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  1. So who is yahweh? yahweh is set as one aspect of yahweh and the conglomeration of the forces constituted in the name of nun amen-ra as another deeper aspect layer of yahweh. yahweh as an acquintes of the jew is known to them as the devil. revelations 3:14 these things said the amen the faithful and true witness in the begining of the creation of god. amen the egyptian reptilian god was already there as a witness when god was created. then seth (set is the egyptian devil ) bore a son named enos and then they called upon the name of god = yahweh geneisis 3:14 then Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh then men began call upon name of the LORD. amen is attested to in of the oldest pyramid - the pyramid of unas which is older than the oldest part of the old testament by a great deal. and before you want to dispute the egytian narrative i want to conclude all of the above with the following passage : Hosea 13:4 Yet I am the LORD thy God from the "LAND OF EGYPT",and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me. the jews built an inner temple to house and worship these gods trough their inner secret vibrational name / blood (and trough other means) those very same vibrational names and means are attached to their soul - they got therr names by their little pathetic high priest daddy who intitated them. they are destined to roam the orderly realms - trapped in the matrix becuse their very doctrine is entailed by a an everly present order out of chaos narrative. when the jews made the covenant with yahweh they sealed it in amens name hence the seal of solomon or the seal of amun ra - better disguised as the star of david in the abrahamitic scriptures. the pathetic masons are also led trough the ignorance - indeed they are intiatied in darkness and led trough darkness to the light which can be seen as form of illumination on one level of the intrepetation on another level that very same concealed darkness symbolise that they will ever be lead and scammed by the very same darkness to live in cyclical order under concealed cirucmstances unbeknownst to them -that is also where their faith comes in - becuse they are all intiated trough the blindfold placed on thier eyes what is even more pathetic is that the muslims and christians also end their prayers in the name of amen. thats is why the palestinians are suppresed in palestine - they pray with all thier might 5 times a day to a god who have openely declared that he favours the jews as his chosen ones so ehat can the physichal outcome be other than that muslims are taught to be submissive to the jews and their god? very tragic and sad indeed. always wondered why some rabbis insist on the fact that you have to be born by a jewish women to be considered a jew when it cleary says in the scripture that israel is born trough abrahams seed. i think i know the reason (could be wrong though) it has everything to do with the reptilian blood and occult symbology. the reptilian blood is considered holy and considered to be anspect of the spirit and life of god. ( nachash /rûach/ nephesh) the reptilian blood function as an magnet for the reptilian spirit on the physichal level if the reptilian spirit enter the womb of a human that has no reptilian blood inside of her - that would imply a reversal of the roles of the relationship between the creator and the created in mankinds favours . in other words mankind would be responsible for birthing god into our world and thus mankind would be a symbolic creator of the reptilian spirit on a physichal level. some rabbis says that the reptilian soul hoovers above man (possilby infesting its aura) but does not enter the body of man if the mother is not jewish. i cant think of another reason as to why then to refeer to my speculative reason mentioned above. if anyone else can please feel free to enlighten me
  2. i could literary post atleast 30 bible verses about the very wicked and jealous god yahweh , but they would fall upon deaf ears so i refrain. thats the experience i learnt from the old david icke forum, i learnt long time ago that its not strictly a matter of ignorance in its truest sense exhibited by the religious man when they are faced with undeniable evidence on the wicked nature of thier god but rather that they choose to not take in any evidence showing the vile and wicked nature of thier god , they only see what their heart want to see. most reliigous people were basically born into a religious household , they were programmed into that way of life and as such to deny religion would per extension also mean that they would have to deny themselves , which is vey hard thing to do since they have to rebuilt thier whole outlook on life . i had nightmares and emotional pain aswell as irrational fears for like 2-3 weeks straight from the moment i decided to abrogate the islamic fate that nested me into its disgusting web since the days of my inception. when i fought and battled myself without giving in to the subconsiousness that tried to resist i felt like a reborn man, a heavy