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  1. Majority of the local stand in the park group are females. How would they like to hear that?
  2. #Nazipass https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/nazipass?src=hashtag_click&f=live
  3. The point they never mention.. the vaccine does not give any immunity... so herd immunity is a fantasy.
  4. I was walking by a charity shop and asked to move heavy stuff inside for some sisters, one said "when you meet my other sister she will thank you too", I met the other sister in the shop.. she was a beautiful brunette in a red dress and we started kissing..lol instant attraction. Interpretations?
  5. shadowmoon


    Was speaking to a lady I know the other day she wants to learn to grow food and she hasn't a clue where to start. I have promised to help her next spring. All the time spent at school learning useless information about long dead kings, we are losing the skills we need to be independent to even a small degree.
  6. Doing their SAGE sponsored mind tricks again..yesterday they were saying 'don't panic there's plenty' and today...
  7. https://t.me/stopcommonpass/803 This is a nice little short vid, which also raises one of those type of questions that stare you in the face and you don't even see it. "If these vaccines do not provide immunity, how then can they provide herd immunity.?"
  8. Yes, not his fault, what can he do... just bad luck..
  9. For ten days off work with no questions asked. If you are low paid iirc you can get an extra 500 pound too.
  10. He was a hoaxer I think. He seems to have vanished, his 'evidence' was just a paper cutout of a rabbit.
  11. It's been a bad year for slugs and snail attacks, I thought the cold winter would have reduced their numbers, but it doesn't seem to have.
  12. I guess they will be needing to send up drones to spot heat form campers? They want the people to stay in the filthy cities at all costs. Then have to account for your movement. Can't have you wandering off and putting up a bivouac.
  13. There used to be a stockpile warehouse about 4 miles from me I only know because my dad had to occasionally do work there and saw it all. Apparently they were all shut down by the 90s? I imagine they weren't replaced elsewhere as they dgaf and would happily see us starve now.
  14. The pasta stock level was dropping rapidly in my local shop last week, but I try not to go too often as I hate it now its too depressing. Went for a walk yesterday, there are fields full of ripe wheat here now . We have the capability in England to grow more of our own food, but it's all swallowed up by big business. If I wanted some of that what to grind and cook I have to go through so many layers of hassle to get it. How much of this food shortage is scaremongering? One says this, another says it's nothing.
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