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  1. I guess the Helio planet wobble is translated to the dome shape causing the refracted image to alter apparent position. I am of course further suggesting that the misshaped dome was damaged a while ago . Following on that, the precession has been recorded ever since after as a reminder of the old and the marvel of the new.
  2. looks like the Sun moving to me. good to see the science being impartial from the beginning: in the northern hemisphere , and to be more critical : that roughly corresponds to observers latitude roughly? kiss my swingers . Theres no roughly or ishly allowed in heliocentrism. Its supposed to be accurate, perfectly meshed and there to replace the Papal infallibility. the FE model with the Sun circling above (shown many times on here) in a clockwise motion accounts for an observer viewing east on a compass and seeing the sun rise one side , rise and set the other side of the horizon. The observer at NZ sees the same Sun moving right to left and the opposite position of an observer at GER sees the sun left to right
  3. talkradio promoting a video examining the 'lab leak'
  4. the stars viewable in Late June would be completely different in Late December the angle of view is always less than 180 degrees the stars on the left cant be viewed from the right side because the sphere is in the way. why you are denying this simple observable fact is testament to the dogma of heliocentrism
  5. The implications of that is far reaching A bit 9/11 truth Jones, wood, fetzer et Al.
  6. i mean the rebuilding of society. The parasite can be removed while retaining the structure
  7. To be fair imo If the law was upheld most of this shit wouldn't happen The structure ain't perfect but it's better than everywhere else
  8. As I was sat queuing I did wonder why so many old giffords were out at lunch time. The mind addled do silly things When the electric charge points don't work cause it's cloudy I'll be laughing back at the leccy wankers
  9. I'll say again It's not the police that's the problem So easily thoughts drift to a material barrier . This is internalised as a battle between truth and law Nature will be positioned as law Ego as truth The psyche is being manipulated to favour the ego and relegate nature The self is abandoned
  10. Employment Vax mandates will be forgotten when 25% are off sick , they'll be begging the healthy to ' just help out, to cover for a week' Bo-luks to you I'll say. Employ more intelligent people like me
  11. as long at the observer point is in sunlight , the parallax works just fine, but doesnt explain the same stars in the night sky in June and in December. The helio model fails this is the European Space Agency national schools observatory iowa physics dep the parallax is being misappropriated by the sphereheads.
  12. also i would say that this is a sort of Alchemy: our vision is being hijacked we are told how something is beyond our natural view when we look as far as we can we add on the taught system a false view is created and lived through as we look our self becomes deluded and misguided through delusion and confusion more falsehoods are introduced
  13. 1st pic is the original. 2nd I drew on it. The parallax could occur in NH for a small % of the sky and that leaves the cast majority of the sky as falling outside heliocentrism It's easy to see on the diagram how impossible heliocentrism is to apply to the observable nightsky Additionally the original BBC GCSE diagram also implies that all the stars viewable are a cluster at the top ...which is very very odd Is BBC telling us something or just having a big laugh at us all ?
  14. What do you think happened after ww1 and ww2 ? Single mothers insanely pampering their distraught children. A bit fight clubby thinking but blokes generally can be easily more strict than mothers. She's obviously a wreck after her husband died.
  15. Tbh they carry on when autism rates are flying up They carry on when told of higher mortality in vaccinated people They carry on using surplus stock of mercury based Vax Maybe the sexton stuff gives hope to newbies but once you see the trend , the previous actions and inactions of the system....you may realise the dangers of Vax were the original intention The resell of medication to alleviate adverse reactions is just another big joke of damage to the body. These people think if you are willing to have the chemical then you deserve to be injured.
  16. i also think that these issues are masking the long term damage inorganic minerals in water cause the body i.e calcification of pineal gland, https://www.makewaterpure.co.uk/learn/organic-and-inorganic-minerals Inorganic minerals cause arthritis, joint pain, kidney, gallstones and many more. This is because inorganic chemicals cannot absorb as nutrition into the cell walls and thus gets deposited elsewhere into the body causing arthritis, joint pain, kidney and gallstones and even clogged arteries. Lime (calcium carbonate) is one of these minerals (this is the main ingredient in cement!) In a book written by Dr. Norman W. Walker, he said that if a person drank 2 pints of water a day for 70 years then this would total 4,500 gallons, estimating this water would include 200 to 300 pounds of rock, like lime, magnesium and other mineral deposits that the body cannot use. He does state, that much of this would be collected by the body's water, blood and lymph systems to be eliminated through excretory channels while some would stay in the body and contributing to health problems. The way to avoid this is by drinking distilled water
  17. no, ever since those 'krokodil' bs pictures i would not trust this 'dramatic representation' of vaccine injury
  18. buy a distiller , on ebay around £60.
  19. its pretty clear what the agenda is for years they have been painting fluoride onto kids teeth, hasnt improve teeth health but those kids are stupider Dr Mullenix would destroy Whitty in an I.Q fluoride test the zombies will trust in Whitty because 'everything is as it appears. everything is hunk-a-dory' "i use fluoride toothpaste i am not stupid " you betcha Bob~! your a regular fucking genius btw lets not let the Dentists off the hook.. These morons who love a good ole drilling and root canal to pass the time in their working day give this advice, morons "brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste before you eat a meal" "have this fluoride varnish paitned on your teeth" "dont eat as many sweets and dont eat alot of fruit as that has alot of sugar in it" the doctor told me to prevent hurting my left foot i should wear steel boots and hop so i dont damage it again
  20. woah steady eddy the real and the world are separate things the world is the 2d imaginary, the social, the ego the real is the land under your feet, nature, your body the earth is a completely different thing to the world however there is cross-over and confusion due to the ego and the confusion is growing
  21. i would like to re-assess the recent Oz police/union/state show violent protest is affirmed Union action is deceivious union staffers kicked off when the police arrived union members retaliated smashing up the building facia union had dialogue to stop the vaxx mandate with State for weeks before the State had no intention of long term vax mandate; the situation was planned to continue to provoke violent reaction at the 'staged area' when no violence occurred the union staffers were allowed to provoke it when the police were ordered toward the staged area the police were not allowed into the staged area until the media had the planned footage violence was linked with the removal of vaxx mandate on building sites the entire thing was manufactured a bit messy, a bit uncoordinated but effective and the cops running away from the protestors the other day another staged (the entire area was controlled) event
  22. lol i wouldnt but i guess, considering the masses decision making process, that around 60% of vegetarians and vegans would eat bug protein because they are easily swayed and it would be a great virtue signal to others. wankers
  23. they arent reaaaaallllly promoting Veganism. They are promoting 'processed vegan food'. They do not really want people eating organic veg,fruit, nuts diet. They are promoting the packaged food industry and the 'new' protein sources. They know that 'Bob' doesnt want to give up his steak so they promote veganism while introducing lab grown meat Bod will gravitate to the lab grown meat and accept the removal of animal meat rather than eat 'that vegan crap'
  24. thered be fuckin chairs kicked over at my kids school. kids would be removed from that toxic environment wankers
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