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  1. philips eyes reflects pure evil, that child rapist cunt.
  2. if you endorse the matrix you are a potential star if you dont you´re far far greater.
  3. this full article diana energy extraction scam.docx | DocDroid opens in your browser directly without a download..the site also allows you to download the the article to your device and the size is roughly 868kb.
  4. btw matthew delooze has mentioned that the time is nearly upon us when the serpent wont require our free will to maintain their enslavement over us , when that day comes (hopefully not) the reptilians will openely reveal themselves in our dimension as masters of the human race, they will proceed to openly slaughter people on the streets in broad daylight in a similiar fashion to what went on during biblical times when the israelite kings sacrificed babies by trowing them in fires in honour of bal moloch
  5. posted a summary of my limited interpretation of matts work, some which are my own conjecture mingled with his theories. due to the vanishing of my older posts i thought it would be good to have it reposted... You could say that we are fooled(trough rituals) to adhere to a mandalauniverse of sort were all Components of it are emantion aspects of a primordeal gods spirits, fist i want to emphasize that planets symbolise gods and not the other way around. secondly planets were only one aspect of many diffrent archetyphical energy aspects of the "gods" these planets and thie
  6. for another force to slaughter us and feed upon us we (humans) have to first feed upon other lifeforms on earth , or else its a universal karmic breach , we feed on lesser lifeforms so that enables the serpent cult to feed upon us - moreover we declare them sinless so we basically make sure that they recieve no karmic retribution . we must first do to ourselves what others from another dimension wants to do to us or else they cannot - so they manipulate us into being miniature version of themselves, its cosmic law.
  7. sorry bad link in prior post.. heres a good link diana energy extraction scam.docx | DocDroid
  8. may i suggest that you look up matthew matthew delooze´s stuff, he might point you into the right direction. I strongly reccmend you read this free articel of his The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 20th Century By Matthew Delooze (1library.co) (worth the loading time) there is an cosmic democracy at play and they con us to willingly vote them as rulers over us by ironically manipulate our collective subconsiousness to uphold that narrative trough our own free will worhsip towards them. and they need to renew their ownership over the collective human soul h
  9. so you only became a member to prop of your sales. i cant speak for other members but i sure hell wont miss you .. bye bye and have a happy live
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