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  1. A special event weekend of injections in every town and city, after being advertised in all media formats. Local town halls used to inject the public as they queue outside in huge numbers. (Properly distanced and masked of course.) free balloons for the kids. Can anyone else see this coming?
  2. "but GPs who fail to reach the targets can be penalised in many different ways and can even find themselves being asked to justify why they haven't reached targets. This can be classed as a 'poor outcome' 'poor practice' so you see there is more to it than you realise." (From a daily mail comment.)
  3. Yeah, beach towels on people's heads.. but why did he die?
  4. Step 7. phone the undertaker.
  5. How to kill a sick person....
  6. If anyone doesn't know this, each printer has a tiny identification code with each printed sheet you make, which can be traced to a printer. So be careful .. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_Identification_Code#:~:text=A Machine Identification Code ( MIC )%2C also,was printed and giving clues to the originator.
  7. So it's just based round profit making in other words? Any more info?
  8. My father has copd, one thing he has found that helps him is blueberry strain cannabis baked into biscuits. I have lost a lot of faith in doctors this year, I never knew they were so gutless as to not attend ill people and I never knew they got £10 fees for every person they inject with flu vaccine.. total shits
  9. they're the talons of the state, they protect their masters. Jill Dando and Barry George, she was shot dead (investigating paedophiles) and some local slightly odd guy was stitched up over it by the police. He served about 5 years iirc and when released got zero compensation.
  10. I have been looking for one with a uk crown on it or that looks more official,, but nothing so far..
  11. It might let them stitch anyone up over something, e.g. Police say to you " We found traces of your DNA next to a murder that happened long ago, tell me where were you on the night of June 29th 2010?" You just won't remember and most wont think where did they get my DNA?
  12. The exemption cards might fool local police .? The only other thing I can think of is one of those dumb looking visors..which just look insane. Anyway there's this one.
  13. She is 88.. My friend is her daughters boyfriend. He went to visit and they wouldn't let him in the house,had to speak through a tiny crack in the window. It was only last week they let him in and he had to stay in one room with all doors and windows open.... I wouldn't put up with that but he does , God knows why.. At 88 do you want to live forever?
  14. you know, I've seen plenty oap's here over the last few days in the boiling sun fully masked up..a friends mum hasn't left the house in 3 months. Thanks BBC, done a great job there sky news.
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