heavy dreaded weight left my soul and i almost felt reborn with an invigorated sense perception coupled with (ironically) a deeper love for my fellow man and myself. i can guarantee you that almost all religious people have wrestled with the idea that the abrahamitic god may be evil , but they only entertain that idea momentarily every once and a while becuse to do so any longer is to wage a very prolonged and painful war against themselves . just the idea of demanded worship by the jealous yahweh shows anything but love. would a parent demand that thier children worship them as a mean to love them back? if not doesnt that mean that humans show a stronger and purer unconditional love against thier children than that wicked god of abraham does towards the ones he consider to be his children? mankind are so stupid to realise that the real reason for worship might be that "god" are more dependant on mankind than the other way around. Brihad Aranyalcopanishad, I, 4, 10, "Whosoever worships a deity with the thought in his mind: 'He is another, another am I', does not know; like a beast, he is used by the gods. As verily many beasts maintain a man, so every man maintains the gods." A flood of tears of viracocha p. 34 if we give our power away we are left to themercy of those that we give it too. This fact applies to alllevels of existence in this world and in the universe. https://www.scribd.com/document/109125970/A-Flood-of-Tears-for-Viracocha (free reading, one of the deepest article ive read in my entire life (higly recommended ) starts slow so patience is adviced )
  3. the fool diffrentiates between religion and occultism/esotericism the wise understands that they are non- seperable. you couldnt ever live with the fact that "god" has indeed caused most of the wars, jews have built a living temple inside of themselves that houses thier living god their god work trough them and is in fact the cause of most wars in european history. sacred symbology and occult symbolism are woven into every facett of what makes up our society war related or not but i bet thats to spicy for ya. the world would be a much better place without a stupified human race praying to othertly forces that uses them by outthinking them million steps ahead.
  4. why did diffrent factions of christianity fight with each other? , why does diffrrent factions of muslims do the same to this very day , why does some christian adherers believe that the body is the the temple of god as opposed to other facrions who believe in the congression of the church, youd be better of asking them mate
  5. it wasnt only that comment that connected his actions to religion, surely youve heard that he believed in the ubermensch concept and that the aryans was gods that has fallen - which led them to adopt a philosophy that claimed superiority and dominion over the rest of mankind.
  6. from wikipedia: Hitler did not and on 6 September 1938 at Nuremberg he declared: source Baynes 1994, p. 395.
  7. im sorry Robin, i let some of my anger spill over you. i apologise, my behaviour was uncalled for.
  8. no im saying the serpent cult programmed that belief into the collective subconsiousness. i dont believe the serpent cult created anything, as i said i have filtered out thier creation myths so they dont apply to me, however im still under their spell just as you are, except i wasnt ever so daft as to buy into an "ascension", stop projecting your own gullibilty and bullshit upon me. youll have better luck at the scented candle club, with the faries there mate. edit: its not an exact replica cycle. its an replica cycle of enslavement - when we vote in order out of chaos symbology to rule us in yet another age - the serpent can decide how that creation is going to turn out. one one level of interpretation chaos equals the serpent controlling infinite potential order equals the serpent manifesting what they want in accordance to thier agenda from that infinite potential. i have, i started out a muslim, i then became a christian , then a buddhist, followed by buying into the new age love and candle sham, followed by being an ateist until my life experiences made me hit a brickwall and i couldnt lie to myself anymore. ive had quite a dynamic journey where i have remained open and flexible not letting my stagnant belief systems prevent me from adopting new truthful information when it was presented to me, whats wrong ROBIN , "your silly ego is hurt for believing in an airy fairy ascension eh, dont let of your anger and frustration over being daft spill over upon myself for enlightening you becuse the way i see it i did you a huge favour showing you (trough matthew delooze) how you were conned into beliving the complete opposite of what really occured ( enslavement instead of of an ascension) perhaps your better off spreading your bullshit new age psychology to those who believe to have ascended, i know how to keep my heart strong and motivate it by intent - no matter the nature of the feeling. enjoy your ascension to the 5th and sixth dimension in the midst of spreading complete garabe on david icke ...
