, there is all the horrible fast food, processed foods, processed fats, diet sodas and other shit people in America consume by the gallon. If you drink sodas with Aspartame and other shit in them throughout your youth, perhaps it causes gene/sperm damage that leads to an autistic child? One of the hardest things to find in many American cities is HEALTHY EATING that doesn't cost a ton of money. The quality of the fast food sold is actually WORSE in the U.S. than elsewhere in the world.
  9. The sequel to "The Fall Of The Cabal" has started being published. It tries to answer the question "WHO ARE THE CABAL?". There will be 17 PARTS TOTAL. One part finished and put online each week. Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BRizDPuLs8c4/ Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/qY03ibT5QO6A/
  10. The hippies who attended the leg-end-ary Woodstock music festival were intended to be controlled opposition. Conservative Americans were supposed to be so horrified by these weed smoking, LSD taking, sex having anti-war hippies that they would support the Vietnam war effort staunchly as a reaction. It worked. The hippies were bad, so the war effort was good. Which is why Woodstock, Oxford caught my eye.
  11. Interesting that Woodstock - the LSD fueled Hippie Music Festival - has the same name as Woodstock, Oxford.
  12. The whole thing smacks of "Priest reciting Revelations Baaaaad". Busta Rhymes isn't exactly a saint, is he?
  13. Even sadder that FACEBOOK is shutting down online debate in the country to keep its 30 Millions Vietnamese subscribers. Money before people...
  14. Its promotion for Busta Rhymes' next album "Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God". But what is the bloody message of this video ???
  15. In many different countries COVID19 is spiralling so badly out of control that there will probably be 14 day lockdowns in quite a few places. How will they implement it? With fines and arrests most likely. If you get caught in the street and are not headed to the pharmacy or the nearest supermarket, you'll get arrested and/or fined. They will probably allow limited "food and medicine run windows" - e.g. between 9am and 12am on certain days. How it is implemented will vary from country to country and city to city.
  16. The LA TIMES reports how FACEBOOK COMPLIES WITH 95% OF REQUESTS FROM VIETNAM'S COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT TO SUSPEND/BAN/DELETE CONTENT. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-10-22/facebook-censorship-suppress-dissent-vietnam
  17. Too much highly damaging information about the Elite appeared on the Internet in the 2 years before the pandemic. They may have pushed the "Covid Button" because they felt "The World Is Going Out Of Control".
  18. This documentary will be about "WHO exactly are the Cabal?" Part 1 is online (they will edit and upload a new part every week): Its about Sumer, Babylon, The Knights Templar, The Banking System, The Freemasons, The Rothschilds and more: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BRizDPuLs8c4/
  19. FWIW here is the actual channel the video came from: https://www.youtube.com/c/ACallForAnUprisingforJesus/videos?view=0&sort=dd&flow=grid He's quite a prolific Youtuber who has had his channel DELETED a number of times.
  20. Afaik, Coronavirus is a LARGE FAMILY of viruses, SARS-COV2 is the name of this particular virus, and COVID-19 the actual ILLNESS it causes.
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