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  1. Thankyou your right, Id rather know than like you say be dead in ignorance. I just lost myself and let my thinking take over and felt despondent. I have tried to meditate and quiet the mind, it has helped in the past, but I haven't found it as easy to do as some people. I do also believe that we are much more than this physical body or our thoughts. Its about taking control and not becoming wrapped up in our pain body, as ECkhart Tolle, says in his books. So I'm cheering up today, going to try meditation to see if it helps me stay grounded, and move forward through this. Thanks for your kind words.
  2. Thankyou, I just have to toughen up and take control of my thoughts. We are all going through this, I suppose it's how we handle it. Like my hubby said today, if I go into a shop and they don't let me in I'll tell them to f##k off, theyve lost my custom forever doesn't bother me.
  3. Seen this topic on mental health, and thought I'd post what's going on with me. I'm well aware of what's going on, and what's to come. Been trying to keep my vibrations high, and ignore all the masked sheeple walking about. I know about frequency and vibrations and how they affect us, also known about staying present and looking inside ourselves, meditalon etc, but last couple of days I've been rock bottom, honestly didn't feel like I want to be on this planet anymore, just wanted to go and haven't got anything left in me to fight all the bullshit there throwing at us. I'm a loving person love being tactile and hugging people, I don't judge people because we are all different, but life is just ridiculous now, went to a hairdressers other day, didn't wear mask because I have sinus complications she was very nice and respected that, but it was awful, no nice cup of coffee and biscuit or any magazines allowed to read because of the convirus, wrapped from neck to foot in a plastic sheet, no music allowed, I was stuck in a corner because I didn't have a mask, and the others, we're talking about how pretty their masks were and complimenting each other on the patterns. I've been very low and I know that's what they want, but it's really hard when your the odd one out trying to get through this. I was brought up as a Jehovers witness and got out as soon as could at 16, so I know about Armagedon, the book of revelation etc, all I had growing up was doom and gloom, and then when my family left my father got into info wars I think that's Alex Jones, he couldn't stop talking about fluoride in the water, chem trails, and how the bas####ds are trying to kill us. So I thought knowing all this would make me stronger, but I've been on the bottom. I don't know if its because those things have gone up in my area lately, counted 9 in my town, ive had headaches and been feeling dizzy, ive now got tinnitus, I'm 54 and never ever had it before, ive got shungite and emf protectors, but I've realised there's only so much we can do to protect ourselves. Had a big cry today, actually got a big cuddle off the hubby, not like him, think he's worried about me, ive lost a bit weight with the stress and not talking so much now, I think it's the talking that's got him worried, he usually tells me to shut up. Lol. But thanks everybody on here, I feel I have people that will understand. Xx
  4. If anyone could get away with wearing a mask like that, it's him. Thanks for that this cheered me up. Been feeling pretty overwhelmed and quite down the last couple days, with all this madness going on. Brought a smile to my face.
  5. I have no likes left. But thankyou for that. That man has got it down to a T. They are trying to break our spirit. But their so evil, that they don't understand anything about love, kindness, compassion and the hearts of people, that is there downfall.
  6. I'm out of likes, but would like to say thanks for that. Was considering one of those passes, after my incident I had which wasn't nice. But after reading what you said it makes so much sense, so I won't be using one.
  7. Let's hope so, hopefully more will follow.
  8. I live next to a small bargain booze, and as you can imagine, it's very busy especially on weekends, especially in these times lots of people popping in and coming out with there bottles. The staff in there are very strict, and I've been keeping my eye on what's been going on, I'm not nosey (well not a lot). Lol. Saw most people queuing outside with masks, the ones that didn't have a mask,looked like they were being chased, either going back to their cars to get a mask, or pulling them out of there pockets or walking away. I've noticed over past couple of days it's very quiet in the street as they pass by my house so a lot of people have stopped going there. A few streets away is a little shop, has a notice on the door about the 2 metre rules, but nobody takes any notice, no masks in sight, shop doesn't ask, and the street was packed last night, with cars, never seen it so busy. It seems people are voting with there feet. It was lovely to go into like normal. Seems the shopkeeper who is a nice man, is being kept busy. Good for him.
