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  1. Those three lined up there looks like the shittest 'Britain's Got Talent' audition ever.
  2. I find it funny that Bill Gates still thinks people won't notice his needle fetishizing lunacy if he wears inoffensive sweaters.
  3. I find the black muzzles to be the most sinister, that absence of colour really rams home the Satanic nature of the masks. Being reminded about rituals while I buy some cauliflower is fucking weird. This shit never stops being surreal but then that's a good thing, muzzling up and treating other humans like bio hazards should never be accepted as "normal".
  4. If a person deliberately traps someone in a domicile it's called False Imprisonment. A person could invoke so much precedence as an illegal action, including a contravening of human rights laws. The students should do their research, illustrate to the Universities how they are in fact liable for legal and civil action and then walk out.
  5. So the city I live in (Swansea) gets a lockdown. I was going to read a list of the new restrictions on the Welsh government website but have decided to get on with my life instead.
  6. I have an exemption card and never wear a mask. But I also find it crazy that I'm now one of the very few unmasked people in the shops around my village in Wales. I went to M&S the other day and was the sole unmasked person in there. No one bothers me but it is energetically challenging to have to walk through a sea of sado masochistic subservience just to buy some organic cucumber.
  7. Will the normies now start to take note with articles like this starting to emerge in the MSM? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/09/23/revealed-sir-patrick-vallance-has-600000-shareholding-firm-contracted/
  8. If parents can afford to home school I think they should. School was always pure indoctrination and propaganda but now they want to institute a Marxist structure on the Western world it's going to get even worse. The best thing we can encourage children to be is empowered, they need to be instilled with the the confidence to discover their uniqueness and interests without any pressure to conform. Not much chance of that happening in mainstream schools where it's all about the cabal agenda to strip everyone of their individuality.
  9. Considering the masks create so much bacteria around and inside the mouth are we going to see a lot of people with teeth like Shane MacGowan in a few months time?
  10. I must admit I'm quite surprised some people are panicking about a second lockdown. I know it has an adverse effect on businesses and I empathise with that but on a personal level in terms of restricted liberties all I can say is just open your door and go wherever the fuck you want. That's what I've always done and what I will continue to do. I don't wear a mask, i don't track and trace, I don't restrict where I go, I just get on with living my life and no one says anything to me. If you project vulnerability you might get accosted by the stasi or some busybody but if you have the empowerment to know you can say No to anything and do what you like then there's no reason to be fearful. Oh you want me to stay in my house and only go out for an hour a day? NO. Fuck off. Then I go outside and spend a few hours enjoying nature not giving a shit if one of the petrified pot bangers who live opposite have a stopwatch. The Pantomime can stick the lockdown up their arse, I've already seen that show and it was shit.
  11. Look at what they've done so far. It's easier for the cabal to further their agenda with a fake virus. They can add new symptoms to it as and when it suits them, manipulate figures around it and they've got the brain dead portion of the population running around in masks and lathering toxic shit on their hands to avoid something that hasn't been proven to exist. If they release a real deadly strain they can't control it and control is everything to them. Remember this is a Psy-Op, it's all about inducing the fear of a deadly virus so the Covidians will go running to get jabbed by the mighty prick of Gatesy and the New Turd Order (good name for a band?). The virus itself doesn't need to be real.
  12. I'm learning through this information war that the key is to find a way to emotionally disengage from their fear mongering bullshit and threats. It's tough to do that but it is possible. The moments I get when I move into neutrality, I can actually laugh at the pathetic Pantomime it is. The political arena and mainstream media are all just a bunch of second hand car salesman putting on a David Lynch level of surreal stage shows for us, touting threats and silly "rules" which if people simply say No to just become unenforceable. What they've set up is all just a house of cards and I firmly believe that by the end of the year the stack will come tumbling down.
  13. Personally I don't feel the need to worry about the brainwashed. They will be on the wrong side of history and will pay a very heavy karmic price. All I can do is deal with myself and my own perception. I'm wide awake and don't intend to acquiesce to any measures brought in by so called authority figures. I don't fear them and don't even need to fight them. I just don't give a shit about them. I'll adapt and get on with my life. Granted, I'm fortunate to have a job and lifestyle which doesn't require me to cave into bullshit like track and trace etc. But if people can find the courage to make changes in their life and work on their anxiety it is possible to get to a positive place and not succumb to the fear. Remember this is all a Psy-Op and they're working on our minds. trying to break even the most intelligent people down with non stop messages of fear and confusion. Not everything they're going to try will become a reality and it certainly won't if we work on gaining confidence in our personal empowerment. We are divine beings, we should never believe anyone has any kind of superior power over us. Fuck their "new abnormal".
  14. The lyrics to Ian Brown's new tune are fantastic. Leans into the NWO, Gates and his vaccine, Musk etc
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