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  1. https://ncse.ngo/gravity-its-only-theory Gravity: It's Only a Theory First of all, no one has measured gravity for every atom and every star. It is simply a religious belief that it is "universal". Secondly, school textbooks routinely make false statements. For example, "the moon goes around the earth." If the theory of gravity were true, it would show that the sun's gravitational force on the moon is much stronger than the earth's gravitational force on the moon, so the moon would go around the sun. Anybody can look up at night and see the obvious gaps in gravity theory. Textbook disclaimers are down, but not out. This satirical look at "only a theory" disclaimers imagines what might happen if advocates applied the same logic to the theory of gravitation that they do to the theory of evolution.
  2. thats very interesting experiment once. when repeated over 20 times the water swirls both ways. temperature is probably a factor both water and air. and the video suggesting that the force of the water pushed into the pool does somehow override a quality of water which could determine direction of travel i.e water memory and molecular charge is very naive if all the water molecule shapes are positioned so that the slightly negative charge of each molecule is facing the slightly positive molecules of adjacent shapes then a swirl *could* theorectically be influenced. also the water molecule shape could be more receptive to temperature change regardless of the speculation , 'once' is disproved through repetition
  3. Yes mentioned this a bit ago I checked families phones and I reckon the NHS app when it enable low energy BT it kept BT enabled even when app disabled or deleted But I have been curious about the body being able to generate BT signal
  4. In 200 years the notion of Vitamins being helpful to body health will be blasphemy
  5. heh as if they are gonna shoot the entire load in a barrage of quickfire news pieces .. no, better to strrrrrreeeeeeeeetccccchhhh out the news stories across a good year or so
  6. coincidence. is 84 the new average COVID death age?
  7. the krypton gas layer is 3410 miles. pretty much where the observed angles of the moon meet.
  8. Yeah notice how UK isn't responsible for plastic in seas, pollution, overpopulation, racism, homophobia etc but seems to be the target for finger pointing
  9. There is no proof it bounces off the moon [a signal has to pass through 920km of the ionosphere without refraction or reflection to hit the moon which dampens the signal and has an uneven surface then returns through the same 920km of ionosphere without refraction or reflection to the originating source.] ahem The Helio model places an impossible obstacle course in the way of the feat. So what do you do? Throw out the Helio model of the atmosphere to proclaim the moon bounce, then reinsert the Helio atmosphere immediately and claim both exist at the same time. https://planetfacts.org/ionosphere/ The ionosphere is the ionized part of Earth's upper atmosphere, from about 48 km to 965 km altitude
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