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  1. I have mine in my purse I got it at the start of all this, but was putting off using it. May be might have to start using it now, I have sinus blockages and have been seeing specialists this past year, so im exempt anyway but soon we are going to need papers next to show we are covid free before entry. I can see it coming.
  2. Thanks for that, it makes sense now. I've been going into my local asda every week and not been questioned. I was in this morning and was stopped at the door by a Marshall or whatever the hell they call themselves. He said where is your mask. I told him im exempt then he said i need to see your card. I said I don't have to show you anything and walked past him. Luckily enough he didn't come after me. So now we are going to be harrassed in the supermarkets.
  3. Aah thanks for that, but he knows what the masks symbolise, and at 76 hes set in his ways. I think once they mentioned a ventilator he was off like a shot anyway. It's not life threatening but more pain and discomfort he said he'd live with it, he doesn't trust them now after what research he's done and spoken to different people about what they've seen going on. But never know what might happen he might get it done, all I know is theyve been back in touch with him but not sure what's happening.
  4. It is a disgrace, and he's aware of the exemptions I don't know if he used the reasonable excuse, he told me he said he couldnt wear one but hes really strong willed. He's just going to take his chances now, he doesn't trust the hospitals anymore and if he goes in he's doubting whether he will come back out. The operation isn't a major one, but hes made his mind up now.
  5. My dad went in for an operation last week which he's been waiting for, but because of convid was delayed. He's 76, hes quite like DI in his thinking knows all about the agenda who's behind it etc, he's always been a free thinker and has researched for years, so he's in the know so to speak. He went in for his op, and was told he had to wear a mask at all times whilst in the hospital, he explained all about the harm they do and how they do not stop viruses, and he could not wear one. The doctor came out to speak to him and he said he must wear one if he wanted the op and that was the end of the discussion they had to abide by the government rules, he also went on to explain that if there were complications he may have to be put on a ventilator, cant believe they said that. But that was it for him he got his stuff and left. He said to me hospitals are now death camps, they want us dead. So he has to live with his condition now at 76.
  6. Exactly right, boil the frog slowly.
  7. Yes your right the more the masses take it the more they will push. They will just keep pushing and pushing to see how far they can go. And they've gotten pretty far so far. Just at a steady pace so we wont notice all of our liberties being taken piece by piece until they realise that everything they had and valued is totally gone, then they will wake up. But then there all gone, and they won't get them back.
  8. Never liked him, he always seems like a dirty, pervy old man. And he wasn't even funny.
  9. He obviously doesn't have a clue what the word compliance means. And there recruiting these people. Lol
  10. I agree fluke. Where fighting a losing battle. In my mind it's like where on a ship that's sinking, we know it's sinking and we are trying to inflate the lifeboats, but the zombies are saying no it's fine there's nothing to worry about listen to the captain and taking there knives and stabbing them, but they are the majority. I truly just give up now, with trying to talk to people they just shut down and give you that zombie stare.
  11. I agree with you and believe where in for a hell of a ride. Each day I wake up and think people are going to wake up and see the truth, i need to have faith then I'm brought back into reality, and realise they are well and truly gone, there dead inside. Almost like in a hypnotic coma, and covid is there new religion, it's like there having a love affair with it. We have to look after ourselves now, they won't hear whatever we have to tell them. Let's hope for something higher than ourselves to help us through this. Who knows what's out there, but I have hope in my heart for us.
  12. That's definitely spot on about the brainwashing, it starts straightaway basically from the time we are born and then into our adulthood. But what I've been pondering on and can't stop thinking about is why are we so awake, when millions aren't. What actually makes us different, ive been to school, done the social media stuff in the past, TV etc, but I can smell a rat straightaway. Knew this was a con from getgo, same with 911 and lots of other stuff. Never trusted governments and always felt like I didn't belong here, and was different than other people, not in a smug way though. Was brought up a JW (I'm not now, by the way) have been very sensitive to others energies, and a real sensitive person, think they call it an empath. But still really don't know why I and a small minority can see through this. Maybe we are the chosen ones lol. Or are on another level of consciousness, just baffling to me, wish I knew.
  13. So the north east is in lockdown now, that's a surprise, not. I'm a Geordie and over the past week the amount of testing centres they've put up in car parks here is ridiculous. And the zombies are queing and blocking up the streets waiting to get in so it's not a surprise to me. I was expecting this. So the council's here are ramping up the fear and their bully boy tactics and telling shop owners to challenge people who don't wear a face mask, or risk being shut down. People are just capitulating to everything here, pubs and restaurants have to close at 10 pm, the virus knows the time, it's a very clever this virus. Things are getting harder week by week I can see it, people's attitudes are changing against people like me, it's not nice but I will go on and be strong and not let those psychopaths bring me down. There time will come and they will be weeping and wailing and gnashing there teeth and I just can't wait to see it.
