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  1. As he is saying 65% the screen is saying 80%. Its so ridiculous.
  2. “Detain people who are infectious”. the numbers of vaxxed changes every day the other day it was 90 percent,here it is 65.
  3. Georgia guidestones look so cheesy, like a McDonalds verison of stonehenge.
  4. I was suspicious of hiv/aids when I read years ago that a disease of apes in Africa was suddenly affecting gay men in new york discos.
  5. Just shoot them. No pissing around being nice, we do this in self defence against them .
  6. I didn't know that, there is some similar chemical reaction going on in all these vaccines.
  7. Went into the chemist without one the other day nobody said anything, I won't join in at all whatever.
  8. Was in sainsburys a while ago, seems more masks today and even more on the streets. I don't think many have wised up that hasn't or wasn't already so inclined. The Indians where I buy my baccy have stopped wearing them though and they were full on mask/windscreen 9 months ago
  9. Absolutely, 'we' just believe it. "fluoride in toothpaste and in antidepressants is good for you, destroying your immune system with isotopes will help heal your cancer."
  10. The swine flu virus vax was stopped in the 70s because a small few developed guillain barre. These days they just go ploughing on with it.
  11. Its for the teenagers mental health now..
  12. Midazolam 'treatment' next for them then.?
  13. I was lucky in that I thought it was bs or I just was indifferent to it depending on how obviously false it looked. Thing is now after nearly 2 years of it so many people are still going along with it. Most likely to their own eventual detriment .
  14. "Two points, two flats, and a packet of gravel."
  15. Being slightly awake is at least a start.!
  16. At least we can say we tried, that is important.
  17. "Put your tinfoil hat on mate" is what you get. They are easily lead and refuse to think independently of the mass collective thought patterns. What can you do with minds so conditioned? If someone has spent 30 years being stuffed with shit, how many decades will it take to remove the shit from them were it possible.
  18. Friend of a friend story... Guy I know was visiting a friend in hospital very recently, the accident department was full of people holding their heads complaining about week long headaches, vomiting and etc. Don't hear about unvaccinated with longterm headaches do we.
  19. Mandatory...like masks for the exempt, they sound a clueless bunch . I read a thing years ago saying Always be prepared to walk away from any job,situation or person. It's a good rule to have. Good luck.
  20. I was pondering that the other evening.
  21. He admits his vaccine doesn't work.!
  22. It probably is that, with some added foetus and spike proteins. Mmm spike protein flavour pot noodle.
  23. It's just like a packet of crisps then. It contains monkeys cells and human abortion cells, they lie and say that this isn't so because they are clones of the original cells. Even walkers crisps aren't that bad.
  24. Apparently the reason why covid was downgraded as an illness is because otherwise being a newly reported illness every death would require an autopsy. And that would have blown it apart long ago.
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