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  1. OMgoodness I had tears in my eyes too. What a brave man, he was doing his best to make people actually see what is going on. The psychopaths haven't got any love, empathy or compassion in their hearts they have no understanding of it, they are evil, and they underestimate us, we can be pushed so much, we are human beings and we thrive on socialising, human contact, laughter, being with one another, cuddles, hugging, thats what we are all about, thats what they fear. So a huge thumbs up to that lovely man.
  2. After reading your post I feel the same. I'm so frustrated and and my blood is just boiling at the level of stupidity and brainwashing I just can't get my head round it. That's why I agree so much with the way ziggy feels. But the government here is going hell for leather now, there's no way they are going to backtrack now. It's gone too far. But I truly believe in my heart the whole scamdemic will be exposed eventually, how far things will go and how bad things will get i dont know. But the truth will out in the end. I haven't got children and god only knows how you must feel. My heart
  3. Glad it's not only me that's noticed it. She's a nasty piece of work. It oozes out of her how evil and sinister she is. She's switched straight off, if I ever have the tv on and I see her lizard face.
  4. Lol there's those ears I was just talking about.
  5. Out of likes. Nope can't beat that yet. But they'll do anything to keep the deadly convirus away. Mickey mouse ears next maybe, cos the virus can get into your ear canal. Who knows, one things for sure they will be Obedient Slaves, whatever there ordered to do.
  6. I too feel like everyone on these posts. It beggars belief that they think that stupid piece of cloth can keep a viral particle out, and what the hell are those pathetic visor things gona do, I just can't compute, are they for real my god how they can even walk around thinking there safe. They truly are braindead. Its like im in a different reality. I've been having a hard time with actually feeling hate towards them, and I don't want to be eaten up with it, thats not me. So I distance myself in my head from them walking around, give no eye contact at all, as much as i can, look straight throu
  7. Couldn't agree with you more and some others that think alike. There absolutely bloody brain dead zombies. I've tried to be sympathetic, and understand, to reason and show the facts. But you could show them anything, Boris could come out and say " folks it's all over, it was a hoax" and they would beg to keep worshipping their covid God, and keep their masks and lockdowns. And now I show no concern over any of them, they've made their choice and choose to ignore what is staring them in the face. They'e sold their soul and self respect even when lots can see its a scam,and they will wake up
  8. @Ziggy Sawdust Out of likes. But Thankyou. People just won't turn off the Tel - Lie - vision. There addicted to it, like their addicted to the corona BS.
  9. I will ziggy, I'm determined now. My sister has been having panic attacks all day, and has took to her bed she's not in a good place mentally, mainly because shes been watching the msm bullshit. Shes 59 and my blood is boiling with what there doing to peoples minds. They are beyond evil, there satanic. Makes me more determined than ever now.
  10. Definitely, they won't need the military where I live, they will be queing for their poison vaccines. The roads are so busy with people getting their tests. No wonder the NE is in lockdown. There really brainwashed here, nearly everyone I see now is wearing a mask, and the atmosphere in general feels bad when your out and about. Jusy bad energy. It's getting more difficult every day when your not wearing one, but I won't give in, ever.
  11. Bumped into my neighbour on way out today, there in late 60s I think and have been terrified to go out, and believe all the BS, nothing you can say will sway them. I asked how they were and she said hubby had the snivels and they'd been so scared incase it was the corona, I said " oh well it's coming up to the flu and cold season, we all get it, and not to worry. Her mouth nearly dropped on the pavement and her eyes looked like tennis balls. She wasn't expecting that reply. Lol.
  12. @Ziggy Sawdust don't suppose I'll be seeing many of those masks in sainsburys.
  13. I'm in the north east, and over the past few weeks my car has been getring covered in a brown type dirt, but lots of it also on my house windows. Not seen it like that before, glad you mentioned it. Small white planes and helicopters been around a lot here, thought I was being paranoid, God knows what it is.
  14. Hi, I was a lurker for a long time and finally got the courage to sign up here. It's hard times and I don't feel motivated some days to do anything, same as you. But it will help you on here, lots of people feel the same way. So hello, welcome and stay strong and we are all in this together, and just believe in yourself that you and likeminded people can get through this madness we are going through.
  15. @Ziggy Sawdust definitely that's who you remind me of.
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