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  1. Interesting recent turn BBC reporting yesterday about the excess deaths then the tory whip Andrew Brigden talks about Vaccine causing cardio problems now Rishi and Hancock are calling him an anti-semite anti-vaxxer
  2. if its like the US, the State uses fresh young lawyer who are eager to create a portfolio of WINS to destroy and humiliate families of damaged children through months and months of court process they've hidden cot death for decades using ignorant doctors reports and cant see anything changing for kids n.b maybe the health insurers will cause trouble because they dont wanna pay out on the SDS cases. If they can get a case to show specific conditions prove jab caused death the insurers will save millions.
  3. maybe the dead were being immediately autopsied, no cold storage or owt, just straight to the cutting and prodding
  4. radio 2 news mentioned the increased death rate and i think it was on jeremy vine .. of course its played off as due to the lack of pharmaceutical intervention
  5. https://odysee.com/@EndYourSlavery:8/Dr.-Sean-Brooks---All-Vaccinated-Will-Die-Within-6-Months-to-3-to-5-Years:2 https://odysee.com/@TheTruth:2/2021-may-22-nobel-laureate-luc-montagnier-confirms-that-all-vaccinated-people-will-die-within-2-yrs:2 They will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement. That is all that can be said.” these estimates based upon the jab technology being valid.
  6. neither . the article is implying that corpse temperature is normally below 93degrees so these corpses are odd i dunno if a thermogenic reaction post death is possible or normal in certain circumstances maybe there is a variety of tests coroners and doctors have available now, that wasnt normally available pre covid , which is finding all sorts of weirdness?
  7. cant live alongside these people. seriously. its not possible from this point on
  8. the courts are someone elses domain and you will be subject. do not enter, consent or be part of their court. make a counter claim / counter complaint creating your own court to sit in is always the best way , a court of record.
  9. family or close friend grassed?
  10. yes, i think the article is reporting the temperatures of corpses which it claims is unusually high
  11. there are decent points in this and points which most people agree need attending to. These are the same issues that big business cause and government perpetuates The Attenborough types though direct attention to the general publics lifestyle, commuting and consumerism rather than finger pointing the cause of deforestation throw away society polluted oceans polluted rivers extinction of animal species a couple of years ago there was another big push of a public awareness campaign on plastic in the oceans WAAAAAH WAAAAH went the do gooder idiots and i made a simple point to our local councillor i put my rubbish in the correct bin and so do my family. How does that plastic waste end up in the ocean? Can you investigate the council / local refuse collection proceedure to find out when the plastic is taken from the container bins and placed into the sea. didnt hear back from the fucker.
  12. theyve always wamted a pay rise and better conditions but the unions suppressed the members views now all unions are under orders from on high to disrupt, shut down , cause trouble its a concerted effort
  13. the NHS app used LEbt lowe energy blue tooth for contact tracing when people turned off the app or deleted it seemed to remain on in the background Everyones phone was being used to track and trace by stealth. What an opportunity for the I.T loonies. Yes the commies, the command/controllers. Those who believe the State should be in kontrol of everything, even your life and the life of your children. https://transform.england.nhs.uk/covid-19-response/nhs-covid-19-app/
  14. has the red army reactivated the background LEbt app on mobiles? i saw it turned off last april/may
  15. pretty sure Johnson oversaw the death of the emergency some hardcore blackmail and bribery went on upto April 2022 the red threat in Cabinet is hamstrung atm
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