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  1. Somebody posted this on the covid mega thread yesterday or day before and the first part actually kinds of ties in with her arrest https://www.bitchute.com/video/HkZvPMd2U7k/
  2. sam


    I agree with all which is being said And it is going to get worse So I'm going to get away now for week or so while I can before the vaccine passports happen. And we have pretty much been treated like cattle when we travel by plane for a long time Ever since 9/11 travel around the worid has been made harder Imo travel is made hard because when we meet people from different countries we realise we are all the same ....but this basic stuff we all know I would hope. So I'm gonna play the game a little bit more .. sticking a muzzle on my face is nothing compared to ha
  3. sam


    Good call ?is he the one who tested a mango or something for covid 1984 and it came back positive...I saw that video ?? Re the mask ....I hear what you are saying But I am gonna choose my battles I just want to get there , keep my head down....and try to keep my temp down so they let me in ...??
  4. sam


    Yeah lanzarote and fuerta are beautiful too....but the reef got me hooked. We stay Costa adeje way.
  5. sam


    I have camped at shell island ❤ loved it
  6. sam


    Yeah I know it's going to be a nause . Masks on the plane and all that. places are open too and the distancing in them is strong. I was in tenerife March 12 th when lockdown kicked in and got a flight home following Wednesday so know how hardcore they are . I have chosen tenerife though because I am so familiar with it and know people there. I'm gonna be happy with a few bars open and the beach .my expectations are low . I just need to get out of dodge for a while....and visit another dodge ??? I would definitely not be going somewhere new
  7. sam


    What are your thoughts I've booked a sleazy jet ?? 10 days on August 1st ...off to tenerife I was waiting on that corridor announcing Anyone else going to go overseas?
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