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  1. Does a vaccine company still have indemnity if their product is not actually a vaccine by any legal or medical definition and is in fact an experimental DNA altering substance?
  2. “A form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being …Upon donning the mask, the wearer sometimes undergoes a psychic change, and, as in a trance, assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask.” - Encyclopaedia Britannica. The quote above seems quite relevant this week as I've witnessed so many public displays of mask wearers stumbling around appearing to be utterly bewildered. In the supermarket I saw one masked woman walk into the entrance with a trolley and then immediately turn towards the separate exit and start leaving the shop before realising she hadn't actually done her shopping yet. She stopped, then clogged up the exit door and started panicking, not knowing which way to turn. I've seen mask wearers walking into the middle of busy main roads to avoid people on pavements and nearly getting hit by cars. Others walking into supermarket aisles and stumbling into the shelves. Many wander around and don't look even remotely present in their bodies. Older people genuinely look like they are struggling for air. The mental health issues across the global populous must be at an unprecedented level by now.
  3. "Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention. The patient must be competent to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure or intervention." The vaccines cannot be forced upon any human being. They just want you to believe they can. We always need to remember this is a psy-op information war. There is nothing to be worried about if you can articulate your rights and don't offer so called authoritarian figures the fear they crave.
  4. Just venturing a theory put forward by the people mentioned in the post, my intention was to raise it as a talking point from an alternative angle rather than push it as my definitive opinion. I don't discount that there are many people out there who are desperately fearful because of trauma they've experienced in their life. I empathise with that because we all experience suffering, it's an inevitable part of the human condition. I'm very interested in hearing what other people's experiences are with the Covidian cultists and I'm open minded to different opinions.
  5. If we consider the hypothesis that we live in a holographic reality, there is an interesting theory spoken about by Dolores Cannon and Franco DeNicola that around 60% of the people we see out there are in fact "extras". Soul-less beings who are simply visual window dressing for our perception of reality, comparable to what is done in the movies when they pack street scenes with background extras to make the illusion more realistic. The theory is that these extras will only come into our orbit if we've lowered to a three dimensional vibration or if we judge them rather than remaining emotionally neutral to their behaviour. It's an interesting theory considering how the Covidian Cultists seem to be devoid of critical thinking, emotional connection or even rudimentary common sense. Of course it's easier said than done to not judge when witnessing that behaviour. My experience has been that if I'm feeling particularly bitter or judgemental of the "normies" I tend to run into every queue possible when I go to the shops and have even had confrontations, whereas when I'm feeling positive and high frequency it's like the cultists don't even see me, no queues and no interactions. The overall point this leads to is that whatever the true nature of our reality may be, where we put our focus and how we shape our perception is the key to all this. It's all about personal empowerment and we shouldn't give our power away by focusing on the extras who have chosen to incarnate here to play a dark or sacrificial role in this stage show. Same goes for politicians and their puppet masters. Whatever anyone says no one can make us do anything we don't want to do. I believe that if we deprive them of what they want the most - our fear and subservience -we can create a brighter future we all want to live in.
  6. I think there's no doubt that there's a psychological subversion in many people when they strap on their muzzle. Aside from the dark energetic impact of them taking part in a Satanic ritual and the obvious negative health implications, the fact that it reduces inhibitions is interesting. It makes these indoctrinated people far more likely to ignore normal social boundaries and engage in increasingly extreme behaviour. I think the mask provides a sort of unconscious anonymity, emboldening a frightened person with a victim mentality to become a perpetrator instead and attack others. The masks are actually perpetuating the fears of both the wearer and anyone who can't see obscured faces, decreasing empathy between people, making misinterpretation of each other's demeanours far more likely and subsequently confirming to all concerned that nobody is "safe". The sad fact is that the Covidian cultists are actually a very real threat to free thinking people because they have been through a sustained gas lighting process of dehumanization and dissociation and no longer have empathy for other humans. They are so preoccupied with their irrational fear of dying they no longer know how to live rationally. They now have no meaning in life other than the instructions given to them by their leaders, in this case the government and the mainstream media. Ironic that these programmed people use the phrase "stay safe" when they are creating an environment out there where anyone exercising personal choice and their human rights is far from safe. The self policing is the greatest threat to others. Of course the most interesting thing is the end game of the vaccine will turn many people into soulless drones. Why bother? So many already are. But I think in energetic terms if we keep our vibration high and focus on positive things in our life (creativity, engaging with nature, healthy food, those we love etc) we won't have to share a low frequency with these people. From my experience if I'm having a bad day I tend to connect in with the cultists' anxiety and negativity when I'm out and about and it disturbs me. But if I'm feeling positive, empowered and living in my authentic self I feel like I'm on a totally different timeline to the cultists and feel so much more neutral to it all. I think ultimately that's the answer to how we deal with this. Just work on remaining as positive as we can and focus on the little pleasures in life. Hopefully that not only preserves our own sanity but the constructive energy can perhaps have a positive effect on others by proxy.