  9. Yes I was thinking that after I posted it, they would just get swept up, so at eye level it is. Thanks.
  10. Thankyou, I will print this out, and drop it on the supermarket floor.
  11. Thank you greenheart for your reply to me. It's funny but I am medically exempt, ive had a year of scans and hospital appointments Ive had sinus problems and can't breathe out of one nostril, and I always sound like I have cold. before lockdown I was supposed to see a maxillofacial specialist, and it looks like i need an operation. But I actually felt guilty just saying that, I wanted to say " and I wouldn't wear a mask anyway even if I was exempt" but I wasn't brave enough and that bothered me not saying it. I'm into energies, and what you put out comes back to you. I was thinking too about writing stuff on masks but where I live there really brainwashed, don't know if its anything to do with the 9 you know what's that's suddenly gone up in my town since March. So I don't know if you write things you might be putting yourself in danger, these people aren't right there stressed and not thinking clearly. You have to do what's right for you, and nobody should feel guilty about the choices they make, we have to do what we feel we can handle, and it's the government and Tbtb that are the guilty ones.I believe there's a higher power, I don't know what, call it the universe, God, I don't know, but if our heart and intention is right we will get through this. My go to person is Eckhart tolle, he talks about being present and not listening to our thoughts, and he talks about fear. Once We overcome our fear then nothing will bother us. But it's easier said than done. I drove too Lidl today, I love their yoghurts, when I saw all the masks walking in, I drove away, I just couldn't be bothered too face another episode. I just didn't have it in me today. And Banjo dog what a bloody mess, your so right, but I think the more we talk about this it will help a lot of people. I think everybody is feeling guilty and we should not be, we all are here to support each other, and get through it.
  12. 2020 member I feel just like you, downhearted and sad that it's getting to the stage between the masked and unmasked, I wrote my experience on the uk supermarkets mask policy, thread. I was shaken after my experience although when I think of what some people go through its not much, but im as soft as clarts a proper wimp, and it drained my energies standing up to them, i had a few crys when I got home. Thank God for this forum to know I'm not alone.
  13. Thankyou, jhodgski, ive checked and researched as much as I can and all I can find is that it's a rule, an arbitrary guidance, and I checked the difference between a rule and a law, and a rule doesn't have the backing that a law does, because rules are subject to change. And should be followed more out of respect. Laws take a lot of time and need to go through lots of stages to get past, so people can be prosecuted. Maybe that's why the police say they can't enforce it, as it's not a criminal offence not to wear a mask. Although I do know the police are a commercial company and can only uphold the common law, but people don't know this and get trapped by a type of legalese that the police use. Anyway I try to do research as much as I can, and If I'm going wrong somewhere maybe someone can help out. But I just try my best. I was upset by the shop incident, I had a few tears later on, thinking why are people turning on each other. But I know why, in my heart, and worse is coming this is only the beginning, and if I don't stand up now I might might as well put the muzzle on and obey them and let them destroy my life. I heard a quote and I keep repeating it in my mind and it's "I'd rather die standing, than live on my knees". And that's what I'm going to do no matter how uncomfortable it is.
  14. Thanks Cyprus avenue, your right I can see both sides too, lots of shop workers looking stressed out, It's crazy times, and people aren't in their right minds, but even though I wanted the floor to swallow me up I knew I just couldn't let it go, and had to speak up. Trying to toughen up and not let them upset me. But I am definitely seeing the women being targeted much more in this. Fingers crossed more people stop wearing them, but they just pull them out of their pockets and nip into the shops, to them it's not too much of an inconvenience, just something there told to do, but they don't see the bigger picture, or dont want to see, and the consequences of giving into them with this are not going to be good. There going to push and push until eventually we have no rights left.
  15. Must try and get my hands on one of those. Where I live most people wearing masks now even outside, lots of small shops just refusing entry to anyone no matter if they say there exempt. So will try these options. Thanks
  16. Went into my local esso garage yesterday, waited in line 3 people masked up in front of me, the young lad serving looked at me pointed to his face, I shook my head, he then shouted up the shop mask. Everyone turned round staring like I was some kind of bomb about to go off. I said I can't wear one, I'm medically exempt he said that he needed to see a exemption letter from the doctor, I said don't know you know the government have stopped doctors giving these out to people, he shut up and served his customers. I looked round and saw 3 people behind with no masks, they must have seen me and took there's off. I went to get served by somebody else, and to the right of me was a man wearing no mask, nothing said to him, then another man without the a mask went to get served by the little Hitler that had just shouted at me. He wasn't wearing a mask but was offered one and declined, nothing more said. As I was getting served he couldn't leave it alone and said you will get fined by the police, getting really agitated and trying to stay calm I said to him, it is not the law, it's not a criminal offence not to wear a mask and the police can't enforce it, you need to do your research and stop getting your info from the news. This is a garage I go in frequently, know most of the staff and they always seem friendly. Seems like cos I was a woman on my own, he thought he'd throw a bit of authority around. I've seen a lot of security targeting women on their own. They tend to leave the blokes alone. Anyway I'm not a tough person at all, I'm soft hearted, an empath i suppose,get upset easily, and this took it out of me, but I knew I had to be brave and stand up for our rights. But not one person stood up for me, even though they had no masks on. I know a lot of people don't believe all this mask stuff but for peace and quiet just wear one, but I will just have to brave and carry on. I've since called the manager which is a really nice man and always had a warm smile and a hello. He apologised but used the excuse the lad was only 20. He said he had informed his staff to offer a mask at the counter and that was it, he said he felt in a predicament, and had a recent visit from the council about the 2 metre rules as he'd had complaints. We talked for about ten minutes, and I mentioned a few things about the mask thing going on. Just thought I'd share my experience, but I feel this is causing so much tension between people. And there getting what they want, they want us all fighting and arguing and stressed to bits. I won't give in, ever.
