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  1. All this has happened to me! Is this Forum up and running again?
  2. Is this forum up and running again now? ?
  3. I don't know where I popped up from either ... Can only get to this forum through a bookmark and only learning from the mistakes I'm making. The Govtn has ruined my robust health up till 6 months ago and taken my job away ... all because of my age
  4. I've just been asked to go in Hospital for my Angiogram and maybe stent, and overnight stay having waited for this procedure a long time. I'm the older, vulnerable category. I asked for a Covid test beforehand and was politely refused. My lung condsultant, the Cardiac Department and my GP refused to engage with me about it - so, after being sent on a wild goose chase for two days (no one told me about the 119 number) - I went and got my own test which was negative. Then I asked my friend how she got her test before her appointment? Hers was a private hospital who wouldn't admit anyone without a test !! I don't know whether to go in next at all now .. theres so much dishonesty about. Would appreciate some feedback ??
  5. How is it I can get to Forum but davidicke.com blocked? Sorry I'm just finding my way around
  6. David Icke.com and all links now blocked on my PC overnight .. Error 504 ... any way of getting it back? It's getting scary times ..please help .. I'm an older lady and not a tech ?
  7. I delivered for a pharmacy and know far more than I should about"practices" and the GP was already under investigation when I reported him. It's my impression from my own experience that the more oldies that disappear the better and if some younger people go too, sobeit
  8. How can I join these group of people?
  9. Yes last November for me too . . From a shifty GP (they get £250 a throw for each jab) I could be your Mum but I was fit. Then run by nose breathless etc .. body just collapsed and spine fractured by itself!
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