  7. When I consider my perception of this "pandemic", I remove the Psy-op/media hysteria element and focus just on personal experience. I actually have a medical condition which would categorise me as "vulnerable" or however they like to refer to it in this context. Yet every day for a year now I've gone out of my home for walks and to supermarkets etc. I don't wear a mask, don't use hand sanitizer and don't anti-social distance. If there really is some deadly virus floating around in the air then it should have clung to me like a deep fart in a cramped lift. Yet I haven't had so much as a runny nose in all of that time, no illness matching Covid symptoms whatsoever. So based on my own experience I believe there is no virus. Just a lot of people out there who have been primed for years to now be indoctrinated into cognitively dissonant cultist behaviour through government and media gas lighting.
  8. The mass indoctrination of people into The Covid Cult is fascinating to me. It's interesting to see how prominently Loaded Language has been deployed. Those platitudes/buzz words which are catchy but lack logic, used in most cults/religions. It intrigues me how many people so quickly adopted the Loaded Language into their lexicon and adhered to the logical fallacy that accompanies it. There are some interesting psychological aspects to the cult programming. There's the ad hominem attacks on people, in this scenario for being "selfish" for not wearing masks or anti-social distancing which helps create that "Us Vs Them" mentality. The cultists have also got that false dichotomy mentality. Like in religions it's "Repent to be saved or burn in hell" the Covidians have equally extreme contentions like stay home and wash your hands or you will be a murderer. That ties into the non-sequitur thinking process too with them dishing out conclusions which they think are supported by the statements made beforehand but actually aren't because the cultists haven't done any independent research and have simply accepted the conclusions handed to them by their "leaders". But while this is all fascinating it also occurs to me that these people are not the true enemy to the awakening. These cultists are soulless fodder sleepwalking into their demise. Energetically speaking they came here to play on the dark side in this time. We have to accept that we can't save them, they can only save themselves. The greater issue in my view are the apathetic. People who simply comply without any strong feelings either way equally fly in the face of everything it means to be human - emotion, passion, empathy etc. Apathy is easy but it also removes personal empowerment. Most of us might swing to extremes mood wise regarding this current situation and I think it's okay to just go with that flow. They're aiming to turn us into inhuman drones so this is the time for us to be passionate and show emotion, the very things which make us the most human.
  9. A video from 1984 which seems rather prophetic in relation to the current situation... The First Stage : Demoralization The Second Stage : Destabilization The Third Stage : Crisis The Fourth Stage : Normalisation
  10. During a walk today I saw four people do the Corona Swerve onto a busy main road rather than share a pavement with a fellow human being. Seeing this madness, I started thinking about this scene from Final Destination...
  11. Thinking about it, what really disturbed me is that I looked directly into their eyes and it felt like these people were soulless. Like their consciousness had evacuated the body and they were just empty meat suits guided by dark entities. All the things that make us connect as humans- like empathy, compassion and understanding-nowhere to be found. I could intensely feel their single minded devotion to the twisted dogma of wanting everyone to wear masks and walk in a specific direction. Very Invasion of The Body Snatchers and very surreal. But I hope it never stops feeling surreal, we should never accept the cultist behaviour as normal. As you say, there are a lot of people who are waking up as well and I do feel we're on the verge of a big energetic change over the coming months.
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