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  1. Interesting recent turn BBC reporting yesterday about the excess deaths then the tory whip Andrew Brigden talks about Vaccine causing cardio problems now Rishi and Hancock are calling him an anti-semite anti-vaxxer
  2. if its like the US, the State uses fresh young lawyer who are eager to create a portfolio of WINS to destroy and humiliate families of damaged children through months and months of court process they've hidden cot death for decades using ignorant doctors reports and cant see anything changing for kids n.b maybe the health insurers will cause trouble because they dont wanna pay out on the SDS cases. If they can get a case to show specific conditions prove jab caused death the insurers will save millions.
  3. even more so the globe model adherents have performed experiments which have proven the earth is stationary. further the globe model adherents have never measured their curve they have record celestial events which are contrary to their model i.e North American Solar Eclipse 2017 its all very very ridiculous
  4. stop deflecting and making this into something other than you either linking to the original post or reiterating your opinion on the use of 8"/mile2 you've blathered on since monday about the post being made, it being there and i have said quite clearly i cannot find it and i have searched for it you even claim to have found it a page or so ago but didnt repost it or link to it forgive me for calling you a liar , it was my reaction of frustration to your persistence in ignoring my request ,refusing to accept i cannot find it and the continued demand that i search and search . post the link
  5. @peter more waffle and no substance you have the floor big boy. all i was after was your concern about the use of 8"/mile2 by flat earthers but now its questioning your integrity
  6. maybe the dead were being immediately autopsied, no cold storage or owt, just straight to the cutting and prodding
  7. radio 2 news mentioned the increased death rate and i think it was on jeremy vine .. of course its played off as due to the lack of pharmaceutical intervention
  8. https://odysee.com/@EndYourSlavery:8/Dr.-Sean-Brooks---All-Vaccinated-Will-Die-Within-6-Months-to-3-to-5-Years:2 https://odysee.com/@TheTruth:2/2021-may-22-nobel-laureate-luc-montagnier-confirms-that-all-vaccinated-people-will-die-within-2-yrs:2 They will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement. That is all that can be said.” these estimates based upon the jab technology being valid.
  9. dont ignore the experiments that proved the earth is stationary stop talking about rotation and wobble because they dont occur
  10. lies lies and more lies you never wrote what your concerns were about the use of 8" mile squared by 'flat earthers' you just said you had a concern, just like recently saying you had a concern and then you stated you had explained it previously there is no detailed concern, just you writing 'i have a concern' Its just like you were lying about having an argument against the FE Core Lake Ijssel experiment, you never produced the argument itself but just said you had one written in the thread and i should search for it MAYBE its better that you revert to your "i know something you dont know but i aint gonna tell you what it is because i am right and you are wrong"? its a peter thing i guess
  11. rubbish. youre making it up. there is no post .
  12. whats the matter with you? i have searched, i have trawled and i cannot find it. if you are gonna mention it in a debate as a negating point then have the decency to post it or link to it. mentioning a post that cant be found then posting bollocks when i ask for the post or a reiteration after i have looked back through many many pages is just stupidity this has happened previously a couple of times where you claim to have posted something but it cant be found anywhere and you blather on about it being there and then get pissy when i ask you to restate it. its getting to be 'a peter thing' aint it
  13. ? i have looked and searched. you must be mistaken about posting it can you repost or repeat the gist of it?
  14. nah, i have searched all the thread you must be mistaken, double checked, can you reiterate your thoughts here , now, pls
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