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  1. and the system shrugs saying "so what!" this type of 'Victory' was announced years ago with the scum called Mark Ceylon , Michael O'Bernicia, Guy Taylor, Jon Witterick when Tom Crawford was used as a showcase for 'freeman on the land' nonsense seriously. He is not using common law. He is not fighting the system. He is the defendant. He agreed to being subject to their court. His subpoena was nonsense He'll end up with a WHOPPING BILL from his shenanigans these type of people are trying to agitate people into needlessly breaking the law, contesting the charges, using his method of questioning the basis of covid and being the defendant for the end goal of trying to swamp the court system in the hope of it grinding to a halt these agitators are communists who have no respect for the law they mix common law with statutory law , confuse the law and legal process, confuse the position of complainant, defendant and claimant be aware Incredible law resources 1215.org -- bill thornton for common law introduction and application against the legal system (in depth) karl lentz (audio videos) https://duckduckgo.com/?q=karl+lentz+common+law&t=ffab&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos
  2. if the achievement is to make your MP aware of your protest then its maxed out i guess you dont want to protest but do something else
  3. i think people are rejected by the social unconscious if people 'wake up' their cognition would be sufficient immediately to process everything and think clearly (this is not the situation. People after 'waking up' are in a state of panic and the 'flood of information' is difficult to control) 'waking up' suggests the minds abilities are pre-established whereas i do not see this. I see people grasping at so many different panic stories to try and gain a footing. The rejection from the system leaves the cognition the same and leaves one staring at a fish bowl trying to figure out WTF is going on. The inability to work out why no-one else can 'see it' or 'realises the obvious' is because they are still in the middle of the storm, unable to 'get out'. imo, ones psyche becomes incompatible with the social unconscious but there is no magical new cognitive function or higher level thinking processes.
  4. well, whats their next move?? cant plan without knowledge. Separating out the stories from other countries and focussing upon the UK it is difficult to plan ahead because they obfuscate their decisions using the media to report so much garbage 1. local hgv driver is loving the shortage of drivers as his wage and retainer is flying up. £20+ an hour. drivers are flocking back to the trucks so the empty shelves will not be a reality 2. Under 60 year olf jabbers will be falling this autumn in big numbers? Cant do anythign about that. really cant 3. High tech control will be implemented ... tbh the past 18 months has shown that the media mind control can out perform AI oppression. 4. jabbing the kids in school. Cant deny property rights
  5. Can only assume the official study group is separate from the general public experiment and that the small number are contractually silenced as i have never seen online a post from someone saying "i was the placebo group but now i am jabbed" or there is no placebo group and has never been one. Its all window dressing for the politicians so they can sign it off as 'ticking all the boxes'
  6. this is my bugbear atm, there are 3 main future scenarios 1. vaccine depop (death and sterilisation) 2. technocrasy. internet of everything. life pathways index linked to NazDaq , FTSE etc 3. global shut down of food supply, electricity, gas, oil i dont see a clear winner at the moment and each seem to cancel out the other Like warring royal families i can see a battle for supremacy between NWO factions Until the figures come in during autumn the vax is similar to squalene effects (granted the 0-20weeks miscarriage rate is horrific) but then squalene hasnt been used on the preggers like this jab
  7. Vaccinated do not spread the virus as much as unvaccinated so even though no virus is ever spread and contagion is a big pile of nonsense, they want to provoke an argument of fantasy which will reinforce ignorance and create more division
  8. Vaccine Syndrome squalene in anthrax vax and experimented upon soldiers https://www.bitchute.com/video/WxrjIk8sGDBh/ clearly squalene aint powerful enough or long term enough graphene oxide is new
  9. To protest One can write to their MP Not perform an act Not join in Not purchase something specifically Protesting isn't limited to walking around a city banging a drum Disagreeing in conversation with a Covidian Telling the school head it's all bolox and you're not part of the lunacy Imo find your own way
  10. Amazing how the contagion myth continues without any proof . Playing on childlike association for 250years Fear mongering for thousands of years
  11. Ermmm so the parents can negatively impact the kids learning while in school and the state allows it? Fooooooooook oooooooffffff If a parent said "little Johnny can play on his phone in class all day " would the state allow that ?.....oh I see the error in my logic
  12. Talkradio is bigtime jabber gobshites
  13. 'They', the philosophy /the society, infiltrate and control. Egypt, Greece, Rome, Britain, China, India all taken over, mutated, used and then impoded. Century after century Even back to Lemuria and Atlantis In our dimension they are a philosophy tied to no one man The ego is their powerbase
  14. i use 'windows ameliorated' and game. The cpu and gpu prices are through the roof since last year. Had to replace a 560 gtx on a lower spec rig with a 2nd hand 7870. Not paying 250+ for a 1650S i bought the other year for 130. I notice after years of mobiles that there isnt an 'ameliorated' android or ios but most of the time the issue is the installation of apps and then the activation of location tracking within the apps and the harvesting of data through the apps So while the discussion of the past few pages is valid, it mostly (99%) is the responsibility of the mobile user to choose the settings and apps. Most apps require access to phone contacts, camera, microphone, data .... even when its a stupid game like 'tower defense'. The recent Instagram data grab was incredible and people still use it Cant stop stupid.
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