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  1. Does a vaccine company still have indemnity if their product is not actually a vaccine by any legal or medical definition and is in fact an experimental DNA altering substance?
  2. “A form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being …Upon donning the mask, the wearer sometimes undergoes a psychic change, and, as in a trance, assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask.” - Encyclopaedia Britannica. The quote above seems quite relevant this week as I've witnessed so many public displays of mask wearers stumbling around appearing to be utterly bewildered. In the supermarket I saw one masked woman walk into the entrance with a trolley and then immediatel
  3. "Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention. The patient must be competent to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure or intervention." The vaccines cannot be forced upon any human being. They just want you to believe they can. We always need to remember this is a psy-op information war. There is nothing to be worried about if you can articulate your rights and don't offer so called authoritarian figures the fear they crave.
  4. Just venturing a theory put forward by the people mentioned in the post, my intention was to raise it as a talking point from an alternative angle rather than push it as my definitive opinion. I don't discount that there are many people out there who are desperately fearful because of trauma they've experienced in their life. I empathise with that because we all experience suffering, it's an inevitable part of the human condition. I'm very interested in hearing what other people's experiences are with the Covidian cultists and I'm open minded to different opinions.
  5. If we consider the hypothesis that we live in a holographic reality, there is an interesting theory spoken about by Dolores Cannon and Franco DeNicola that around 60% of the people we see out there are in fact "extras". Soul-less beings who are simply visual window dressing for our perception of reality, comparable to what is done in the movies when they pack street scenes with background extras to make the illusion more realistic. The theory is that these extras will only come into our orbit if we've lowered to a three dimensional vibration or if we judge them rather than remaining e
  6. Is this a reference to the muzzling?
  7. The election fraud will be exposed, the "result" will be overturned in court and Trump will get another four years. Meanwhile Biden will retire to the Cabal nursing home where they'll pump him full of adrenochrome as long as he promises not to sniff the staff members.
  8. People should probably go off and do something else for a while, this will rumble on for weeks if not months. A Cabal Coup d'etat that will end up in more courts than Perry Mason. It's such a transparent fixing of an election it would be funny if it wasn't so tragically desperate. Of course it is still funny to see the virtue signalling Twitter crowd believe a hair sniffing sock puppet is going to win genuinely and honestly. Even if he did win they're still going to need some industrial strength smelling salts and a massive heater to keep him alive for the inauguration.
  9. If it's a democratic process Trump wins by a landslide. But will it be a democratic process? Hmm.
  10. The lack of oxygen from the masks effecting physical function is noticeable when I'm out and about now. Today I saw a masketeer spill and smash a bunch of glass jars when they got to the checkout in the supermarket and another doing the Covidian Swerve in an aisle and ending up clattering into a shelf. What they both had in common is the demeanour of people who would jump out of their skin if anyone came within a yard of them. The mind virus is tragic. I can't even begin to imagine the shame and disillusionment the fearful will have if they are ever faced with undeniable truth that Covid and t
  11. Buy yourself an exemption card and lanyard, hang it around your neck whenever you have to enter a Covidian shop. I wear one and no one ever confronts me. https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/shop/cards.html
  12. Trump said at a recent rally that American doctors were putting down deaths from other conditions as Covid. He advocates for the lockdowns to end and businesses to re-open. I don't hear any other "world leaders" talking like this, so in that respect he's doing a decent job of trolling the cabal. Pretending he had Covid and recovering over a weekend was pretty funny too.
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