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  1. Someone should have drawn some huge gnashers on it when she wasn't looking.
  2. We can imagine..no TV for 3 days. They will be screeching . "AGH OMG How will we know if Bill on eastenders survives his HIV after rushing to the church to get married and crashing on the way there.."
  3. What's vaxes, precious? What's vaxes, eh?
  4. no piers..no susanna..now what do we do!
  5. Exactly. step one turn off your tv , we should march on power stations not parliament.
  6. I said to her you have had vax/wear mask why are you scared. No answer. I didn't pursue it any further, cba any longer to try.
  7. A family member is a teaching assistant, she wears her mask, has been vaccinated & is now scared of children going to school unmasked. WTF is the matter with them? they still wouldn't be happy if every child came to school wrapped in bubble wrap.
  8. I now think that people only really pay much attention to the headline part of these messages.
  9. Seconds out round one.. Ziggy delivers a crushing right hand, the fat lady staggers..and she's down..
  10. Same here, it is most unfortunate, but what can you do.
  11. "With just a little mRNA they will fade away and that will be an end to it."
  12. Playpens for football fans..
  13. Next will be all retail staff. To 'protect' them obviously.
  14. Here’s some celebs singing that you can have your entire life back if you just get your vaccine.
  15. Probably wouldn't have. Hes been addicted to heroin and booze before and survived, he seems pretty much indestructible.!
  16. Yes, that is coming no doubt. Safety in numbers then will be our help.
  17. All the books written and the warnings from history are quickly and easily forgotten.
  18. True. But I do believe in not taking part, going in a shop maskless makes people see you and think "If he can do it, then so can I."
  19. Was the "I wear the mask to avoid confrontation.." part of the psychological war against us? I was thinking last night of all the people I heard say this and there were quite a few, including a couple who would sometimes in the past go out of their way to start confrontations. And yet there they were saying it, the same ones who said "nurses wear masks for 12 hours all day so it's nothing for us to do." Funny how these phrases just seemed to appear at the right time. ?
  20. It's the start. Care home staff, then other staff. The people are still terrified by the whole fake story to go along and hand out yellow stars. It's now the 21st century and like the 20th people somehow still lack the experience to know better. 100 years of wars/trouble and we learned nothing.
  21. lots of dead staff. massive staff walkout. protect nhs, don't overload it in winter 21 I do wonder how much of this actually is part of the plan?
  22. Not to denigrate him too much but he (latimer) did get vaccinated.
  23. Listeners are rare. I often prefer to listen than speak & I find some people are unnerved by this and others don't even notice with their "me me me" conversation.
  24. Can't believe he got injected twice though..once would have been enough if it put him out for a week.
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