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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/systematic-review-reveals-many-covid-19-vaccine-recipients-experienced-new-onset-psychosis If it doesn't kill you it drives you crazy.
  2. If you know anyone who grows cannabis , the leftover twigs put under your mattress are supposed to drive the bedbugs off.
  3. cenotaph (n.) "empty tomb erected in honor of a dead person who is buried elsewhere or whose body is lost," Is it a blood ritual for the satanists every November? why should they care otherwise about those who died to serve their interests.
  4. Went for a walk with a friend at just before twilight, we were walking on the opposite side of the road to a six foot fence. I saw a big shaggy black ghost dog run along the side of then fence then vanish into a garden.. Wasn't scary or negative vibes , just like "oh look ghost dog." I never saw ghost animal before, seen shadow people flitting round my house at night., but it was really cool to see this.
  5. It's just variations on a theme, they said the same things about my generation in the 90s, as the jobs were sent off to the far east.
  6. Its so sad, I love women, even in a platonic way they are great , they divide the sexes and make them war against each other.
  7. I hardly see any babies being pushed around now in my town. Vaxx sterility/stillbirths? Lack of money? Many babies where you are. ?
  8. We can be patriotic without supporting those paedophile murderous 'royals'.
  9. I seem to remember that the doors could be forced open by just shoving them apart.. its weird.
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-london-tube-chaos-passengers-29902351 Shocking footage from Clapham Common showed panic at the tube station as commuters were left trapped inside carriages with doors stuck and refusing to open. People could be heard crying in terror as others begin smashing the windows to try and get them out in what is understood to be a "fire alert". Something about this strikes me as weird? Doors don't usually stick ..A sacrifice gone wrong?
  11. Annoyance that eventually became indifference. I honestly don't care now its too late.
  12. I was on Twitter yesterday, a commenter saying he was listening in to some pensioners in a cafe saying they all have colds they can't quite shift and so have their families.
  13. Something I have noticed, wildbirds are gone from my garden,a few months ago I had a blackbird with white spots, a robin with an injured leg, speckled pigeons I recognised.. all gone now. Lucky to see the odd sparrow. Wtf is going on?
  14. Anyone used one yet? they look very intriguing. https://www.iteracare.app/
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