  9. there are levels to this story Robin, an end of an age is also a new age - the end holds the beginning and the beginning holds the end. during an end of an age, independant inspectors come visit earth to see if it runs right and also to offer their help to those who dont want to be in it anymore. in order to deflect this effort of the independant visitors the serpent aimed to prove to these forces that the prison is run in accordance with the free will of the people and that humans really want to stay prisoners. you could say that the prison is represented by the matrix and the prisoners of "humans" and the warden of the reptilians. 2012 was a con trick to trick people into believing that they would ascend or alternatively to instill the possiblity in us that the world could end thus creating fear and hope in us that the world wont end all while we were conned to focus on the specific sun worshipping date of 21 first december which is when the summer and wintersolstices occur in the northern and southern hemisphere respectively - aswell as to link up our focus and energy not only towards the winter and summerstolice but also to an aztec sun stone - which were incorrectly also promoted to refeer to the mayan calender , this was done on purpose to associate the global ritual and link it up in your subconsiousness with an end of an age /beginng of an age meaning - the aztec sun stone was also promoted to link your subconsiousness to sacrifice of humans to the sun god and also to give energy to the aztec sun stone which held symbolism that feed the entire serpent cult from the bottom and up in the matrix food chain. secret rituals were performed on that date in pyramids and temples, humans were sacrificed then just as they did in ancient time , the heart (which represented the emotions, will and wishes of mankind was cut of the person being sacrificed and held up in a ritual surrender offering to the sun god. this was explained with other words in a article by matthew delooze way back in 2012. the reason that the ascension part of the ritual was promoted in the conspiracy movements was to lure people into believing that they will connect to truth and ascend which was a mean to prevent the independant inspectors from helping people to escape this matrix. the mayan end of an age / begining of an age part of the ritual was to trick people into voting in the reptilians to rule us for yet another age. and the sacrifice part of the ritual revolving around the symbolism represented by the aztec sun stone was there to represent mankinds sacrifice to the sun god/creators of the sun = reptilians you cannot recieve help from the universe if you already believe that you are awake the universe will leave you in your percieved awake state - matthew delooze. (due to laws pertaining to free will) it was all a global con trick were diffrent symbolic ingridents were linked up together in our subconsiousness so it could be baked into a very clever cake of enslavement. funny i roamed all the forums way back and i have never ever heard anyone else talk or write about this scam up to date. only matthew delooze can make a truthful mockery of the conspricay business, time and time again matthew delooze writes about unique stuff that is for the most part left entirely unsaid or unexamined by everyone else - just goes to show how dumbed down we are.
  10. if you want my honest opinion i think you are more than lost. but okay good luck to you.
  11. maybe you should ask it why it left you not knowing your arse from elbow(like me) wandering lost on a davidickeforum, and why it couldnt spare you all this bullshit "you have to learn and progress "retoric.. but some slaves want to be slaves, so ill just leave it at that. thank you for the debatte.
  12. ofcourse im angry Robin, anger is the fuel that propell my journey in the right direction , it saddens me how people like to live happy as pigshit in this falsely percieved bliss where 95% procent of thier energy are sucked out of them, yes , robin i wrote about a cosmos that has been superimposed and embedded unto the collective subconsiousness ,namely this matrix prison universe that some of you seem to call real or life. ive always said that we are allknowing and all being , but none of that matter if we are not willing to break the spell that has us living on par of dog shit (me included)
  13. have you pondered that if this force wanted you to be level terms with it , then it wouldnt have you suffer like this to begin with, hey maybe this force like to make up bullshit excuses about purposes and stuff so people can stay on earth fetching energy for its own parasitic ends and maybe it likes deceiving people into believing just like you that mankind has no power whilst using the power of mankind to do so ,hey mabye this force has gotten you to think of things backwards , maybe its the other way around , being that it is humans that empower it instead of the reverse, doesnt matter if you study something from whatever side becuse we could only study something with our own level of awareness.
  14. youre right that the price isnt like for like, that audiobook hasnt anything to do with matthew delooze mate, he is using matthew without being authorised to do so. its not a work of matthew delooze, but you allso linked to his books mate, for example the price of reasons to believe you are enslaved by the serpent is 60 dollars + and the price for is it me... is 102 dollars , those are insane prices. the hard copy of respective titles on in hardpapper on lulu goes for 11 and 16 dollars. and they are new instead of used, anyways you propably wanted to share an innocent link, so people can have access to his work just like you said so all is good mate
  15. ofcourse you are connected to the illusions of existence , afterall you are on davidicke, or do you think your free, comeon mate...
