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  1. could not have put it better.! Fear fear fear all the time, terrify the people with the latest threat. I was at a small group meeting yesterday of people like us who want to gtfo of the system, the parents want their children out from the schools, the other adults want some new system away from their system. We were all sharing ideas on many things, all of us have had about enough.
  2. to put it bluntly it will fuck them up as designed to.
  3. In my youth it was constant threat of nuclear war and destruction.
  4. They have hit on a deeper cultural narrative there.? All the little crazes of the last few years that everyone just jumped onto.. Over the course February 2013, the Harlem Shake exploded into mainstream media worldwide, with countless celebrities, sport teams, corporations, politicians, and activists contributing their own takes on the Harlem Shake. The "Momo Challenge" is a hoax and an Internet urban legend that was rumored to spread through social media and other outlets. It was reported that children and adolescents were being enticed by a user named Momo to per
  5. I would not be surprised. bringing in masks in the height of last summer was cruelty to people, they are quite unscrupulous. was watching a great vid earlier on ukcolumn news. the icebucket challenge of 2014 was an early psyop, I remember people saying "its for charity" at the time but they never knew which charity when I asked them.
  6. Amazing that they never were charged for child abuse, drugging your kids in a hotel room so you can go out swinging and drinking is not normal parental behaviour.
  7. Had a guy cross the road to avoid me today, so I crossed over myself to his side, as I got close I started to scratch myself like I had fleas as well as as asymptomatic-covid.. His face
  8. https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/073/492/423/original/2b2b55698a022b2d.mp4 He took the vaccine.! Grabs the phial and walks out of the shop with it, to get it tested.
  9. The police haven't managed to get another free holiday from this tale for over a year. But they are remaining hopeful.
  10. If shedding isn't real, how is asymptomatic spread real.
  11. Psyop again, just like here, uk excel centre 2020.
  12. The Indian nightingale hospital??? How are the fans being powered? They are always empty these places.
  13. ...Lags will spend more time locked up in their cells even after lockdown is lifted across England.. They will end “unstructured associations” - where prisoners can mingle in communal areas for most of the day - in men’s prisons after a dramatic drop in violence. thesun.co.uk It gets better, look at the psychological language used . A MoJ source told The Sun: “The last year has been a massive controlled experiment .."
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