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  1. Thinking about it, what really disturbed me is that I looked directly into their eyes and it felt like these people were soulless. Like their consciousness had evacuated the body and they were just empty meat suits guided by dark entities. All the things that make us connect as humans- like empathy, compassion and understanding-nowhere to be found. I could intensely feel their single minded devotion to the twisted dogma of wanting everyone to wear masks and walk in a specific direction. Very Invasion of The Body Snatchers and very surreal. But I hope it never stops feeling surreal, we should n
  2. I agree. It was my first encounter of this nature so I was caught a bit off guard after a year of not being confronted by anyone. I think if it did happen again in future I am better off preparing a more measured thought provoking response. But it was one of those days today where I just felt like calling a cunt a cunt. After that incident I don't feel gratified, I just feel very sad that people are so heavily indoctrinated they will attack other people to preserve their delusions.
  3. While there are some awakening, the Covidian cultists seem more devoted than ever to their new religion. I just had my first ever "challenge" to my non-mask stance in the local Tesco express. One old fella said to me as I walked past him "You're not wearing a mask!". I pointed out my lanyard and said "medically exempt". He then said "Oh okay. But you walked the wrong way in the aisle!". So I told him to fuck off and mind his own business and walked to join the queue for the tills. Then some younger guy in the queue starts shouting at me "what makes you medically exempt then?" I rep
  4. De-platforming every dissenting voice on social media, going into PR overdrive to convince people to get the computer salesman's depopulation jab, staging incidents to demonize non-conformists, spreading increasingly surreal lies through mainstream media, trying to impeach a President who is apparently out of office in just over a week etc etc, These are not the actions of a side who are confident they are winning. Their house of cards will come down before they even get a sniff of the arse end of the Chinese credit system.
  5. Tony Blair spreading himself all over the media today like a scorching case of herpes. One glance at social media and not even the normies want to take vaccination advice from a war criminal. It's bizarre that they would pick someone who is hated by the majority of the public for the latest round of jabbing PR.
  6. When thinking about why so many are willingly walking into enslavement, an interesting thing to consider is the connection between the Covidians and the psychological structure of a Doomsday cult. Reading about Doomsday cults I'd have thought that if the apocalyptic event they place at the centre of their dogma didn't happen it would dispel their faith, but in a lot of these cases their belief in the dogma actually strengthened after non-confirmation. When the apocalyptic event fails to materialise, members of these kind of cults often blame each other for not having enough faith
  7. Is this a reference to the muzzling?
  8. The tough aspect with the unawakened is that it's easier for them to believe there is a real virus killing people than the truth which is that they are participating in a Satanic Ritual. While there are other surface agendas at play here, we should never forget the ritualistic nature to all of this. The creation of the Covidian Cult places such an emphasis on wearing a mask in order to facilitate the death of the person's old identity before the identification with, and the manifestation of, a new identity. An identity which is devoted to the cult programming (wash your hands, stay
  9. I notice the psy-op's latest media blitz is to claim hospitals are over run. Bullshit. In my area in Wales I know for a fact the main city hospital is empty and there is a lot of evidence out there showing that most hospitals around the country are under no more strain than they usually would be at this time of year. There's not even a manipulation of information in the MSM, it's just complete and utter lies. Fake information. Fake virus. All this deception can only be counter acted with authenticity and honesty. I really admire those who are speaking the truth at this time, it's not easy to w
  10. If you consider Handcock to be any kind of powerful person remember the moment on live TV when he encountered a woman up close for the first time.
  11. The figures are a total fabrication. If a real deadly virus was released on a populous it wouldn't be something they could control and manipulate to suit their timing. They never needed a real virus to do this, it's all a psy-op attacking people with false information and indoctrinating them into cult programming. NOTHING is real.
  12. Hope everyone is having a good Christmas and Santa has brought you a nice big bag of non-compliance for the festive season. Ignore the unenforceable "rules", know that you have choices and live free.
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