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  1. lol a good one to start with is mercury its very very odd https://www.bitchute.com/video/fkKFzI6Q0RLD/ or the guy with the very clear slow speech pattern that becomes a little hypnotic https://www.bitchute.com/video/6uwP2K6V9MFL/
  2. pretty much thought that the firmament begins around 62miles up ..the rocket was claimed to reach 70miles looked to me like the rocket entered a thick globby type air/liquid zone
  3. pretty sure the crack squad on a misson to prove the spin proved there was no spin
  4. pretty much reiterating my post without saying anything new very tedious waste of thread space
  5. ok and laughing /mocking someone expressing their belief on a forum doesnt make you a spiritual guru
  6. surely you recognise that this existence has been designed, intelligently?
  7. i had 2 separate arguments 1. was within the helio model 2nd was discounting the helio model due to its failures and unproven basis, there is no space. The moon is 3400~ miles up. There is a firmament etc etc so continuing////... you assume a vacuum to the moon. i say that is folly there is a thick air/liquid up in the sky i present this video as evidence of a 'thick' liquid/air in the sky. Its very odd as the rocket seems to be undamaged by the sudden spin stop. Additionally the release of the bottom section is not what we expect from a free falling heavy object. It just seems to drift. I recommend watching Felix Baumgartner drop from on high. He plummets like a stone. Alternative thought would be that the bottom section is very very light but the rockets sudden spin halt deserves attention. n.b at 1.25min the moon is seen which has been pointed out 'should' in the helio model be on the otherside of the globe.. but we know there is no globe and we are seeing the moon from a high observer position as it ttravels over the flat earth
  8. what speed? light speed is not a constant. you assume too many things. i have written a number of reasons previously why 'moon bounce' is a myth.
  9. the group disseminating the fear porn to the masses which had lockdowns started, masks, jabs are countering their own bollocks with controlled anti-jab information vaccine technology is reinforced on both sides even though the data we see shows a. illnesses reduce with better water, better food, better lifestyle, better psychological state, better environmemt , clean air b. introduction of vaccine results in the total control of data for that specifically classified illness
  10. Oh come on , we all know the teachings say God the father, God the son, God the holy spirit stop the wind up
  11. but nowt for the homeless english or families living in a hotel. charity obviously starts at Virtue signaling n.b add Ukrainian friend to my bucketlist
  12. climateviewer discussing history of climate changers 3/4 way through mentions in the 1960's flooding the sky with millions of copper dipoles. "orbiting needles to aim communications" using metal in the sky to bounce radio waves off..... who would believe it? just to add information to counter the 'moon bounce myth'
  13. i think heres a sideways look at the Russia vs Uk /USA screenshot from video below showing bordering countries around arctic , battle for fuel
  14. cases based upon visual inspection or the magical PCR ? as with all these illnessess the diagnosis will cross other classified illnesses like smallpox or chickenpox
  15. i do disagree trouble is there is the 3rd party involved, the baby. when does the babys body autonomy get noticed? Does the baby not have a right to life?
  16. B.S, the 2017 solar eclipse is recorded as existing from an observer point supposedly facing away from the sun. (flat earth doesnt have the problem) total nonsense from the chalkboard scratchers
  17. its ok , i am allowed to disagree with you and the wgs84 model . i am allowed to put forward my evidence and reasons for disagreeing take it or leave it
  18. why keep asking the same thing over and over after receiving a reply ? its just trolling eclipses are predicted using saros cycle the moon and sun travel on their paths its the fake sphere model that requires complex calculations to try and keep it together plus it needs extras like refraction of sun and moon for selenelions. its really pathetic. there is no moon there during a solar 'eclipse'. deal with it.
  19. thats a pile of illogical crap. make up whatever nonsense you need fella
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