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  1. David Brookes, is a very fine midfield player for Bournemouth. The Welsh international was courted by several top Premier league clubs including Liverpool, last summer.
  2. This happened to me last week. No test, no prescription.
  3. quite a few sites down on my lappie today
  4. demonic forces that are running roughshot across our Earth plane right now need the individualistic and power of Western people to fall in order to seize complete control, spot on
  5. I have noticed the same and having to order online
  6. I bought myself a new pair of binoculars yesterday, for bird watching. A resident in my sheltered housing complex asked to have a look at them. As I began to move towards her she shouted stop, don't move, you must always keep at least 6 feet away from me at all times, I shall instruct my vaccinated friend to pass me the binoculars. I felt like a leper, but insisted it must be 12 feet as I didn't want to risk my health because of her shedding. Is ignorance catching? if so I had better make that 100 feet, good job I have my new binoculars.
  7. The media is winning this war for the elite, normal peoples views are formed by what they see on the telly, read in the papers, everyone I talk to knows nothing about marches, demonstrations etc. I use mobility scooter to get around, but if someone offered me a lift to BBC/Sun offices I would love to smash it through their window, and get arrested for it. We need to target the media, not just march around aimlessly. I think now its the time to act physically and I don't say that lightly, I hate violence, or if one of you very clever people on this forum, or elsewhere has the knowledge to take over the airways, I'm willing to be the decoy
  8. Sitting in the garden, for the last time, conversation always centres around covid, nothing else in the world exists. G Grandmother states nursery closed all children tested positive for covid, poor children. Symptoms', a dry cough! I really can't take this anymore, the please clap for the nhs, they killed my mother and sister, I am all alone and have had solice from this group and my local Stand In The Park. God Bless You. I am done xxxxxx
  9. Can't sit in the garden in peace interrogation number three now, I am trying to put a booklet together to give them as a last resort, non of them accept it's an experimental "vaccine", . They knock my door for photocopies, fill in forms and write letters for them a but I am not invited to tomorrows birthday party. Yes I am lonely, but I have had enough now. Have joined my local Stand In The Park to try and keep sane. Any ideas for my booklet, must be simple, for simple minds, Thank You.
  10. Residents v Covid Carrier Round 2 Its been nearly 3 weeks since being sent to Coventry, although I am called upon if they want me to order them a meal on the internet or help them fill forms in etc! Have joined the local The Stand In The Park ,its great being with like minded people, I was feeling so alone. Ventured out into the garden today, just to see how I would be received. Joined in small talk etc then BAM Why haven't you had the vaccine? I made my argument against it and could see it was useless, did they realise the media their beloved BBC were lying to them? In the end I just said if I am still alive at the end of 2023 when this experimental jab is actually fully approved I will have it. Imagine their smug faces thinking they had converted me, I just shuffled along to do my laundry and felt a little saddened they wouldn't be around then, but only a little saddened.
  11. After caring for my sister since i was 12 years old (she died frightened and alone in hospital last year) I have recently moved to sheltered accommodation. I have no family and friends but have settled here and really love it. I love organising all events etc. however yesterday I was asked for proof of my vaccination prior to a day trip out. I explained my reasons for not having the jab and was told i was the only one in the flats and i could not join the excursion. Have been sent to Coventry today and feel depressed, even suicidal, but i will never compromise my beliefs. I wish i could meet like minded people, but have mobility problems and no transport. This site is the only thing that keeps me sane, thank you.
  12. Thanks for the links to these books, as a newbie I am sure I will find them invaluable. Cheers
  13. Nuneaton. George Eliot Hospital reporting very high number of cases since last week.
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