  16. prices are heavily overprised, matt never charged that high for his books. you can find his books cheap on https://www.lulu.com/en/en/shop/matthew-delooze/is-it-me-for-a-moment-breaking-the-serpents-spell/ebook/product-14m8797k.html?page=1&pageSize=4 matt has put copyright on most of his content, all it takes is for someone to change a word here and there in his articles or books for the articles and books to be hijacked, by doing so they can easily represent the force that enslaves us instead. it was never my intention to post links to his books but i felt i had to, becuse you posted a link to amazon where his stuff is higly overpriced matt would never approve of those prices. so i just want to make that perfectely clear.
  17. let me remind you your still a prisoner of the collective subconsiousness and your still on earth. dont underestimate the power of the energies that is created within it, becuse you do not live solely in your indivudal consiousness - you also exist in a small group consiousness and the collective subconsiousness at large all those levels are entangled with eachother im my opinion - your connection to the collective subconsiousness and its eneergies that the serpent harvest out of us - was the very power that allowed your experience to appear overwhelming and beyond "human"
  18. to me no but yes according to the simulation reality that the collective subconsiousness has voted in. in its intial stage it appeared to us while it occupied a higher matrix (in agreement with how they wanted to express themselves (social memory complex /hive mind of the reptilians ) and whilst humans (social memory complex hive mind of humans) choose to forget who they were (to experience life in a lower matrix . now becuse the serpents appeared to us in a superior form coupled with the fact that they hijacked us trough guile we have been fooled to be subversive to them and as a result we have been entrapped ever since. but they extract energy from us trough collective worship - they booth feed upon that energy and use it against us at the same time. the power behind what you encountered where for the most part uled with the energy mankind has given it make no mistake about that.
  19. hence why i said aspects of the reptilian force posing as light + the massive massive energy mankind has given it so it could appear in the baffling form it did to you.
  20. i did say a simulation of life/ awareness but since we are the source of everything we not only create trough ourselves but we can also inhabit that which we create a creator can animate all his creations understand? its up to us to rise above our creations from the ultimate source the reptilians are no diffrent from us we are all one - but not while we maintain our identies and egos and not while we cannot break free form the boundaries that the collective subconsiousness has put in motion. the underworld is a symbolic place that represents the the domain of the reptilians - but like i said prior - they can harness energy trough thier creations - when you give energy to a creation (symbols sacred geometry (iconic gods e.g dresses of gods) you also give energy to the creators of those creations. read the long post if you want to understand it i think i have explained it fairy well therein.
  21. the problem is that you underestimate not only your individual multidimensionell hypnotic spell that makes you think that you are powerless and insignificant to change it - but also the collective energy that humanity has given this fraudlent light (as to empower it with the energy that allowed it to represent itself to you with a magnitude so enormous it baffles the human mind beyond comprehension . when you interacted with this light force you meet in your nde exoperience, you awoke to nothing, you were still in the spell but in a trance that is heavily reduced - your experience with the light was not only a two way communication between the you that you see insignifcant and some aspects of the reptilian force/spirit masking as light - but a three way communication that is also fueled (mainly by the collective enerry that humanity has given this despicable reptilian force posingg as light )
  22. on a low level of comprehension reality is simulation of life/awareness - planet earth is programmable computer feed with life from us - it would die without life walking on it- we feed it than it feeds us in a cyclic loop - but the reptilians has put its symbolic structures all over the globe so instead of us feeding the planet and the planet feeding us in return we feed the planet and the planet feeds those temples and structures - that energy ends up in the underworld - another force siphon of it. well to answer that there are alot of horus`es and jesus`es walking on planet earth , they sheed thier skin and transport to another dimension in wait of recycling back to earth in a new inarnation the spirit or essence that we all possess never dies only tranforms by horus´es and jesus´és i mean the intitiated man.
  23. a good start is to reject /filter the entire universe - the quickest way to that on a low level is to reject science ,religion and all spiritual doctrines and religions. and a deep seated wish from the marrow of your bone and the deepest recesses of your heart - that you dont wish to belong to the collective subconsiousness but transcend it so you can include it and everything beyond it without being dependant on it.
  24. if you want the complex answer read my long post but if you want a very simple but a true answer as it pertains to what the collective subconsiousness has voted in as truth then all planets and all galaxies and the whole universe itself is the play of the mind visualisations of the reptilians that have superimposed and embedded it in the subconsiousness mind of the collective human race - we feed it with our energy and strenghten it with our free will rituals and consent towards it.
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