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  1. if i am refused public services because i do not consent to a PCR test or do not have a 'vaccine passport' then it will be only fair that i am not liable for council tax or income tax or self-employed tax. i am become quite comfortable with the notion of private health care, private waste disposal, private education etc etc it would be a legal stretch to continue fleecing my money when i am not eligible for any services due not to change of the services but the requirement to gain access to them
  2. reminds me of the superman cave scene
  3. is it the area sweating causing suction? surely a compass held closer to the arm and moving away would provide better information
  4. lay in traction yesterday at the chiro staring through the roof windows watching the clouds float by ... 15 mins disappeared into a meditation. was awesome.
  5. no its always been 'recommended' but most schools claim they were scared of being sued if they didnt 'strongly encourage' mask wearing so all the time it was a choice and all 2nd school children could of just said 'no'
  6. Peter aaby would disagree, seems the vaccinated have a higher morbidity to diseases they haven't been jabbed for. Of course based on the contagion infection model the non vaxxed will be blamed
  7. Yes, I was referring generally to viral contagion and the idea that bact pneu could be infectious /contagious Spread used with reference to virus or bacteria is very ropey as it can be shown to go from mouth nose to somewhere else but that doesn't mean contagion or infection. Spread is used synonymously with contagion and infection which I dispute There are many types of dangerous bacteria in the garden, soil, public spaces yet for the cast majority of people they do not become infected Imo all disease is associated with last-known-diseased-con
  8. i remember in the olden days around March 20th 2020 asymptomatic spread was placed in the less than 0.001% risk category saying with 1000 asymptomatic people in a supermarket that could cause 1 illness but thats old science of course
  9. there is no proof. there is only supposition, presumption and association. in all the years of the unproven dangerous theory scientists have failed to introduce 'a virus' to a healthy host and cause illness, to a unhealthy host and cause additional illness, to a cell culture to cause damage most recent laugh was the AIDS patients vs SAR patients dumped on the same ward together and in some cases in the same room. Chinese medical experiments are 'accidents' of course https://khn.org/morning-breakout/dr00017448/ the transmission/contagion zealots really shy away
  10. i think the onus is upon the infection/transmission model to prove its claim there is no proof
  11. i wish that was so but most who i talk to are ecstatic about the jibjab, elated even that they will be injected. there is a cult excitement between the vaxxed
  12. As pointed out a while back, Restrictions are required to legally allow general use of experiential vaccine Without emergency laws both are cancelled
  13. Or just gets released and left alone That for me is a win They go for his imprisonment, closure of the church and then claim the building for costs and then sell it at auction
  14. Infection and transmission is a myth Created to hide the damaging effects of electricity Check out the infectious myth on archive .com David crowe or Kaufman or Cowan or Stefan Lanka
  15. All those CEOs jumped ship before the lockdown last year
  16. he seems pretty clued up on law so i would expect him to make a counter-claim and sort the thing out pretty sharpish
  17. to be absolutely clear i wouldnt say it spreads bacterial pneumonia but causes it the bacteria comes from the mask wearer ... not from someone else and i cant find any evidence that the bacteria being inhaled by the mask wearer can be exhaled to someone else and cause them to develop bacterial pneumonia so while Fauci did write an essay upon the Spanish Flu and incidence of bacterial pneu for mask wearers there is no proof of spread just like there is no proof of spread of viruses
  18. in my opinion 'inflation' will be the removal of the existing artificially controlling price mechanisms the system produces too much food right now deliberately in order to control wholesale prices there is too much food and alot of it is destroyed (this is at all points of production - harvest, factory, shop, table) imo the important thing is the vaccine, the systems building around it and the impositions upon those not part of the cult
  19. i have heard a few panic station ideas in the past year 'food shortage' 'power grid failure' 'internet shut down' 'martial law troops on street' 'mandatory vaccinations'. i agree with you that focusing upon the vax only is silly we need to view the entire thing and as such i see most of it as 'fear porn' to control, manipulate and reprogram. re the vaxx i say it is changing people into transhuman technological organisms the vaxxed are no longer human, they are cyborgs, altered at a genetic level. as 'alex jones' would say "they
  20. if they kill most people in the west with the vaccine there will be plenty of food for the survivors
  21. jeeze the animals in the trials died due to an enhanced immune reaction when exposed to a wild virus (now what that means exactly i do not know)/ /// https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/pfizer-covid-vaccine-trial-shows-alarming-evidence-of-pathogenic-priming-in-older-adults as with the creation of the mythological asymptomatic illness (the vax stops symptoms but doesnt stop illness. So now Mrs Miggins doesnt sneeze, cough or get a temperature but shes very ill, her body is collapsing as it cant heal or detoxify in the normal way -- maybe shell shit so hard she'll
  22. my girl is going to a party at alton towers, we have already informed alton towers she is exempt and the parents of b'day girl are aware. and i continue to email my MP occassionally
  23. just on the basis of no-jab no job or no-jab no travel, everything is screwed people are spiritually dead these vax have evidence in animal trials to kill em with enhanced immune response so , the vaxxed are fooooooooooked plus apparently the vaxxed are 8 times more likely to be ill with a 'new variant' (we know that vax may prevent that specific illness but it causes higher mortality in all other illnesses) good luck everyone, the living dead are among us
  24. Judgy said that since there is no actual mandate forcing kids to wear masks in schools (schools only encourage mask wearing) there is no case to answer lost the case but was given clarity in a judgment
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