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  1. Been feeling exactly the same. Sick of all the sheeple, the face masks and the dead eyes, some people are blissfully unaware and think things will go back to normal. Sometimes wish i didnt know anything, but we are awake and not living the lie, and we mustnt give up, the bastards want our energies and vibratons lowered and to lose hope there counting on it.but I will never give up and never let them take me down. We can all do this, sending hugs to everyone. At 2 metre distance of course. Lol xx

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  2. 1 hour ago, Edgecrusher said:


    I know exactly what you mean.


    I've always felt "awake" or whatever you wanna' call it. My mum is a Jehovah's witness, and I was brought up being told about "armageddon" from as long as I can remember (I'm not a Jehovahs Witness, organised religion is not for me) but some of it sticks with you, especially Revelations haha I'm 47 now btw.


    My brother always told me politicians were puppets and I've always looked at how the world worked and felt it just doesn't add up. Had an overall interest in war from Napoleonic times too and I think reading about war can teach you a lot about what really goes on and why...


    Since 9/11 and the mess caused in the Middle East, the mass migration, the weird LGBT narrative being pushed on MSM, climate change etc, I've just felt, we're heading towards "something" but it was the seemingly overnight switch with the BBC "it's the Russians" narrative after the Sergei and Yulia Skripal poisoning that I thought, we're heading to something sooner than I thought. I have also looked at the BBC for quite a long time and felt that much of the main news was actually seriously fake/staged.


    I've never voted either, as never felt it would make any difference. When you step back and look it's obvious things get taken in a direction regardless of who's in power. Nothing I do stops me paying taxes or not being part of the system but I was always proud I never put my tick in the box of the wrong person just because there wasn't much of a choice...


    I've had an eye on Mr Icke since the Wogan thing, and have always shown an interest on and off but haven't read all his books. When I have read them they just seem to confirm what I've always "felt" anyway, you're sort of busy trying to enjoy the status quo as it is, getting on with your job/life otherwise what's the point - I wonder how David Icke has done it all this time. I hope with all my heart that he hasn't wasted his time.


    I don't feel this has meant to have happened just yet but think Trump being in Office, us coming out of the EU, and what obviously seems like a massive paedophile ring about this close to being exposed any minute has bought it all forward a bit but not by much - with 2030 always being thrown around for the NWO and 2050 for it being all done.


    I haven't seen one alternative media person say this hasn't NOT caught them out either, so for us I think it's an even bigger shock. I've seen many say we're grieving as we have lost out lives, and we know it. Ignorance is bliss...


    I feel sick when I think about it and have up and down days. Sometimes I think they've gone too far too quickly and that too many people will wake up and the lot is going to come crashing down around them... I do see sense people are asking more and more questions, and also walking around (in the UK) people seem to me to not really be that bothered, and I think if they start trying to force mask wearing they're going to say what for, and the school thing is going to be a massive part of this.


    Other times I think I just haven't got the energy for the fight, and feel like lying down and hoping I don't wake up as I feel, as has been said, the walls are closing in on me, and I don't want part of it. I don't want to be separated from my partner, that's the thing that worries me but I will be saying no regardless of whatever they say they want to do.


    I also am not very good at having conversations about this without getting so fucking annoyed with people, so I don't come across well. If I was more articulate and had thicker skin, I would have actually walked around my town hading stuff out. Sometimes I talk myself out of things as when I see the sheep, and they are the majority, I just think no wonder "they" want to depopulate the planet... 


    Talking on Twitter and a forum isn't really achieving much. I don't want to say what I do think people should be doing as it won't look good on the Forum.


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