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  1. These people are insane, covid is their god, their religion now, and they will protect it at all costs and do anything for it, even injecting themselves with any concoction their masters tell them too. It's mass insanity.
  2. Out of likes @Woodsman. Thank you for those beautiful photos.
  3. Good luck to everyone, and a great.big Thankyou for all your contributions on this site. I really don't know where I would have been without you lot. I may not post too much on here, and I think it's more of a confidence issue as I'm useless at that sort of thing, but I appreciate everything each one of you post, at least we can say what we are feeling, and it doesn't matter if we get a bit heated in conversions, we are all human beings and can debate, and that's what I like about being on here. Anyway God bless too everyone, its going to be a tough year. Stay strong, stay in your
  4. I believe wholeheartedly that they need our consent, I go along with the thinking of @kninjahmanwe are all being tested. The masses dont give a shit and will do anything for an easier life, whatever there asked to do, they will do it, to get their life back to normal. But of course we know that ain't ever gona happen. And yes there already poisoning us with all the chemtrails, food, water etc etc. But I think in my heart that there toxic poison vaccines is their ultimate goal. Maybe I'm wrong but that's how I feel, I'm not the sharpest tool in the box but that's my gut feeling and I'm going to
  5. Yep there speeding it up. There in panic mode now, too many people not going to take there toxic vaccines, and the PCR test being pulled to bits now, too many people waking up to their lies and their desperate, the genie is out of the bottle and they just can't put it back in. The lieing psychopaths are on their last legs now I'm glad I'm around to see it. Hoping and praying they get what they deserve before they head off into their bunkers.
  6. @- TZC -thank you, your dead right no more being nice and kind and trying to reason or explain anymore, they are deaf and blind to the truth and it doesn't get us anywhere, they only see it as weakness.
  7. Thought I'd share a recent experience. I went to a local indoor shopping centre in Sunderland not because I wanted to but I couldn't return an item I'd ordered online so had to visit the store. Went unmasked as I've never put a muzzle on my face and never will, and the store was fine, no problems, on the way out I heard someone shouting excuse me so naturally turned round and it was one of those pathetic pieces of shit a convid Marshall who looked like Mr bean more like a string bean in my opinion. He said "your not walking the right way round you have to follow the arrows" which I repli
  8. I worked in care homes for 14 years and she sure doesn't fit what I've seen of a 91 year old. But maybe she had an easy paperound.
  9. Thank you @Craigstah for that link. I'm in the NE and have been feeling the effects lately as I'm literally surrounded by them. I've ordered a few emf protection items, which are helping but these businesses are inundated now and can barely keep up with the orders, one I spoke to are working through the night to get the orders out so at least some of the people are aware. Thanks again for the information you provided.
  10. OMgoodness I had tears in my eyes too. What a brave man, he was doing his best to make people actually see what is going on. The psychopaths haven't got any love, empathy or compassion in their hearts they have no understanding of it, they are evil, and they underestimate us, we can be pushed so much, we are human beings and we thrive on socialising, human contact, laughter, being with one another, cuddles, hugging, thats what we are all about, thats what they fear. So a huge thumbs up to that lovely man.
  11. After reading your post I feel the same. I'm so frustrated and and my blood is just boiling at the level of stupidity and brainwashing I just can't get my head round it. That's why I agree so much with the way ziggy feels. But the government here is going hell for leather now, there's no way they are going to backtrack now. It's gone too far. But I truly believe in my heart the whole scamdemic will be exposed eventually, how far things will go and how bad things will get i dont know. But the truth will out in the end. I haven't got children and god only knows how you must feel. My heart
  12. Glad it's not only me that's noticed it. She's a nasty piece of work. It oozes out of her how evil and sinister she is. She's switched straight off, if I ever have the tv on and I see her lizard face.
  13. Lol there's those ears I was just talking about.
  14. Out of likes. Nope can't beat that yet. But they'll do anything to keep the deadly convirus away. Mickey mouse ears next maybe, cos the virus can get into your ear canal. Who knows, one things for sure they will be Obedient Slaves, whatever there ordered to do.
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