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  1. this is how they pushed the vaccines for children. forget 4 weeks off work to look after your child with mumps --- give em the jab forget 2 weeks off for measles -- give em the jab then extended the Nanny State to assist with child care funding for those people working of course the rampaging out of control economy was not attended to which was provoking the need for 2 working parents and the threat of career ending penalties if a parent dared to have time off to look after their child
  2. sorry , this needs more info to be fair ... people do faint.. or is all fainting COVID vax?
  3. An alternate thought would be terrain theory ,in that; Symptoms of illness are actually the body expelling dead cells it has cleansed The jab stops the natural cleaning process How this affects the toxicity of the body is worrying People are sick, the body is preventing itself from cleaning itself due to being reprogrammed by the jab. The tests result negative , there are no symptoms but people are rotting away. Truly zombies
  4. there never was the right time before. Now the Sages have decreed the changing of Ages has begun and so activated the entire apparatus. It is the Age of Aquarius rapture and end of days
  5. tbh if you apply for a PCR test or go on a plane there are agreements made
  6. Seems obvious but surely now a neighbouring church should open and welcome it's parishioners All the riot squad are at Edmonton church. Like that at protest matches...when the cops show up...just move down the road and start again Eventually the cops shift will finish and they'll want their tea?
  7. i thought he was slightly savvy but alas no another poster boy ripped from my bedroom wall
  8. i have spoke to a few like this and the mental gymnastics i witnessed would beat Nadia Comaneci
  9. once every age group has had their calling and answered vitamins and general health will be promoted the PCR test will be publically criticised led by MSM politicians and advisor groups will be publically hunted for self aggrandisement and neglect in public office led by MSM .
  10. its an odd thing how an evil woman is not accepted and videos are edited to suggest shes really a man. because as we all know, bollocks and a penis = evil psychotic rapists :S
  11. Schwabb dreams of a cyborg future in which biological humans are gone. Well , not all, the select few will continue their biological lives but the rest will be swapped out
  12. Rna has only ever been found in muscle cells prepared for viewing under an electron microscope No other body cell has shown what is called RNA Rna could very well be a specific artifact created by the death and preparation of a muscle cell for electron microscopy
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