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  1. Yeah one of my neighbours had the smart meter people in on Wednesday. I had a quick walkk up one of the closed roads. A water company is claiming the works are theirs, but next to the 'road closed' signs are 'CCTV in action' signs. Now that would make sense to me if there was stuff to steal but as no work is being done on the closed road.. I don't really know what is going on. CCTV warnings wth?
  2. Hello neighbour Something I have noticed in my town over the last week, whole roads closed and coned off with no work going on. Bit weird or nothing?
  3. You could contact uk column news they are great with anonymity.
  4. I tried this and it sent my mind into a very relaxed state, but weirdly enough every time I tried since then my mind now rejects it. Has anyone else used these kaleidoscopic images and got anywhere .?
  5. What happened to the 'chuck all the vaccines in a big pot and mix them up.' story? It all went quiet ..
  6. They will just be injected with a new cocktail version on top?
  7. I used to do yoga classes, there was never any religion promoted within in any of the classes. Western taught yoga is quite different from Indian yoga in my experience.
  8. Same, he is too intelligent to be unable to add it all up.
  9. I don't think they have thought this through. For a passport to work everyone in the place you're visiting must be vaccinated before you arrive. And exactly the same applies for anyone coming here.
  10. Yoga, like breastfeeding instead of feeding formulas leads to people seeking alternative viewpoints on life.
  11. I have some skills but lack money lol. We could probably even claim to be a new religion and escape being harassed by the state?
  12. As JayneDough says in the post above. Perhaps we should build our own communities here.? Keep it to a maximum of 500 folks per group, buy a farm,?
  13. I'd be tempted to live on the moors for a while this coming summer? always fancied just walking in the wilds with a tent, a stove and some cans of beans. Our govt are dangerous psychopaths getting out of uk would probably be easier than getting back in.
  14. I had a letter through the post today from a funeral directors touting for business, in all my years I have never seen this before.
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