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  1. I will never ever take that vaccine, never had a vaccine in my life, even as a child, I'm 54 now and don't intend to start now. For me personally it's like I'm taking the mark of the beast, I'm agreeing too every dirty lie those evil scumbugs have told us. And I won't do it no matter what happens. Or how hard things will get. Im resolute in that and will never change my mind. I'd rather die standing than live on my knees.
  2. Would be great to come together, as Alnitak said by region/area. The gatherings seem to be more down south, I'm from NE. And would welcome the support and help we could give each other.
  3. Thankyou wide awake. Everyone should see this, exactly what they predicted for the world is happening. Opens my eyes even more, won't be able to shut them soon.
  4. Emotionally blackmailing and shaming people, there are no depths to how far they will go with this. Evil, pathetic lunantics. This made me angry, and im usually a patient calm person, but this makes me more resolute to not comply with anything that comes out of there lieing mouths.
  5. That's what struck me, reminded me of a Viking, big strong and fearless that's what saddened me about seeing him. He took it off maybe he thought if she has the guts to do it, I can. Lifted my spirits though.
  6. Agree 100 per cent. Why can't they just stay indoors with a bag over their heads, for all the good it will do them. Its scary to see how many are complying to this tyranny, i really feel disheartened lately. Went into asda yesterday was the only person out of a busy store not wearing one. It took a lot out of me to do it, but hell will freeze over before I put one on. My heart was thumping but I knew i had to find the strength to do it. I saw a big stocky lad with a shaved head at the sides, and a blonde mohican type hairstyle into a pony tail. He reminded me of the Vikings programme I've watched. He was wearing a mask and he looked straight at me, it wasn't a nasty look. But seemed strange. Walked up and down a few more aisles, then noticed him standing at the end of an aisle, he had took his mask off was holding it in his hand and he looked at me, we exchanged smiles and I walked on. I went out of the shop much happier than I went in, it doesn't sound much, but it meant a lot to me knowing if I can do it and help someone else, then maybe when he goes out again and doesn't wear one, then he might help someone else, and Hope fully it will have a knock on effect. I really think it's important the masks come off. Its feeding the fear and it's physiological, and affecting people and children, and also dividing us.
  7. Have been looking on his website, Boris ticked every box. Glad you told me about him, the information he has on there is amazing. Think I will order his new book and will look on YouTube. Thanks again. Glad I came on here this morning.
  8. What a brilliant article, never heard of vernon Coleman before, will definitely look into him now. And I can see what you mean about Boris. Thanks for that.
  9. She's same age as me I'm 55 this year. Sometimes we have to let them go, and look after ourselves, and you can take a horse to water but can't make it drink. I put my earphones on in the supermarket, listening to annies song by john denver, lol, always makes me happy, heart was pumping too, got a few looks, but breathed a sigh of relief wen i got out. Who would of thought a matter of months ago we would be putting up with this tyranny, to go in a blooming shop. It's crazy, utter madness, tptb are total psychopathic evil lunatics.
  10. I just remembered while reading dagmar gross, post. I have one of those masks when i went on holiday last year, for underwater, it covers your whole face and the snorkel sticks out of the top. It would look hilarious.
  11. Well at least you tried your best, and didnt pressurize her, we can only do so much, but in the end its up to us. Hopefully her eyes will be open soon to whats really goong on, fingers crossed. And it isn't easy to stand up to this sometimes, far easier for most people to just put one on and be done with it. I was actually shaking inside yesterday, I'm a right wimp. But once I got out, I was like yeah I can do it.
  12. Snap, went to Sainsbury's today on my own, was the only one in there too, unmuzzled. Wasn't nice, but I did it. Felt kind of proud of myself. Your right they have a choice, they've chosen to have their lives controlled.
  13. Out of likes. But every word you wrote is right, it's only the fear and thoughts we are creating in our heads, that is holding us back. Forget about them, they are evil physchopaths making stupid tyrannical rules up to see how far they can push people. We can all do this, we need to find it inside of us, it's always been there, and they are afraid of us finding out how powerful we really are.
  14. Me too, just can't be bothered anymore. Need to keep away from energy vampires, now.
  15. My father listened to him so much over the years, i couldn't bare it, all I heard was him shouting constantly. Glad I never took any notice now that I've seen that mask.
  16. Me to from now on, it won't be the same. My hair dressing appointment was strange, no magazines allowed, no coffee, no music allowed, wrapped neck to foot in a plastic sheet. No muzzle though. Decided roots are the new fashion, and I'll cut my own hair from now on, would rather not go back. Always enjoyed my own company, too, somehow feel more lonely when im with some people, maybe I'm just a weirdo. Who knows.
  17. It might make some depressed on here, lol, but for me Annies song by john denver, loved it as a little girl, never fails to lighten my mood.
  18. Mickey mouse ears next. Nothing surprises me anymore.
  19. Thought it was just me, but Chris Whitty gives me the creeps so much, I can barely look at him, doesn't even seem like he's human. And as soon as matt Hancock opens his mouth, you can tell he's lieing, it's written all over his face. They make me sick, the lot of them.
  20. Hi Hi allymisfit, please don't think your alone, I'm the same, before this happened I was getting myself together, going for walks, connecting with nature, trying my best to meditate. But last couple of weeks I've been up and down like a yoyo. It's definitely been a rollercoaster, it's like every day now is a battle for me, I don't wear a mask and get questioned, and have to stand up for myself, and in the end I can't be bothered to even go out of the house. But have faith that your on the right path, like all of us on here. We will come through in the end, its not going to be easy, standing for what is right isn't easy. I feel your sorrow and pain, because that's the way I feel too. Lots of hugs to you, stay strong.
  21. Being the rebel has got you where you are today. Thinking for yourself.
  22. I feel exactly the same, you hit the nail right on the head. I'm seeing more masked zombies everywhere, I've giving up going for my walks and bike rides I enjoyed, going shopping is awful as I refuse to muzzle up, and people looking at me like I'm the enemy. They are trying to make things as difficult and uncomfortable for us as possibe, there trying to break our spirit. And I think that those of us that are not wearing masks etc are the targets for them, tptb are playing a clever game. But we must keep on standing for what is right, we are on the right path and we are few. There gone now, the mask wearers, and soon they will be queing for the vaccines, I don't know if anything will bring them back now, hopefully some will come to their senses, But at least we have like minded people we can talk and share our problems with, and in my heart I truly feel we will find a way forward. For me its difficult and I'm sad most of the time to see what people have lowered themselves too, but i vow to never give in to this tyranny.
  23. Thanks for that, so glad my instincts told me it wasn't good for you.
  24. I read in a post somewhere, that one hand sanitizer had been recalled. Because it was toxic, and had attacked the nervous system. Think it might be called shield, wish I could remember where I saw it. I worked in care for 14 years and barely ever used it, never liked the chemically smell of it, and I saw the state of my colleagues hands, all cracked and dry.
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