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  1. Last year we were getting upto 25 attending on a sunday, now its a good day to get 5 people. Is it over?
  2. I have been sowing, planting out and teaching people in our small group to learn to grow some food. Peas, beets, potatoes and etc. This is such a massive problem.
  3. Two strains of Omicron have been labelled 'variants of concern' for their ability to evade vaccines and are likely to dominate Europe's Covid cases by the summer, health officials have warned. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said in a report that variants BA4 and BA5 could lead to an uptick in cases across the continent, risking a surge in hospital and ICU pressure. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10814961/Two-strains-Omicron-South-Africa-labelled-variants-concern-European-health-officials.html Don't all 'variants' evade the vaccine right now anyway. If they didn't you would get the vaxxed people always saying.. "I caught covid but it would have been worse unvaccinated."
  4. Has anyone else noticed drivers stopping in the middle of a road and seemingly just staring off into space for half a minute..before driving off again. It might be a random coincidence happening just to me or something else?
  5. As Irvine Welsh writes, her and the Yorkshire ripper used the same 'God told me to do it.' excuse.
  6. I expected bob to be a lot older unrptil I saw him on tv.
  7. Done this before.. When they said fortified with iron they weren't joking!
  8. The vaccine tent was in town yesterday..just when I thought they'd sort of quit for good they're back. Funny that the vaccine tent lead to an increase in people wearing masks again. (From my quick observation. )
  9. https://rumble.com/vwmcqb-please-share-everyhere..-offer-to-aaron-walton-.html The guy I mentioned is in Kent..so who knows?
  10. I might have said this already, but was watching a guys video the other night he thinks they are fluoridating the water right now in the south east, not starting next year. He said he feels passive and foggy, disinterested etc. Wouldn't surprise me to find out its been going much longer because I know its done in parts of northern England already..
  11. Yeah you can live weeks without food, but no water you live 5 days at best.
  12. Yes, I remember reading how fresh from the nut coconut water is one of the most purest sources of clean water. Was watching a video last night and the presenter was saying how fuddled and muddled he has felt recently and has the water fluoridation covertly started in the south already? Thinking about it, a few people have said similar to me lately..
  13. Some sources claim that drinking distilled water will help detoxify your body and improve your health. Others claim distilled water leaches minerals from your body and could put your health at risk. In reality, neither of these claims is entirely true. Buyer beware..?
  14. Is drinking distilled bad for you in some way? I vaguely remember something like that..
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