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  1. I'd love him to be our saviour I really would, we need one. 


    My view is, if Hilary was elected and tried to pull this shit it would be civil war.


    Trump is their guy, he's fighting the bad, he's a maverick, he's one of them so they trust the direction he takes them.


    Pre-election he has to appeal to all sides. It's after he gets in again that it matters. If he does.


    Biden is a nightmare. Trump may be a nightmare.

    They either control all sides in most countries or they were forced to accelerate the plan because people like Trump got into power.


    I'm still guessing but the cynic in me says they couldn't do this with America without a Trump-like figure.


    Hope I'm wrong there, really do.

  2. On 6/6/2020 at 8:12 AM, jack121 said:


    What i don't understand, this cult, whose members include bill gates and opera winfrey, want to reduce the world's population by 95% because they feel there are too may people in the world.

    I don't know.

    I have been on backpacking holidays to africa asia australia, have walked for days, mile after mile, without so much as seeing another person. Around britain, when i drive through the countryside, i notice there are so many acres of unused land. Two thirds of the world is ocean. Massive areas of the globe are hotter or colder than normal and are totally unpopulated.

    Can't understand this cult's point of view.

    The world seems to be underpopulated with more than enough room for everyone.

    Also, there are comments about not having enough food, putting a strain on the planet's resourses etc.

    To address this I used to think why not grow crops on all this unused land? Well, why not? Because when i look out of my car window i see miles of unattended countryside growing nothing usefull, just wild grass and trees.

    Until i realised that every year farmers are setting fire to crops, sinking ships and sending tons of food to the bottom of the oceans, claming off the insurance, because they cannot sell all this food. There is too much food in the world and not enough people to eat it !!!

    If bill gates and opera winfrey are  such humanitarians, as on tv they keep telling me, why not use all this money to create new settlements underwater or on the moon or on other planets. Okay sounds a little sci-fi. Excuse me. But why not do something usefull. They appear on tv smiling, acting like they are nice people, your best friends, helpfull, wringing their hands in despair at the plight of the world, why not do something positive.

    I cannot find any evidence to support their arguements for depopulation, all are invalid and have no scientific basis.

    Unless they already have the gene-editing technology to create immortal humans. 

    Humans can't live forever and procreate on just one planet, then it would be a nightmare.

    All through history, myth and religion have been tales of people trying to find immortal life.

    One way or another they'll do it and unless we rapidly start colonising planets then a good portion of us will not be needed and certainly not allowed to reproduce.

  3. 1 minute ago, chocomel said:


    I saw an adverts on a pharmacy window for Covid-19 test priced at....*drumrolls*




















    Who on earth would pay for a fake test?!

    I think if anyone is preparing to pay for such thing, they deserved to be legally scammed in this way.

    We can't nanny the whole nation. It's down to individuals to be informed or not.

    Unless they unplug themselves from the MSM....gawd knows how we can wake them up from the hypnotic trance....:classic_rolleyes:

    It may be worthwhile saying in their face "On my count of 3, you will wake up feeling fresh and happy. 1....2...3...." Click your fingers here...... :classic_biggrin:

    I thought that the other day, they're basically telling us we need to pay for the test ourselves or wait until we're old and sick enough to actually die 'with' Covid.

  4. 24 minutes ago, chocomel said:


    Covid-19 version 2 this winter....probably there will be few updates in between to tweak the general fear.


    Covid symptoms now include getting excited about Christmas, worrying about finding the right present, and general sneezes and sniffles.

  5. 38 minutes ago, zarkov said:


    Not seen it before - Just skimmed through - appears to be a top down PR piece for the unelected illegitimate un. 

    problem, reaction scenarios  > un solution to manufactured problems!





    I can't help but feel all this is getting very easy to find for some reason, it's like a grand confession but you have to look to find it.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Noctua said:


    Yes, it's quite a headline, but if you read the article, he does say:



    That's the bit we should wear on our t-shirts.

    I've been wondering if they'll come out and say we have a vaccine but sick and old people can't have it or some crap.

    That way they'll be able to force through compulsory vaccinations. If you don't get vaccinated you may kill someone's grandma, or the old guy at work, or the sick kid across the street. etc.

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  7. 3 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    I think they updated this later and said they missed lots of 2020 deaths so it pushed it above.

    It's worth checking out, I can see stuff like this being used as an example that all the independent research is fake news.

  8. 1 minute ago, jonesthepost said:


    Yes; do as we say and you get a little something in return.


    I still can’t get my head around why people put up with it; but I guess even if I could, it wouldn’t make any difference; there are just too many people going along with it who will never go against their ‘dear leaders’ and their lackeys.



    Fear is all you need to make smart people dumb. So nothing makes sense.

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