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  1. we read that he was handcuffed behind his back work that one out ... similar thing happened here woman-shot-herself-in-the-head-while-cuffed-with-hands-behind-her-back-during-traffic-stop-police-say
  2. dont forget the pathetic 'taking a knee'
  3. I tried to explain to the zombies the other day Masks have holes bigl enough for air but small enough to catch aerosols When aerosols are caught in the holes how does air get through?
  4. Sooooo obvious that the new handball rules have been created and being implemented to promote questioning the fairness of the law and have the law become qiestionable Influenced by the blm agenda no doubt. The radio and tv commentary is overtly saying "its the law thats wrong but we have to respect the law"
  5. they couldnt see it coming, obviously. encouraged back to uni, sign up for accommodation, sign up the years course and then WHAMOOOOOOOO what a surprise ! they forgot a month ago those being quarantined for going to spain on holipops.
  6. You relied upon a diagram not consistent with helio models And this is the entire point of the solar eclipse issue The helio model conflicts itself with its own data Using a model that has the moon move 8 days , the earth move 60 days and the earth not spin shows the desparation to explain a 5 hour eclipse
  7. sun travelling across the sky will apparently reduce height the further away it gets from the observer. the rate of apparent descent is dependant upon sky visual limit and ground visual limit the observers meeting point of sky and ground is mid eye line , the horizon is always mid view point the sun visually drops into this midpoint in proportion to the ground visual limit the meeting point distance is less than the point required for a size difference to be noticable closer to the meeting point the suns size will apparently become slightly smaller but this is offset by the atmospheric refraction have you got any explanation for the incredible discrepancy of the solar eclipse being experienced in the atlantic at 20:55 UTC? the moon moving 6 days and the earths moving 70 days and the earth not spinning left you floundering for an explanation many many many pages back lets stick to the heliocentric model of earth spins on axis 15 degrees per hour moon orbits earth 28~ days 0.5 degrees/hr earth orbits sun 365 days its really simple basic helio calcs
  8. longer surely ... the vaccine trials will inevitably have mutiple failures and hidious deaths/side effects published in the papers then and only then, will they offer the very same vaccine to people and some morons will have it my missus reckons that the track and trace wont work and cant work ... i am not so sure
  9. ill tell you this, i know more people talking about plandemic than ever before every step along the road to oblivion causes an equal an opposite reaction more people realise its all bullshit, maybe not the full picture, but they split from the sheep i happily fill in the gaps whether they wanna hear it or not
  10. The local mp labour to me is militant but i have replied with a few bullet points But charlotte did clear up an error i made The fines for non compliance are a stat instrument created through publuc health act 1984 (lol theres no coincodences) But i am wondering how the downgraded HCID would affect their ability to use the act to make an instrumemt. ?
  11. apparently sets and rises, it just comes from far away and goes to far away
  12. @Comedy Time i agreed that the Sun size doesnt apparently change. gah its never enough to agree with you and i agreed that there is no big density change what is your problem? just take the win
  13. agreed there is no dramatic density change except in special circumstances like the Supermoon
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