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  1. I was on Twitter yesterday, a commenter saying he was listening in to some pensioners in a cafe saying they all have colds they can't quite shift and so have their families.
  2. Something I have noticed, wildbirds are gone from my garden,a few months ago I had a blackbird with white spots, a robin with an injured leg, speckled pigeons I recognised.. all gone now. Lucky to see the odd sparrow. Wtf is going on?
  3. Anyone used one yet? they look very intriguing. https://www.iteracare.app/
  4. No doubt the tabloid papers will condemn them as 'holding the country to ransom' or is that just for other workers?
  5. I learned the 18 lohan hands back in April and have been trying to do the whole sequence every day, sometimes morning sometimes evening, whenever I get to fit it in. It has certainly helped me remain flexible,but what about the mystical side of qigong? Anyone has experienced this?
  6. The vaccine clinics have gone quietly underground round here, sainsbury has small posters advertising booster days in church halls and places like that.
  7. Bgc I refused it as I didn't like needles, they didn't half put the pressure on me to have it though.
  8. Or under a similar device , has anyone done this? My car was thick with dirt the other morning from rain.
  9. Filling the water with raw sewage is such a 'great' idea.
  10. Polio next? https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/polio-symptoms-vaccine-nausea-headaches-27301830
  11. Funny how all these shops had traffic light entrance systems ready to install and roll out.. it would have taken a little while you would think to order and build these things. So they were warned well in advance.
  12. I watched it a lot in 2020-21 but not so much lately. they were tackling subjects that other news channels stayed well away from. People have said to me "they are shills"..I don't know? Seems like if you get to a certain level of popularity you get called a shill or similar.
  13. Some of the brands have a very odd sugary flavour. What you say here would explain this.
  14. A friend told me it is going to be mandatory to have this in Belgium (or it already is?) Don't know how true, but it would set the case for the rest of Europe to follow.
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