  17. I am really pleased to see the forum back up, it's been my go to place to help me through these crazy times, with all the masked zombies walking about, ive been feeling down, and coming here helped me see i wasnt alone. So thank you for all you've put in to get it going again. Onwards and upwards. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. Hi everyone, just wanted to say I hope everything goes well with the new forum. This has been my lifeline, I don't have anybody really that believes what's going on. So I'm on my own, but I can only say thank you so very much for doing your research and posting, I feel like I know your personalities so well, and it's good you see you all have your own inputs and your own strengths. But each of you have made things better for me, and opened my eyes even wider. I never posted much always felt I couldn't post anything as in depth as you lot did, but posted how I was feeling about the situation. I feel like things are kinda getting out of control with the government, it's like there on steroids just bringing in any rule they want, and the sheep are worshipping them like their gods. It seems they need a new religion and it's the conviru. Anyway thankyou so much and hope the new forum works out, if it doesn't I will be gutted, it's my daily sanctuary away from all the madness. Thanks everyone xx
  19. Thankyou very much kj35, very nice of you, wasn't too sure about it.
  20. There's a film I saw when I was about 12 it was called picnic at hanging rock. The 1975 film, not the later one. The soundtrack is by Gheorge Zamfir. (Doina sus pe culmea dealului) sorry I'm not sure how to post a link properly. But if anyone wants to look it up. It's the most beautiful, haunting, magical tune I've ever heard and it stayed with me from the moment I heard it. It won't be everyone's taste I know, but maybe someone might enjoy it as much as I did.
  21. It's really sad for the children, Michi713, there traumatising the children, but sounds like he has a loving father to get him through this, the amount of people that are believing this rubbish is just to me mind blowing, i saw what looked like grandparents, sitting on deckchairs outside there grandsons garden gate, on the pavement and there granson,who looked about 2 or 3 was reaching out for them with open arms and the father was pulling him back, i seriously felt like crying, it hurt me to see that, im quite sensitive person and seem to soak energies up, so trying to work on myself to toughen myself up. Because theres literally nothing we can do or say thay these people will listen to. All they want to hear is the news, and then they blindly obey without question, that's all I hear now, the news said we can go to the pub, the news said this the news said that. I knew people were dumbed down but I never realised how much, until now, it's actually quite scary to be honest, they will follow any orders it seems now, no matter what. And the mask wearers really get on my nerves, I can feel my vibrations lowering when I see them, how stupid can they be, I call them ducks. The ducks are out a lot where I live, it's almost like the new fashion accessory, and like a previous poster I feel that they like to be noticed. It's strange, but this is a strange world now. Thank goodness for people on here, wish yous lived near me just to be able to talk and be around people that can think for themselves. But I'm very thankful for this forum.
  22. Motleyhoo I was just like you. At the beginning felt a bit sorry for them, but as time has gone on it's so obvious what's going on, May be they just sit and watch bbc or sky news 24 hours a day, which will turn anyone into a brain dead zombie. I'm not a confrontational person, I'm just pleasant and nice to people, go along with the flow and have never really stood up for myself, it's taken a hell of a lot for me to stand up for this, had to take a deep breath and summon up my courage before I confronted people, but I did it, and i will keep doing it, doesnt matter if im worried, or apprehensive, I will get the strength to do it again. We can't let these evil people win, we must show people that's it's not right what's happening. I was standing in a que yesterday, yet again, there were 2 ladies in front of me, the one at the front turned round and realised the lady behind her, was a friend or relative not sure which, (couldn't hear) but saw them say hi, and they looked so happy to see each other, the woman at the front of the que opened her arms wide to give her a big hug, but the other jumped back and shouted No don't, and waved her away. That was the saddest thing I've seen in a while. This has never been about a virus, it's just very sad people can't see that. Never mind, at least I can come on here, and have a rant and a laugh, and Mr chinnery, that's about right, people are losing it.
  23. Yes I will, thanks for that. Not many of us around, thats why i like to come on here, keeps me going while everyone around me has gone looney tunes bonkers, won't ever give in to their new Abnormal. Not my normal and never will be.
  24. Went to the metrocentre a big shopping mall where I live. Que Marshalls everywhere, telling people to obey the one way system, I veered off course and was told to obey, looked straight at him, and kept on walking. They even have signs with give way, can you believe it. Wanted to go into next, for a browse, qued up like a good girl. There was an assistant with full visor on, gloves etc, looking like she was going into a nuclear reactor plant. She got her gel out and said I needed to clean my hands before I entered. I said to her, so if I don't clean my hands are you not allowing me into the store, she said it was my choice and it was to protect the staff. So I told her it's my choice not to put that stuff on my hands and walked in. After the next 2 shops getting the same hassle, and having to put up with brain dead zombies, my energies were on the bottom, and I could feel myself getting more angry, so decided to go home. Used to enjoy my days out there, not any more. Fed up with people, to be honest, it's like people are hypnotized, and terrified. Whilst driving stopped at traffic lights, saw a man behind in his car alone masked, rubbing his hands frantically with the gel, then almost like in a frenzy was putting it on his steering wheel, and cleaning it with his hands. I'm just out of words now, where people are concerned.
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