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  1. I thought that at the end of the video he was going to unmask it, what an anticlimax.
  2. Big regret,I toed the line, believed the doctors, was refused entry to the hospital and never saw my sister again. If it happened now I would try anything and everything possible to get her out, even if I was charged with kidnapping. Praying for you, my friend.
  3. I have thought about doing the same, let me know if you buy one and if its any good
  4. It is Seriously demoralising. What I cant understand is there must be people on this forum that have the money/ knowhow to take over media stations and get the true message to the public, sorry for any mispellings parrot is ripping up my keyboard
  5. Justin was my local vicar, I considered him a friend. My family were too ill to attend church so he would bring us all Holy Communion at home. He was very approachable/empathetic and would bless my pets(my babies) before he left. He would at times ask me for advice, very humble and caring man. I dont recognise him anymore, what happened?
  6. I was a regular churchgoer, but like you found it so depressing. I swapped my Sunday morning service to join The Stand In The Park Group. The fellowship is amazing, no masks, plenty of smiles and hugs we even share breakfast in the park. We encourage one another and this empowers me to take action against this cruel exploitation that is all around us. I was happy to stay home and give in but am so very glad I didnt. Please join your local group. the organization is worldwide so should be one near you. God Bless.
  7. most ot the group are awake/aware of psych ops etc and are taking ivermectin for their health issues, but look like s**t
  8. honey, lemon, and whisky for cold/flu yes, but the last month 5 members of my local stand in the park group have tested postitive for covid, 2 hospitalised and all had no sense of taste/smell and felt they were going to die. They didnt and still attend meeting/ protests etc but if covid does not exist, and i want to beleive this, then what is causing this.
  9. Hi, I have been following this forum since the begining of "Covid" it's my first to go to page every day, made a few posts. Not as intelligent as most persons here, but willing to learn. I live alone in sheltered housing, only one not been jabbed, and dispite mobility problems. am active protester and member of local Stand In The Park, who are my family now. I am a Christian, and hope for Jesus/ God to return and rid of these evil satanic creatures. I am dying, with cancer and so will never see the end of this, but beleive good will always prevail over evil. xxx Thank You All for being here for me
  10. I am a member of our local Stand in The Park and on Saturdays we hold our placards, in a peaceful protest at various roundabouts. I have certainly noticed increased anger and hatred by the vaccinated public over the last few weeks, it breaks my heart, all I can say is God Bless, stay well. TPTB have done a great job in spreading this fear and division, I truly don't know how all this will end.
  11. I am going to send a copy of his letter to the bishops in this country, wont expect any reaction but hopefully it will make them feel a little uneasy.
  12. Batches of Sainsbury's hypoallergenic cat food, Applaws and Ava are at the centre of a Food Standards Agency investigation, after a spike in cases of a deadly disease called pancytopenia. Thousands of cats are feared to have died from the disease in the past few months.
  13. I have attended their courses and can thoroughly recommend them to everyone. It is imperative we learn how to use common law. www.classcentral.com/course/intro-common-law-12100 is a free online course as an introduction.
  14. David Brookes, is a very fine midfield player for Bournemouth. The Welsh international was courted by several top Premier league clubs including Liverpool, last summer.
  15. This happened to me last week. No test, no prescription.
  16. quite a few sites down on my lappie today
  17. demonic forces that are running roughshot across our Earth plane right now need the individualistic and power of Western people to fall in order to seize complete control, spot on
  18. I have noticed the same and having to order online
  19. I bought myself a new pair of binoculars yesterday, for bird watching. A resident in my sheltered housing complex asked to have a look at them. As I began to move towards her she shouted stop, don't move, you must always keep at least 6 feet away from me at all times, I shall instruct my vaccinated friend to pass me the binoculars. I felt like a leper, but insisted it must be 12 feet as I didn't want to risk my health because of her shedding. Is ignorance catching? if so I had better make that 100 feet, good job I have my new binoculars.
  20. The media is winning this war for the elite, normal peoples views are formed by what they see on the telly, read in the papers, everyone I talk to knows nothing about marches, demonstrations etc. I use mobility scooter to get around, but if someone offered me a lift to BBC/Sun offices I would love to smash it through their window, and get arrested for it. We need to target the media, not just march around aimlessly. I think now its the time to act physically and I don't say that lightly, I hate violence, or if one of you very clever people on this forum, or elsewhere has the knowledge to take over the airways, I'm willing to be the decoy
  21. Sitting in the garden, for the last time, conversation always centres around covid, nothing else in the world exists. G Grandmother states nursery closed all children tested positive for covid, poor children. Symptoms', a dry cough! I really can't take this anymore, the please clap for the nhs, they killed my mother and sister, I am all alone and have had solice from this group and my local Stand In The Park. God Bless You. I am done xxxxxx
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