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  1. I don't know but I'm certainly very suspicious of it, I'll give you that much. Most cryptocurrencies seem iffy to me and there are so many different companies or ICO's as they are known as offering them and so people would be well advised to research and that all takes time and mental energy. I can't claim to speak for anyone else here but me, I like the simple life, I don't need complications. I want an alternative that will make things EASIER for me rather than complicating things and this crytocurrency route seems like the latter to me.
  2. Yes, they do. you're right there but presumably, if people do get such complications as a result of the az jab, phoning a doctor will probably be just a formality. It doesn't sound like there will be much that any doctor can do for them anyway, if this case with the BBC presenter is anything to go by. she might just as well have risked getting Covid, presuming it really exists, and I'm not saying it doesn't exist, that's another debate, but presuming it does exist, she probably would have had more chance of surviving that than the complications she developed as a result of the jab, now there's a tragic irony right if there's ever been one.
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