  14. I've been going into a local little shop now for years, there's a sign on the door about the masks etc, but have never been questioned about being maskfree. Yesterday I went in and the woman they have working for them said I needed to wear a mask. I was quite taken aback, I'm so bloody sick of all of this shit now. I surprised myself and said No No I don't have to wear a mask, I actually have a medical condition so no I don't. (Wasnt lieing cos I actually need an operation on my sinuses and cant breathe properly through my nose, due to convid my operation was put off). I was stewing about this so phoned the shop and spoke to the manager, he knows me he and his wife are from Sri Lanka and such a nice pleasant couple. He told me that people had complained to the council that customers weren't wearing masks. He said that he'd had no peace yesterday they'd been round 3 times, and instructed him that all his staff were to tell everyone that came in to put a mask on, and that they would send council employees undercover, lol, to check that his staff were telling customers to put a mask on. They also said to him that if they were medically exempt, that would be okay, but if they just refused he was to call the police, they would deal with the situation and fine them. He was instructed to put black markings on the floor and that silly yellow tape up, this is a tiny little shop by the way. They said if he didn't comply with this his shop would be shut down. He said he isn't bothered himself if people do or dont wear them, and his staff really didn't want to ask people to wear a mask, but he had no choice and had to do what the council told him. I tried my best to tell him, that he didn't have to ask every customer, and about it not being enforceable, but he was just so stressed about being shut down he wasn't listening. So there BULLY BOY tactics have paid off. I have mixed emotions i know hes worried and stressed but he's given in so easily, not questioned anything, and doing everything he's told to do, because he has let these evil bullies do what they want. And another part of me is angry that he has no bottle to stand up for himself his business and his and others freedom.
  15. Glad I'm not the only one, thought Chris shitty was bad, like someone you would see in a nightmare, but when I listen and watch him he always looks terrified like he's about to be found out with the lies he's telling, he sounds nervous. But Hancock is a totally different ballgame, he's nasty and he's laughing at us. I've always had a feel for people's energy and Hancocks is bad, I feel it even through the tv. And remember don't kill you granny.
  16. I don't know if it's just me but every time I see Pratt Hancock, it seems like he's totally laughing and taking the pi##. I can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. What a horrible disgusting human being he is, I find it difficult to even watch him now.
  17. Thankyou for that Anita, your definitely not alone in feeling this way. I too always felt different to others, not in an I'm better than you way just sort of distant, I knew instinctively I didn't think or feel the same way as others. I too just didn't feel I belonged here. My upbringing was as a Jehovahs witness, not nice is all I can say with a strict father and doom and gloom 24/7. I always felt like I was searching for the reason why I'm actually here. Making friends I found easy, but they made me feel more lonely. Ive been awake for a long time, never trusted governments and always thought independently. But like you, I became depressed and just couldn't see the point of it all. But I've been on a journey for a couple of years, trying to meditate and calm my mind from the incessant chatter, reading eckhart tolle The Power of Now helped me a lot. Listening to relaxing music, learning too about frequencies, energies. I think maybe we are here and awake to all this nonsense for a higher purpose, and it was meant to be this way for us, and hopefully good will come out of all this, then we can go home.
  18. Thought it was just me feeling this way but after reading the comments I feel I'm not alone in feeling this way. Going out seems to drain me, where once I enjoyed browsing the shops, now it's a chore to go for food, because of all the masks, signs, the speakers telling you to keep safe and wear a mask plus the looks and comments. Its definitely serious brainwashing everywhere. Even phoning the doctors surgery i have to listen to all the convid BS before i speak to anyone. It's to break our spirits and mess with our minds. Even my bike rides and walks I can't be bothered lately, with the hedge jumpers, and people crossing over with a terrified look on their faces. But I do agree with David something inside tells me this seems to be progressing too quick. we are on the right path and we must never forget that, No matter how hard and lonely it seems we will get through this, believe in yourselves, we are standing up for what is right.
  19. That was very disturbing to watch, and glad the lad stood up for himself. we are seeing what people are really made of now, the good the bad and the ugly. I've never worn a mask and have had a few issues, don't use public transport. But in smaller shops been told to wear a mask or use hand gel I refused and answer them back as calmly as i can. But they don't listen it's like they are hypnotized, they don't hear you. So in those circumstances I walk out anyway just don't give them my custom. In bigger supermarkets it isn't the staff but the masked sheep that give you problems. The supermarkets don't need to do their own policeing because the sheep do it anyway. But if I was in the same situation as that lad, I have no doubt that I wouldn't give in and would defend myself. There's real evil out there now, can't believe how fast things are going.
  20. Personally I think until killbill brings his poison out. By what I've seen in my area over the last few days everyone is wearing the muzzles, only me and hubby not wearing them. And it's getting harder by the day to go out and do our thing without getting the looks or some jobsworth mentioning the mask. There desperate to muzzle us all, because that equals compliance and they know they have us exactly where they want us to be and they can move on to there next plan unhindered.
  21. Thanks for that, I'm old enough to remember this. I'm going to listen to this every day, to help me remember that this is my life and no one has control of my thoughts, my actions and my life. So go to straight to hell Boris, it's waiting for your arrival.
  22. Our of likes. But thanks for that.
  23. I hope so, feeling really on my own and a bit down here in the north east. I wouldn't mind travelling to meet people. Fingers crossed.
  24. Your not alone, I go into Sainsbury's and asda I'm the only one without a mask. It takes so much for me to go in, I sit in the car and psyche myself up and tell myself I can do this. And I do. Where I live everyone has muzzles on. I don't know if this will help, but I put my earphones on, put a song on that makes me really happy, so I'm not listening to the sh..t that's coming out of the shops speakers, and also if anyone says anything I don't hear them anyway. I also give zero eye contact to masked people, ignore them like they don't exist. Your not the only one, I feel very lonely sometimes but I'd rather be me, know the truth and have integrity. You can do it. Stay strong. We can all do this. Fight the fear. False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.
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