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  1. This system is similar to where I live. It is social housing but it is a co operative. This is different from a housing association in that the tenants have the say on policies ,management and decisions. There are a small office team but it is the co operative who have make the decisions. This is done by asking everyone what they would like , voting and surveys. Like the village you mention it is similar and people get the chance to be in different posts for example, chairperson, treasurer, admin,groups, sub groups and more. It works and there are a few co ops out there although not enough! Scandinavian countries have more and the good thing is that they are assured tenancies so they can be passed to family. In the future I hope all social housing will be like this, not only because its Democratic but there will less pressure for people to buy homes as its nigh impossible here to get on the property ladder unless you are a high earner or privileged so it will give young people a chance at least. https://www.communityledhomes.org.uk/what-housing-co-operative
  2. Switzerland is an example. I am all for the country being run by the people for the people..It could take a while to achieve and maybe a revolution would have to happen. https://www.houseofswitzerland.org/swissstories/history/way-modern-direct-democracy-switzerland
  3. Maybe they plan to put vaccine passports in the chips along with personal details, credit, criminal charges and other data.
  4. Aw no! They should be doing something useful and hack the banks and those who deserve a hack...Thanks for welcome and hope to learn and research more , every day's a school day
  5. Hiya from Edinburgh. I was a previous member back in the day. I felt a pull towards the forum again in light of the current state of the planet. Cheers.
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